Sunday, 11 May 2014

Robbert Thoen wins the first WASPA tournament in the Netherlands

Top 3 of the event: Mikey Gerrets (3), Robbert Hoen (winner), Maikel de haas (2)
The very first WASPA tournament in the Netherlands took place this saturday in Hoogezand and was called the "Cobex/Top of Holland tournament". 16 players were taking part and all of them were from the host nation. Players were dropped in four group and then everyone played three more games to define all places. There were some close games in the quarter-finals already and some surprises, for instance the young Mikey Gerrets defeated Marco Leeman. In the semi-finales, Robbert Thoen defeated Mikey Gerrest while Maikel de haas beat Jacob Bijlstra. The final was close but finally Robbert Thoen beat Maikel de haas (1-0) to win the event. Well done to Robbert and congratulations to GSV de Hyacinth for a very good tournament with the presence of the local newspaper and plans to have other events in the future, possibly with foreign players.

The final ranking of the event was as follows:
1. Robbert Thoen
2. Maikel de Haas
3. Mikey Gerrets
4. Jacob Bijlstra
5. Nico Marks
6. Kenney Gerrets
7. Paul Brinker
8. Marco Leeman
9. Casey van Os
10. Derk Steenhuis
11. Jovi Willeijns
12. Martin Bijlstra
13. Erwin Smit
14. Rinaldo van Dijk
15. Ronald Ruiter
16. Rick Hessing

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