Friday, 2 May 2014

WASPA monthly report of April 2014

The monthly report of April 2014 can be found here:

This month we had some interesting facts:
- 2 events were played in Cyprus, the first one counted for March as there was no tournament in Limassol last month.
- tournaments with the swiss system had a good turnout in Templeuve, Heckmondwike, Kallithéa and Rome.
- there were tournaments in two different cities in Australia
- the first WASPA tournament ever took place in Austria
- a tournament in California had a special guest from Singapore
- 11 players competed in Chile with representatives from New Zealand, Ecuador and Colombia
- a tournament played with the old rules in Italy will be added in the next ranking

As for the rankings:
- we have now 1250 ranked players from 34 nations
- Denmark is the first nation to disappear from the ranking as no Dane has played in the WASPA circuit in the last 24 months
- 42 players competed for the first time in WASPA events this month
- Simone Trivelli has entered the top 5 of the ranking
- the way points are awarded in the ranking of nations has been slightly modified due to the growing numbr of players
- 16 regional tournaments and 1 promotional tournament held in April 2014 counted in the new ranking

News from the US
The American Subbuteo Website has a renewed webiste at‎
Any update or idea of improvement can be sent to

About the WASPA blog (
- Our friend Panos from Greece is now doing interviews for the blog. this month interviews of Daniel Matos, Rudi Peterschingg and Vincent Coppenolle were added
-> Direct link:
- called "Project Brazil 2014". If you have pictures of some kits of national football teams (playing the world cup), feel free to drop a line. If you have any other idea of promotion regarding Subbuteo & the football world cup, (for instance setting up a subbuteo tournament under the theme "Brazil 2014" or you are playing subbuteo with the jersey of a national team), let me know by e-mail at
-> Direct link:

Useful links
Here are the few links to check when you have time:
the WASPA blog:
the WASPA map: (to be updated soon)
the WASPA Facebook group:!/groups/waspasubbuteo/
the WASPA Facebook page:
the FISTF website:
the independent table football forum:

If some of your friends want to receive the monthly report by e-mail, they can drop a line to to be added in the mailing list

Use also for tournament requests or for sending results and pictures

Again, thanks to all players and organizers for the continued support over the last few months. So much support is a best reason to keep on working for the game!

Yours sincerely,

Vincent Coppenolle

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