Monday, 19 May 2014

Seventh victory in the WASPA circuit for Mark Farrell

Mark Farrell vs Kenny Beggs
Five players attended the Kildare Open held on saturday. The Irish event had two international guests, Kenneth Beggs from Northern Ireland and Colin Tarry from England. The event was not only a WASPA tournament but also a part of the Irish circuit 2013-2014. Every player met each opponent twice and in the end, Mark Farrell won the event with 7 wins and 1 drw. Kenny Beggs finished second and Colin Tarry was third. For Mark farrell, who was already the winner of the Kildare Open last season, this is already the seventh victory in a WASPA regional tournament.

Final standings of the tournament:
1. Mark Farrell (IRL/Yorkshire Phoenix) - 22
2. Kenny Beggs (NIR/Irish Premier League) - 16
3. Colin Tarry (ENG/London & Essex United) - 14
4. John Moore (IRL/Irish Premier League) - 4
5. Nick Moore (IRL/Irish Premier League) - 1

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