Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Five WASPA titles already for Alberto Gagliardi

There was a tournament played with the old rules last friday in Macerata (Italy). 9 players were taking part and there were many close games. In the semis, Andrea Giammusso beat Stefano Gambella (1-0) while Alberto Gagliardi defeated Marco Cesari (3-1). In the final, Gagliardi beat Giammusso to win his 5th WASPA title. Well done Alberto!

Standings of the evening
1) Alberto Gagliardi (United SC Macerata)
2) Andrea Giammusso (Dynamo Fermo)
3) Marco Cesari (United SC Macerata)
4) Stefano Gambella (United SC Macerata)
5) Moreno Casoni (United SC Macerata)
6) Pietro Mattioli (United SC Macerata)
7) Lorenzo Morresi (United SC Macerata)
8) Alessandro Mattioli (OSC Macerata)
9) Luca Valentini (Dynamo Fermo)

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