Monday, 5 May 2014

Richard Stolwijk wins in Bergkamen

On sunday 13 players attended the WASPA tournament held in Bergkamen with the special vist of two players from the Netherlands, Ron Corsten and Richard Stolwijk, who are new members of the Dortmund club. It was an great event with good atmosphere under the players. All matches was played without referees. After a group stage with 3 groups of three and one group of four the "Eisgekühlter Bommerlundercup" ended up in the knock-out system. In the semis, Thossa Büsing managed to beat Ron Corsten on shots while Richard Stolwijk beat Tom Horn (3-2). The final was not so close as Stolwijk beat Büsing (5-0) to become the first ducth player to win a WASPA tournament.

The final ranking of the tournament is as follows:
1. Richard Stolwijk (TSL Dortmund)
2. Thossa Büsing (TSL Dortmund)
3. Ron Corsten (TSL Dortmund)
4. Tom Horn (Sparta Spreeathen 74/82)
5. Frank Stiller (TSL Dortmund)
6. Uwe Stiller (no club)
7. Pascal Schäfer (SUB Kaiserau)
8. Fabian Mertins (SUB Kaiserau)
9. Alexander Büsing (Borussia Bergkamen)
10. Felix Herrmannsdörfer (TSL Dortmund)
11. Ralf Popp (no club)
12. Edin Mulasmajic (no club)
13. Kati Popp (no club)

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