Sunday, 23 April 2017

Kebun Baru TFC League Cup - Round 6

The Kebun Baru Table Football Club completed round six of its KB League Cup yesterday evening. This is the second last session of its inaugural league. As like previous rounds, it also doubled as an individual WASPA tournament.

Nine flickers took part in the club’s usual four-round Swiss format. In the end, it was Anas who carried on his fine form from his victory in the TFAS League Day 3 on Sunday as he won yesterday as well. He took three wins and a draw including a late 2-1 victory over Ashley in the final round to take the title from him. There were good finishes too for veterans, Ashley and Yew Loy who finished second and third respectively. The final round of the league will take place next month. All are welcome to join in!

(Reported by Nic Tan)

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Return of the Mig!

Miguel vs Kye
Kent Invicta hosted an Easter WASPA tournament on Good Friday as some returning players and most of the usual suspects saw 10 players in 2 groups of 5.

The group games provided some entertaining games with the Group A being narrowly topped by Mig with Kye 1 point behind to reach the semi-finals. In Group B, results hinged on the last round as Finn topped the group with Louis in 2nd place on goal difference.

Rob vs Dan
Mig played Louis in the 1st Semi and edged a 1-0 win whilst Kye defeated Finn 3-0 in the 2nd Semi. The final ended up being a really close game as Mig grabbed the victory with a slender 1-0 result over the current Kent League leader Kye.

Another great tournament at Playfootball, especially with the Pizza and drinks throughout the event!

Overall Standings:
1. Miguel Pereira (Open)
2. Kye Arnold (U15)
3. Louis Singh (U19)
4. Finn Taylor (U15)
5. Rob McCormick (Vets)
6. Daniel McCormick (U15)
7. Paul Frank (Vets)
8. Terry Arnold (Vets)
9. Simon Keane (Vets)
10. Josh Foreman (U15)

Thursday, 20 April 2017

TFAS League 2017 Match Day 3

Seven players competed in the third league day of the TFAS League 2017. After 4 rounds of the Swiss Format, Anas comes out top of the table, with 4 wins. Bernard Lim comes in 2nd with a narrow win over Rudy in the final round.

Standings after 4 rounds:
1. Anas
2. Bernard
3. Rudy
4. Vikas
5. Haikal
6. Asyraf
7. Rizal T

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Kye Arnold reigns in Gillingham

Dave and Paul

Paul and Kye
On April 7 Kent Invicta TFC had a small WASPA tournament with 5 players taking part as it was a holiday week in UK but it was still a very competitive evening though! Kye Arnold stayed top of the Kent League table with an unbeaten night of WASPA action at Playfootball Gillingham. With some close games and great goals, Kye pipped Terry & Dave on the night with 10 points and a +6 goal difference from his 4 games.

Terry edged out Dave for 2nd spot by a single point although Dave, like Kye, went the through the evening unbeaten also but couldn’t convert his draws into wins. Paul grabbed a couple of good points whilst Simon is improving all the time after taking the game up in January.

Final standings:
1. Kye Arnold
2. Terry Arnold
3. Dave Collier
4. Paul Frank
5. Simon Keane

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Glasgow WASPA Plate

David Baxter still on top

Andy Boyer (left) was finalist
This event took place at the Normandy Hotel in Renfrew on the 8th April 2017. It was run by Glasgow Table Soccer Association as part of the Scottish Grand Prix FISTF tournament. Sixteen players from Scotland, England, Spain and Greece took part. The victor was David Baxter who defeated Yorkshire’s Andy Boyer in the final. David is resident in Scotland, plays for Canada (he used to live in Calgary) but is a member of Manchester Table Football Club.

Monday, 17 April 2017

The first tournament in Bande

Last Thursday the club of Wamme SC was holding a very first tournament in the premises of the local football club in Bande. Wamme SC is one of the youngest clubs in Belgium and also the only club in the Province of Luxembourg, in the South of Belgium. Six local players were competing and Luc grosdent took the honors after finishing on top of the league. The club will soon have their own premises and will be able to get some more extra players.

The standings:
1. Luc Grosdent
2. Jean Grosdent
3. Henri Grosdent
4. Aurore Grosdent
5. Jarod Rockens
6. Taylor Rockens

Takafumi Kido wins in Yokohama

On Saturday the club of OSC Yamato was holding a WASPA tournament in Yokohama, six new players, including a new player, were taking part. Takafumi Kido defeated Katsuhiko Fukuoka in the final (2-0).
There will be some more tournaments in the future in Japan:
-  May 13: tournament in Yokohama city by Sakuragicho TFC
-  May 27: tournament in Yokohama city by OSC Yamato

Saturday, 15 April 2017

The first test match in South Africa

Clinton and Peter
For the very first time a WASPA test match took place in South Africa on Friday between Clinton Gahwiler and Peter Alegi from the USA. Both players had a lovely time and results of the three games were as follows:
Clinton vs Peter 2-2
Clinton vs Peter 0-6
Clinton vs Peter 1-4
Peter Alegi wins the test match but more importantly it was great to see players from different continents meeting under WASPA banner, Clinton being the first African to play a WASPA test match.

Easter Cup in Derry

The Derry City Table Football Club 'Easter Cup' took place on Monday evening. We had a great turnout of 10 players for the tournament with some regulars missing but 2 new players. Ian Greer and Martin Bradley played in their second semi-final each. Martinog Bradley took the honours in a 3-1 victory over Mark McCrossan.

Friday, 14 April 2017

A good turnout for the Templeuve Easter Cup

12 players attended the Templeuve Easter Cup on Tuesday evening. As always games were played in Swiss system and there were many close games. Two players from AS Hennuyer, Steffen Despretz and Benoit Lagneau, were taking part and finished on top of the table. Despretz was the winner of the tournament with 10 points while Lagneau was runner-up with 9 points. Geoffrey Marain took the third place with 8 points and more goals scored than Vincent Coppenolle.

Final standings:
1. Steffen Despretz
2. Benoit Lagneau
3. Geoffrey Marain
4. Vincent Coppenolle
5. Stéphane Lambert
6. Franck Santer
7. Michaël Dupret
8. Eric Caillaux
9. Corentin Boltz
10. André Boltz
11. Florian Renaut
12. Axelle Descamps