Monday, 25 March 2019

Andrea Lessona wins in Vercelli

V Tournament "Province of Vercelli" Table Soccer Subbuteo Results and ranking

Andrea Lessone vs Roberto Cacelli

Last Sunday, in the magnificent setting of the "Circolo Sportivo Bellaria" in Vercelli, the 5th edition of the Subbuteo Table Football tournament "Province of Vercelli" was organized by the Subbuteo Club TSC 69ERS of Borgo Vercelli.

In front of a large audience, 18 players competed in the event and offered spectacular matches, full of emotions and goals.

Fernandino Marino vs Andrea Gennari
In the Open Adult Category, Andrea Lessona won the trophy, defeating usual rival Roberto Cacelli in the final (8-2), thus winning the "Province of Vercelli" for the fifth time out of five. In the final for places 3 and 4, Andrea Gennari took the best on Ferdinando Marino, proving himself the third force of the tournament. In fifth place Riccardo Bruno and the sixth Alberto Marazzato. While the seventh place went to Tullio Villa against Lillo Di Stefano.

In the Adult Consolation Tournament, Cristiano Gallo finished in first place, placing Gian Luca Mussato (second), Piero Marino (third) and Emanuele Gianesini in fourth place.

The competitors in the Junior tournament
However, the most beautiful and true emotions were experienced in the Junior Category: six children were the heart of the V "Province of Vercelli". For them many applauses and compliments for the commitment and passion with which they participated in the event.

The Tournament was won by Edoardo Montaldi who, after the regular time (2-2), beat Alessandro Cirio (4-3) at shootout. The final final for places 3 and 4 was won by Leonardo Marazzato (10) over Matteo Comello. In fifth place Sveva Mussato beat Tommaso Francese at shootout 1-0.

Sunday, 24 March 2019

Australia: Eliot Kennedy wins Falcons tournament

Eliot Kennedy returned to his winning way with a victory in the Northern Falcons TFC's March WASPA at the Willoughby club.

But it wasn't before he suffered a shock 2-1 loss to the rising star of the Falcons, young Oli Ollnow.
With Singapore visitor Vikas Chandiramani in attendance, the 8 player event was evenly contested over the first three rounds.

Eliot beat Jonty 2-0, but not before a struggle, then Oli held Vikas to a 1-1 result. Steve fought hard for his 1-0 win against Neil, whose defensive flicks were of the highest quality: it was a pity his attacking play couldn't match them. Herman beat Adrian 1-0, then when Jonty and Oli drew 0-0 and Eliot beat Vikas, there was a chance for the other two to qualify - until Oli caused the upset of the night and beat Eliot.
In Group 2, Hermann dominated Neil 2-0, while Adrian staged a fighting comeback to beat Steve 2-1 after it was 1-1.

Again in the last matches there was a chance for Steve to qualify, but a 2-0 loss to Hermann put paid to his hopes.

In the semi finals there was no heroics from Adrian against Eliot who won comprehensively, while in the father-son battle, it went down to sudden death shots for Oli to make the final.

In the final, Oli's iron defence thwarted Eliot for long periods, but one slip proved costly. Oli had a few chances of his own, but in the end it was a fine victory by Eliot.

Once again thanks to all who attended, especially Vikas, and to the Willoughby Park Bowling Club for their ongoing support.

Saturday, 23 March 2019

Whittle and Daley winners in Liverpool

The new Liverpool TSC is already a success. This month, a lot of new players have been involved with several traning sessions and two WASPA tournaments. The first event was a "promotional event" with Curtis McDonagh finighing on top of a group of five players. Eric Williams, Steve Santo, Curtis McDonagh and Rubin McDonagh were the other players taking part.

Last week the club also held a "regional" tournament with 9 players competing in a round robin. Brian Daley took the honors with 8 wins but it was interesting to see how other players made improvements. Anthony Dry was runner-up with 19 points, then came Lucasz Whittle (11), Jim Hannah (10), Steve Santo (8), Eric Williams (8), Curtis McDonagh (7), Calum Simnor (6) and Rubin McDonagh (5).

Congratulations to brian daley for the good work.
Interested players can check the club's Facebook page at

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Belgium: results from Vresse and Bande

Two events have recently been held in the South of Belgium.

In Vresse, a small turnout of five players had a great time playing a round robin. Renaud Parisel took the honors while Pascal Droeven was runner-up.

Everybody played 8 games after home and away fixtures were in the agenda of the day. Philippe Thys from Wamme SC took the 3rd place while Marc De Vos and Tom Léonard were the other competitors.

The club's next tournament will be held on April 7.

On March 14, the club of Wamme had their monthly event with a good field of 10. Some players from Temploux and Semois were taking part. A Swiss system was organized and Michael Hallin from SC Temploux was the winner of the day with four wins. Congratulations to all players!

Finals standings:
1. Michael Hallin
2. Jean Grosdent
3. Pascal Droeven
4. Philippe Thys
5. Bruno Mottet
6. Junior Travieso
7. Henri Grosdent
8. Aurore Grosdent
9. Lulani Verhoeven
10. Maxim Grosdent

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Jayden van der Merwe captures the 2019 Founders Cup

Saturday 16 March 2019, Pretoria, South Africa:
Always a special event on the Pretoria calendar - the Founders Cup is played annually in the month of March to celebrate the formation of the club.
The 24th of March will mark the 6th year of existence for Pretoria Flickers Club!
The day started with a massive tie, where Kegan van der Merwe beat the 2018 defending champion Bevin Reed by 1-0. Julian van der Merwe's lead over Jayden van der Merwe virtually lasted a few seconds as Jayden equalised straight from the restart. Gary Downs was setting the early pace by way of a 1-0 Round 1 win over Conway Julie, followed by another 1-0 win over Kegan. In Round 3, Jayden recorded his first win of the day with a 1-0 win over Gary and then Conway further halted Bevin's progress with a late equaliser for a 1-1 draw with Bevin.
In Round 4, Conway turned heads with a classy 2-0 win over Kegan whilst Gary maintained the top spot with a 1-0 victory over Julian. The tie of Round 4 saw Bevin and Jayden play out to tactical 0-0 draw.
Round 5 saw Gary surrender his lead at the top after a 1-0 loss to Bevin, with Bevin forcing his way into contention - but ultimately Bevin had to relinquish his 2018 title and settle for 2nd place overall.
The last match of the day saw Jayden sneak past both Bevin and Gary, thanks to two well taken goals for a 2-0 win over Kegan !
This triumph sees Jayden vd Merwe get his hands on the Founders Cup again after 6 years, and the triumph also marks Jayden's 19th WASPA title to date !

Individual acknowledgements on the day :
"Goal Blitz" : went to Jayden van der Merwe - once again ending the day as the top scorer.
"Player of the Day" : went to Gary Downs for leading the standings all the way up to Round 5, where a loss to Bevin relegated him to 3rd overall. All indications are that Gary is due some honours soon ?
"Comeback Kid" : despite a Round 1 loss for the 2018 defending champion, Bevin Reed forced his way back into contention but had to settle for 2nd place ultimately.
"Moment of the Day" : went to Conway Julie once again for his 1-1 Round 3 draw against Bevin, followed by a classy 2-0 Round 4 victory over Kegan .

As always, a big thank you to all who attended to make the day a great success.

The PFC website & facebook page will be updated shortly with photo's & news content at :

(report by Julian vd Merwe)

Monday, 18 March 2019

Farrer Park Flickers - March tournament

The Farrer Park Flickers held their third WASPA tournament of 2019 on Friday, 15 March 2019. As usual, players met at their clubhouse, the Pek Kio Community Centre. Like the last tournament, there were six flickers participating, five from the club (Rudy Hesty, Anas Rahamat, Rizal Taib, Vikas Chandiramani, and Nic Tan) and Enzo Fornaro from the SG Lions Table Football Club.

They played a round robin format with 20-minute games. Club captain Rudy Hesty was victorious again this round with 13 points from 4 wins and 1 draw. Anas Rahamat came in second with 11 points, his 2-2 draw with Rizal Taib proving the decisive scoreline that put him second behind Rudy.

The club's next WASPA tournament is on 19 April 2019 (Good Friday); all are welcome to join in!

Final Standings:
1) Rudy Hesty 13 points
2) Anas Rahamat 11 points
3) Rizal Taib 8 points
4) Nic Tan 5 points
5) Vikas Chandiramani 4 points
6) Enzo Fornaro 0 points

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Klaus Fritz wins last minute event in Berlin

Due to some late dropouts in the Northern German Championshios we only had a very small schedule on Saturday. So Berlin players decided to use the time won by having a spontaneous small WASPA tournament.

Four players enjoyed a round-robin and Klaus Fritz was winning this small competition. Ahead of shared second place Marian Flemer and Daria Prazynski with Nico Pretzel finishing in fourth place.

The results:
Daria - Nico 1:0
Marian - Klaus 0:1
Daria - Marian 1:2
Nico - Klaus 0:2
Daria - Klaus 1:1
Nico - Marian 2:2

Well done to Klaus in special and to all participants in general for using the time in a proper way. That's how "sports" should be...

Friday, 15 March 2019

Cayne Matthews wins promotional event

London Road Subbuteo Club held a WASPA promotional on 13th March 2019. London Rd player Chris Bedford hosted the event and six players played a league format. With all still to play for the last two games played could have changed everything. Jonathan Bedford could have won the league with a win over Cayne Matthews in his last game but lost and finished 4th. Last game of the night also see Ruby Matthews have a chance to win the league, she needed a win against her dad and was 1 up at half time, but lost the game leaving her in 3rd place Chris Bedford in 2nd and league winner Cayne Matthews.

Cayne Matthews 13pts
Chris Bedford 10
Ruby Matthews 9 +5
Jon Bedford 9 +1
Raoul Newton 3
Matthew Thomas 0

Jon B 1-0 Raoul N
Chris B 2-0 Jon B
Matthew T 0-3 Raoul N
Chris B 2-0 Matthew T
Raoul N 0-4 Chris B
Jon B 7-0 Matthew T
Cayne M 2-0 Raoul N
Ruby M 2-0 Chris B
Chris B 1-1 Cayne M
Jon B 1-0 Ruby M
Matthew T 0-3 Cayne M
Ruby M 3-0 Matthew T
Raoul N 0-4 Ruby M
Cayne M 6-0 Jon B
Ruby M 1-4 Cayne M

Many thanks to Chris Bedford for hosting a great event.

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

BSFC Whitchurch WASPA – Home town Gavin Gurney’s name is on the title

The latest instalment of the series of WASPA tournaments took place in Whitchurch just outside of Bristol. Gavin Gurney was our convivial host providing lashings of hot beverages.

The 4-team tournament was served by a straight round robin format. As is often the case the first match was a cagey one with Bernard O’Connor and Taylor Randles playing out a 0.0. Gavin Gurney’s 1.0 win against Bob Fairbrother upset the bookies odds and Gavin took a lead on the first round table.
Gavin took his imperious form into the second round chalking up a 2.0 win over Taylor.

Bob collected his first points of the day as he beat Bernard 2.0.

Bernard drew 11 with Gavin and became the only person to put one past Gavin and to take a point of him. For Gavin it was the point needed to secure the WASPA title. Bob and Taylor tided up the fixture list by recording Bob’s 1.0 win in the remaining game.

Bernard O’Connor 0.0 Taylor Randles
Gavin Gurney 1.0 Bob Fairbrother
Taylor Randles 0.2 Gavin Gurney
Bob Fairbrother 2.0 Bernard O’Connor
Bernard O’Connor 1.1 Gavin Gurney
Bob Fairbrother 1.0 Taylor Randles

Gavin Gurney 5 points
Bob Fairbrother 4 points
Bernard O’Connor 2 points
Taylor Randles  1 point

Bristol Subbuteo FC -

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Belgium: wins for Ceulemans, Boulanger and Caillaux

Here are some more news from Belgium where some small events have been held in the last few days.

On Monday the latest tournament in the Flanders had a very small field of 4. The weather didn't help players to get motivation to travel to Hofstade for the monthly event. Jos Ceulemans finished on top of a group format with Frank Lannoy being runner-up, Willy De Bandt 3rd and Geert Leys as 4th.

Last Saturday the FISTF Satellite of Huy gave the chance to players who had lost in the early rounds to play some WASPA games. In the end, Richard Boulanger (Wamme SC) defeated Philippe Thys in the final while Marc De Vos (Semois) and Lulani Verhoeven made it to the semis.

Finally, Templeuve held a promotional tournament on Friday. 8 players took part in the evening but both Matthias Averlant and Vincent Coppenolle couldn't get WASPA points because of their current rankings. After the 7 sessions of 20 minutes, Eric Caillaux managed to claim the title after winning his five games. Jordan Bonte was runner-up and Sébastien Sorge was 3rd. New players Djessy and Gery Dardenne (son and father) and Olivier Blauwblomme also won some WASPA points. To be noted that among the six competitors, five of them were French but all of them are Templeuve United players as the club is very close to the French border.