Friday, 28 July 2017

Mpougiouris and Papadogonnas win in Greece

20 players from various clubs competed in the "25th Regional WASPA title" of the Flaming Flickers on Saturday, July 22, 2017. There was strong competition in the WASPA spirit and some really close games. The winner was as always the sport and local player Yiannis Mpougiouris won the final against Miltos Gkiohalas (Proteas Athens) in a great game (3-2). Semi-finalists were Mike Tastsoglou and Nikitas Apatzis. Congratulation to the winner Yiannis and the finalist Miltos for a strong game and to all the participants for a special morning! Next meeting in August with the "last of the Mohicans" since Athens soon will be empty due to summer vacations.

Nikos Papadogonnas

The latest tournament of the Pireas Lions took place earlier this month. This time there was a smaller turnout of 6 players so a group stage was organized so that everyone plyed five games. In the end, Nikos Papadogonnas took the honors, finishing on top of the table with 13 points.

Final standings
1. Nikos Papadogonnas
2. Leonidas Koutromanos
3. Dimosthenis Kalatzis
4. Yiannis Dragomanidis
5. Vaggelis Papadopoulos
6. Ioannis Kondylis

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Summer tournament in Vresse

The final between Parisel and Droeven
Small events can be great. The latest event in Vresse, South of Belgium, had a small turnout bu many close games. In the final, Renaud Parisel defeated Pascal Droeven by a single goal. The club of SC Semois had a good time and is looking forward to get more players involved in the future!

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Gareth Christie and Steve Bennett share honors in Scotland

Rob and Gareth (photo: Craig Thom)
The Scottish Cup took place in Lethem on July 9. the tournament had a great turnout of 16 players coming from the country's two active clubs: Dundee United TFC and Glasgow TSA. The event was played in knock-out series with 8 players qulifying for the main event while the other eight played the consolation tournament. In the main event, Gareth Christie took the honors after defeating Rob Conway in the final (1-0). Conway was the surprising winner in the shootout of the semi-final against Steve Bennett. David Baxter was the other-semi-finalist. In the consolation event, Malcolm Lees took the honors after defeating Andy Beskaby in another close game (3-2).

One week later, Dundee United had their last tournament of the season. This time there was a amsller turnout of 5 players who played each other twice. This time Steve Bennett took the honors after finishing on top with 28 points while Andy Beskaby was runner-up with 21 points. Rob Conway was third, David Baxter 4th and Craig Thom 5th.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Trophies for Fabrizio Coco and Gabriel Lombardi

Sydney TFC recently had another WASPA tournament with a good turnout of 8 players. Five players competed in the Open section. Fabrizio Coco finished on top of the group stage and defeated Raffaele Lombardi in the final (1-0) to claim the title. Kostas Barbaris was 3rd, Tony Credentino 4th, John Palamara 5th. In the junior section, Gabriel Lombardi finished on top of the group stage and defeated Saxon Crupp (1-0) in the final. Well done to the winners!

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Jacob Bijlstra wins in Hoogezand

The "International Summer tournament 2017" took place this Saturday in Hoogezand, in the North of the Netherlands. Unfortunately due to a number of late withdrawals, a round robin format was played with Jacob Bijlstra come out on top. Among the competitors, it was great to see Yago Dzelalija from Canberra, Australia. Highlights for Yago was "the impressive high quality of play from all the Dutchies, in particular Jacob's high tempo game and fierce shots. Erwin Smit's amazing long range chip shot into the far right corner and his impressive high quality game, to Ronald Ruiter's tactical nous and shooting skills! The level of sportsmanship displayed at the tournament was amazing, to a level that I have not previously experienced - kudos to the guys! The venue is great and the catering was thoroughly enjoyed by all - especially by the Aussie lads!"

Friday, 21 July 2017

Vangelis Scotiniotis wins old rules event

19 players from various clubs competed last Sunday morning for the 1st Gagarin Cup.

The tournament was held in the memory of Zacharias Pitihoutis, Greek National and Panathinaikos Athens player that passed away this year in May.

He was the uncle of our player Giorgos Pitihoutis and member of the Panathinaikos team that took the Greek Champions title in 1963 undefeated. He was a great player and a great personality that was loved by supporters of all teams.

His nickname was "Gagarin" after the Russian astronaut because he was jumping too high for the headers and reminded the astronauts space jumps.

The tournament was played with lightweight subbuteo equipment and the old rules and players followed the teams of the 1963 championship.

Win 3 points, draw 2 points and loss 1 point was the system used back then. Winner was Vangelis Scotiniotis who defeated Leonidas Koutrouanos (2-1) in the final. Congratulations to the winner and to all the participants.

The Flaming Flickers will now have a tournament played with the old rules on July 25.

(Report by Panos Panagitides)
Poster of the next event on July 25

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Richard Stock wins in Drury

Richard Stock wins again at the 9th London Road Subbuteo Club Tournament in North Wales. 9 players attended and a Swiss 5 round system was played. Richard won with 4 wins and a draw with the returning Trevor Schott who finished 2nd, only losing 1 game to Cayne Matthews. Brian Daley finished 3rd and Martin Blanchard came 4th. Great days play with all players having a great time.

London Road Subbuteo Club 16th July 2017 - League Table 
Richard Stock 9pts +8
Trev Schott 7pts +5
Brian Andrew 6pts +11
Martin Blanchard 6pts +8
Cayne Matthews 6pts +2
Dave Merrilees-Kelly 5pts -5
Yani Merrilees-Kelly 4pts -3
Mark Hopwood 4pts -6
Ruby Matthews 3pts -5

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Irwan Iskandar takes the honors in Perth

In the tranquil surrounds of our clubhouse in Gidgeganup we welcomed Jurong Central(Singapore) member Irwan Iskandar. On a fresh cool morning 5 players locked horns for the 2nd time as Irwan had joined us last year as a finalist but was keen to make amends this time and bask in the glory of flicking at our great club once again and having a good laugh along the way of course with us all, also we played for medals instead of trophies this time as we are running out of room at home to store them. We played a one match league table format against each other and then knockout finals once the positions were cemented. With this being the penultimate tournament before our debut major event in the Perth International Winter Classic 2017 commencing on July 27th/29th at Fremantle Town house this was a great way to warm up our fingers in preparation. Highlights of the day were obviously the tense and very open final between unbeaten(on the day) Mcnulty in a repeat of the final from last year against Irwan this time Irwan came from going a goal down to claiming an equalizer with minutes to go, the game was quick and both players refused to park the bus in favour of an attacking game that see sawed from one end to to the other. Mcnulty conceded his first goal of the day and as the the game ended we headed into extra time and a minute in Irwan blasted in a low shot that was to much for Mcnulty to stop and again Irwan at 2-1 up went against extreme defensive tactics when one could of easily understood why he would of parked the bus. A warm embrace was exchanged at the final whistle in a fantastic final between the two who had been favorites on the day due to the absence of AlanKimber who sadly had a bad back, Hugh Best had his best finish with 9 points in the bag and 3rd place with Chris Thorn just behind with 6 points and Ron Byrne finishing lastly but again causes problems to us all. Again i look forward to seeing you all in a few weeks time and im sure your very excited just like i am, also a huge thanks to JohnHarty who along with his partner Bev Bone have poured so much energy into pulling out all the stops for the Perth International and he briefed us all on the day although he did not play, big respect mate ...

(Report by Ross Mcnulty)

Michaël Dupret wins in Templeuve

The great weather and the holidays didn't stop Subbuteo players to attend the latest Templeuve United tournament and there was a good turnout of 14 for the evening on July 18. Among the players there was a newcomer and two guys coming back after a long hiatus of over ten years. Michaël Dupret was the man on fire as he won his four games, including the big fight of the evening against Geoffrey Marain, to claim his fourth WASPA title. Dupret, who currently plays for the small club of Tournai, was a surprising but deserved winner. Congratulations to all the players for the fair spirit during the evening.

Final standings:
1. Michaël Dupret (Magic Team Tournai)
2. Geoffrey Marain (Flickers Milano)
3. Vincent Coppenolle (Templeuve United)
4. Stéphane Lambert (Templeuve United)
5. Steven Delfosse (Templeuve United)
6. Eric Caillaux (Templeuve United)
7. Matthias Averlant (Templeuve United)
8. Corentin Boltz (SC Eugies)
9. Franck Santer (Templeuve United)
9. Quentin Picou (Templeuve United)
11. André Boltz (SC Eugies)
11. Benjamin Marain (SC Warcoing Ducks)
13. Laurent Calonne (AS Hennuyer)
13. Kevin Altruy (Etoile Rumoise)

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Mike Parnaby wins in Darlington

The Brigantes Premier League AGM and tournament was held in Darlington on 15th July 2017.
9 players turned out for this one. A fantastic effort. Mike Parnaby Chaired the AGM, Chris Kaberry ran the tournament and John Bottomley provided the venue and the refreshments.
All the games were played in very good spirit and well refereed.
Everyone had a very enjoyable and pleasant day.
Well done lads, you are all a credit to the game of Subbuteo!