Monday 20 May 2024

Pereira Wins Old School Round 6

Congratulations to Miguel Pereira, who was the winner of round six of the ESA Subbuteo Old School Circuit 2024. The event was held at the Renishaw Community Centre, near Sheffield by Andrew Forster-Fake, who welcomed 17 players to the event. The Main event final was contested between Simon Goodman and Miguel Pereira, with the latter winning the game by one goal to nil.

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Main Event Semi Final results

Miguel Pereira 1 v 1 Jason Christopher (Miguel won on shots)
Colin Fletcher 0 v 0 Simon Goodman (Simon won on shots)

Main Event Final Result

Miguel Pereira 1 v 0 Simon Goodman

Plate Event Semi Final results

Andrew Forster-Fake 4 v 1 Nigel Morgan
Simon Bryan 0 v 0 Graham Harwood (Graham won on shots)

Plate Event Semi Final Result

Andrew Forster-Fake 0 v 0 Graham Harwood (Graham won on shots)

Thursday 16 May 2024

Brilliant days for the future of the game in Norway

The final
We are very happy to see young players having great Subbuteo games in Norway. Thanks to Terje Ellefsen, kids learn how to play and 8 of the players recently played a "Champion's League" in Terje's school in Oslo as part of an afterschool program.

This week the final of the tournament was played with "Palermo" defeating "Start IK" (2-0) in the final.

The anthem of the Champion's League was played before the final and about ten other kids and some adults watched the game.

Terje Ellefsen (left) against Italy's Andrea Di Vincenzo in Paris earlier in 2024

Of course it was only a friendly tournament are laws in Norway make there are no competitive events till the age of 12, in particular as the tournament is played in a school, and children are encouraged not to specialise. Terje Ellefsen, who is very motivated to teach the games to newcomers. So far about 150 kids aged 8 to 10 have tried Subbuteo in the last 2 years so there are good hopes for the future, in particuler since about 25% of the young players are girls (and one girl played the final of the "Champion's League" tournament). This is for sure one of the largest recruitment projects in Europe and WASPA will for sure support Terje's work in the future as it's done in the "WASPA spirit".

Thanks also to NBFF president Thomas Flaaten Fredriksen who has been very supportive about the project.

Keep up the excellent work Terje!

PS: any person wanting to support the project or to play Subbuteo in Oslo can contact Terje Ellefsen at

Wednesday 15 May 2024

Action in Edinburgh, Scotland

We are pleased to publish the report of the latest tournament in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Original report:

"Well, there we have it. Another Monday Night Subbuteo event with WASPA (World Amateur Subbuteo Players Association) 

And what an event it was! Allow yourselves to be updated...

With seven players split into two groups, Marco Bevilacqua topped group one, with the returning Dave "Dark Horse" Allen from the infamous Hot Club, taking top spot in the other. 

Andy "Cut Throat" Kent went on to be king of "The Losers Club" beating Paul McFadyen and Lee McMenemy to top spot. 

But onto the semis... Marco squeezed past Bruce "The Bomber" Henderson 1 - 0 with Peter Morrison and Dave Allen playing out a tense 0 - 0 draw. Onto the dreaded SHOTS! Again, another tense affair with Dave sneaking a cheeky one in to beat Peter 1 - 0. 

Peter then repeated the entire process and lost 1 - 0 to Bruce in the 3rd place play-off of doom. 

The Final. And my goodness, it was a final to end ALL finals. An enormous 0 - 0 between Marco and Dave with the outcome and glory once again needing SHOTS! to determine a winner. 

With the prestige and honour of The Golden Finger trophy looking on, Marco managed to slip a few past the sprawling metal of Dave's keeper and triumph 3 - 1. 

A MASSIVE thanks to everyone who came and participated and of course to the lovely folks at The Chanter for storing the tables and letting us rearrange the furniture. 

Thanks WASPA (World Amateur Subbuteo Players Association) and our next event will be on the 17th June."

Tuesday 14 May 2024

WASPA tournaments all over England

As we all know, England is the most active nation in the WASPA circuit. Here is a summary of the latest events held in the country. Leicester was the home of the 5th stage of the old rules circuit, Andover held a fantastic Open with 39 players while club nights were organized in Solent, Pedmore, Haverhill and Braintree (where White Notley SC held a first WASPA event).

Old School Circuit Round 5 Results and Current Table

It was round 5 of the Old School Circuit this past weekend, a Bank Holiday Monday meet hosted by Leicester Foxes at there Witherley venue in Atherstone. After a great days play of Old School Subbuteo, it was won by Simon Goodman who has now taken victory at the last two events which is a brilliant achievement. 

Original story:

Chris Short winner in Pedmore

8 players attended the latest Pedmore tournament. Afte the group stage, Chris Short and Ian Aggett met in the final with Chris taking the honors.

Final: Chris Short - Ian Aggett 3-0
Final 3-4: Simon Bodily - Justin Scott 1-3
Final 5-6: Mick Hammonds - Richard Badger 2-3
Final 7-8: Gage Badger - Steve Wonnacott 4-0

Facebook link:

Connor Gregory takes Solent May Open

The monthly WASPA club night in Solent had a great turnout of 16 players. Connor gregory managed to win his first WASPA event after beating Rob Piggott in the final on shots while Roger Duckworth took the Plate. Tournament results as follows:

Quarter-finals: Connor Gregory - Nigel Morgan 3-0; Malcolm Jamieson - Paul Izard 0-0*; Chris Burford - Jason Christopher 2-1; Rob Piggott - Dave Cope 1-0.

Semi-finals: Chris Burford - Rob Piggott 0-1; Connor Gregory - Paul Izard 1-0
Final: Connor Gregory - Rob Piggott 1*-1

Plate semi-finals: Roger Duckworth - Kyle Jamieson 0*-0; Steve Smith - Dave Hunter 0-0*
Final: Roger Duckworth - Dave Hunter 1-0

Solent on Facebook:

Kevin Cordell winner in Haverhill

Gerry Harrington reported there was a great night of flicking action at the Haverhill Ex Servicemens Club. "A WASPA Tournament with 12 in attendance, keenly contested with Kevin James Cordell running out a winner with Ian Aggett a close runner-up."

1. Kevin Cordell (Stanway)
2. Ian Aggett (Milton Keynes)
3. Sam Curtis (Yorkshire Phoenix and Dewsbury Moor TFC)
4. Martin Hodds (Yorkshire Phoenix and Dewsbury Moor TFC)
5. Adam Douglas (Stanway)
6. Mike Williams (Haverhill)
7. Joe Harrington (Haverhill)
8. Marco Ghigliotti (Harrow)
9. Jamie Samuel Warren (Stanway)
10. Rob Fitch (Stanway)
11. Gerry Harrington (Haverhill)
12. David McCartney (Chasers)

Facebook link:

Awesome turnout of 39 in Andover

The Andover WASPA Open was held on Sunday with a fantastic turnout of 39 players.

Players were divided in 8 groups before the knock-out stage. Kevin Cordell defeated Rudi Peterschinigg in the final. Both players formerly played each other in the group stage. Miguel Pereira won the Plate final while Connor Gregory was the Shield winner. The Argo Table Soccer Fair Play awarded to Mark Weaver.

Huge thanks to Chris Burford for organising a fantastic tournament.

Quarter-finals: Ian Aggett - Kevin Cordell 2-2*; Steve Wonnacott - Paul Andreas 0-3; Malcolm Jamieson - Jason Christopher 2-1; Aaron Skinner - Rudi Peterschinigg 0-0*.
Semi-finals: Kevin Cordell - Paul Andreas 1*-1; Malcolm Jamieson - Rudi Peterschinigg 0-3.
Final: Kevin Cordell - Rudi Peterschinigg 4-2

Plate Semi-finals: Victor Jones - Chris Burford 1-0; Terry Arnold - Miguel Pereira 2-8.
Plate Final: Victor Jones - Miguel Pereira 0-1.

Shield Semi-finals: Connor Gregory - Tony Martin 2-1 ; Richard Roper - Dave Cope 0*-0.
Shield Final: Connor Gregory - Richard Roper 2-0


Inaugural WASPA event at White Notley Subbuteo Club

White Notley SC had their first WASPA event in Braintree on Monday. Six players competed in a league format and Martin Hodds was the big winner of the evening!

1. Martin Hodds (Yorkshire Phoenix and Dewsbury Moor TFC)
2. Adam Jackson (Chasers Club)
3. David McCartney (Chasers Club)
4. Rob Fitch (Stanway Rovers Flickers SC)
5. Mark Francis (Chasers Club)
6. Rob Ellis (White Notley SC)


Saturday 11 May 2024

Eliot Kennedy did it again at the AGFA Cup

We had a great table football event: the 24th AGFA Cup, with Eliot Kennedy claiming his 7th AGFA Crown, beating Fabrizio Coco 2-1 on shots in a tense final.

Of special note, young Aidan Wilson claimed the Junior AGFA, beating off challengers from Katelyn Grunbach and his younger brother Owen, making his competitive debut. It was fantastic to see them all in action, and also great to see older players refereeing them and providing coaching advice along the way.

The competition was affected by a few late withdrawals, and we wish all the lads the best in their recoveries from injuries and illness.

We had the usual mix of scores as befits the AGFA, and a few surprises.

Giuseppe Tardiota came from Brisbane for his second AGFA appearance, and recovered from being 0-2 down to draw 2-2 with Adrian Grunbach. Adrian then held Eliot to a 1-1 draw, drawing a few odd looks from the Barbie gathering with his loud, Batten-esque cry after he scored!

In Group 2, Steve got his first of 4 draws, with a 0-0 against Fabrizio, while Louie continued his hex over Adrian Elmer, also with a 0-0 draw.

Louie resisted desperate attacks from Steve to hold on to a 1-0 win, while Franck gained a morale boosting 2-1 win over Adrian E. Adrian's hopes of a semifinal place evaporated when he was held 0-0 by Steve, while Richard drew 1-1 with Fab.

Thanks to everyone for coming, for assisting with the fast set-up, and to Louie for helping me put everything away.

And also to Pino for continuing to be a great supporter of the Sydney scene.

(Article by Steve Dettre)

Friday 10 May 2024

Ashley Tan wins Kebun Baru tournament

The Kebun Baru Doves club held their "May 2024 WASPA tournament" on May 9. 6 players competed in a league format and Ashley Tan took the honors after being unbeaten.

Final table:
1. Ashley Tan  (Singapore Lions)
2. Tan Kok Wee  (Singapore Lions)
3. Shiong Bock, John Ho  (Singapore Lions)
4. John Edwards (Kebun Baru)
5. K.S. Bavasuryan (Kebun Baru)
6. Nagulan (Kebun Baru)

Thursday 9 May 2024

April and May 2024: results from around the world

WASPA event are played in many countries. Sometimes there are small tournaments but players are always happy to take part in an international circuit. Here is a brief summary of results from several events played in Northern Ireland, England, Belgium, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Wales and Austria.

Derry, Northern Ireland, April 23, Group format

1. Martinog Bradley
2. Oisin Mór
3. Frankie Connolly

Facebook link:

Dagenham, England, April 24, Swiss system

1. Adam Jackson
2. Stephen Moreton
3. Jonathan Beales
4. Gary Gladwell
5. Ben Torr
6. Samantha Levy
7. Michele Claydon

Facebook link:

Worthing, England, April 25, Swiss system

1. Malcolm Jamieson (Solent)
2. Ian Maskell
3. Steve Taylor
4. Dave Cope
5. Nathan Holley
6. Nigel Pestelle
7. Chris Stapleton

Facebook link:

Gillingham, England, April 28, Consolation tournaments of the FISTF Satellite.

Final: Joe Harrington - Mike Williams 1-4
Final 3-4: Dave Cope - Gerry Harrington 1-3
Final 5-6: Thomas Lacey - Nigel Morgan 3-0

B category (Group format)

1. Kyle Jamieson
2. Dave Hunter
3. Phil Davis
4. James McCormick

Facebook link:

Brisbane, Australia, April 28, Group format

1. Gus Gillespie
2. Giuseppe Tardiota
3. Gareth Whalley
4. Wayne Miller

Facebook link:

Firenze, Italy, April 29, Swiss system

1. Marco Bonciani
2. Luca Pini
3. Stefano Barducci
4. Gabriele Casati
5. Tiberio Becucci
6. Marco Trevisan
7. Gabriele Allegria

Facebook link:

Milton Keynes, England, April 29, Group format

1. Ian Aggett
2. Mark Green
3. John Cooper
4. Greg Lickorish

Facebook link:

Templeuve, Belgium, April 30, Swiss system

1. Geoffrey Marain (AS Hennuyer)
2. Matthias Averlant (AS Hennuyer)
3. Sébastien Rochez (Templeuve)
4. Vincent Coppenolle (Templeuve)
5. David Sardi de Letto (Wattrelos)
6. Michaël Dupret (MT Tournai)
7. Franck Santer (Templeuve)
8. Benjamin Marain (AS Hennuyer)
9. Marc Sceraert (Eugies)
10. Olivier Bodelle (Wattrelos)
11. Eric Caillaux (Templeuve)
12. Sébastien Sorge (Wattrelos)
13. Thibaut Marville (Wattrelos)

Facebook links: &

Leicester, England, May 1, Swiss system

1. Ian Aggett (Milton Keynes)
2. Richard Roper (Pedmore)
3. Martin Holmes (Kettering)
4. Mark Weaver (Leicester)
5. Andy Henly (Leicester)
6. Paul Taylor (Leicester)
7. Martin Hill (Kettering)

North Shields, England, May 3, group format

1. Chris Kaberry
2. Rob Heseltine
3. Nigel Lamond

Facebook link:

Vienna, Austria, May 5, group format, consolation of the Baumfalken Cup

1. Marcus Tilgner (Germany/Sparta Spreeathen 74/82)
2. Alfred Strommer (Austria)
3. Reinhard Schöberl (Austria)
4. Marian Flemer (Germany/Sparta Spreeathen 74/82)

Auckland, New Zealand, May 6, Swiss format

1. Mark Rossi
2. Conrad Mudge
3. Richard Edeson
4. Andy Shearer
5. George Miller
6t. Andy Miller
6t. Craig Wright

Facebook link:

Stembert, Belgium, May 7, group format

1. Noah Janssens (Wamme)
2. Lucas Père (AS Hennuyer)
3. Noah Dirick (Wamme)
4. Aurélien Feye (Stembert)
5. Mélina Scheen (Stembert)
6. Pascal Scheen (Stembert)

Facebook link:

Cardiff, Wales, May 6, groups in 2 rounds

Winners group

1. Phil Dacey (Cardiff)
2. David Lauder (Cardiff)
3. Darren Barnes (Cardiff)
4. David Samuel (Cardiff)

Consolation group

1. John Lauder (Cardiff)
2. Alan Hounsell (Cardiff)
3. Stuart Briffett (Bristol)

Facebook link:

Tuesday 7 May 2024

WASPA rankings of April 2024

Dear friends, you will find here the updated WASPA rankings after the 41 tournaments played in April.

Excel file (rankings and statistics)

PDF file (results)

First tournament in Haidari, Greece

Western Sydney flickers in Australia

Great fun in Auckland, New Zealand

Good turnout in Antwerp, Belgium

Action in Edinburgh, Scotland

Subbuteo action in Germany with players from Hannover and Berlin

Tournament in Johannesburg, South Africa

Rudi Peterschinigg winner
in Haverhill, England
Once again we had an amazing number of great tournaments played in many different countries and 31 players competed for the first time in a WASPA event.

We are pleased to see the first tournament played in Haidari (Greece) and to have the Milton Keynes club (England) entering the Conference League.

England is doing an amazing job and reached the number of 100 regional tournaments since the beginning of the season.

All clubs in the WASPA "top clubs" and "Development league" sections have already scored points this season and we are happy to have an impressive number of 27 active clubs in the "Conference League", which is some kind of "3rd division" for new and smaller clubs.

Just a quick note about stories on the blog. We don't often receive stories and pictures of tournaments. It's much easier for us to get a few lines about tournaments and at least one picture to make a post on the blog. Help from the organizers is always welcome!

We still receive requests from interested groups of players who are thinking about joining the WASPA circuit and it's always nice to see growing interest from many different places.

If your club is not yet involved in the WASPA circuit, don't be scared to join as our doors are open to all kind of players!

Keep on flicking!

Vincent Coppenolle, WASPA organizer

Please send your tournament requests and results to

Wednesday 1 May 2024

First WASPA tournament in Haidari

Our friends in Greece keep on doing a great work to promote the game. For the first time a tournament was held in the Lyceum of Haidari. The tournament was organised by the athletics professor Antonis Krysilas and tables and equipment were donated by Flaming Flickers to help the promotion of the game.

Congratulation to Antonis for introducing the game to the kids and to all the players for their effort and nice games! We await their next events!

The winner was Ioannis Fakyriades (Inter Milan), runner-up was Petros Gioulis (Borussia Dortmund) and the third place was for Elias Chronis (Panathinaikos).

Monday 29 April 2024

Trophies for Eliot Kennedy, Paul Mercer and Alan Kimber

Australia is one of the most active nations in the WASPA circuit. We are glad to receive results of tournaments held in different cities by Western Sydney, Melbourne TFC and subbuteo Perth.

Eliot Kennedy wins 2024 ANZAC Cup

Thursday, April 25, 2024, 2PM
The Clubhouse, Toongabbie

A glorious autumn afternoon saw 9 players line up for the 2024 ANZAC Cup at The Clubhouse. The random draw for the opening round saw Imojjen take on Franck, where Franck was able to ease to a 2-0 victory. Eliot opened his scoring account within the first 30 seconds against Tim and then went on to record a 3-1 victory. Adrian had a tough time getting past John's stubborn defense but finally got the single, decisive goal, about 3/4 of the way through the game.

Round 2 saw the arrival of the Ridger family to fill up the pitches. Michael took on Adrian but Adrian's experience helped him to a 1-0 victory. Youngest son, Alex, played his first ever competitive match and came away with a very admirable 1-0 loss to John. His older brother, Samuel, faced John's son, Tim, in a match where Time came away with two goals and the points. In the top of the (swiss) table clash, Eliot was too good for Franck, also claiming a 2-0 victory.

Those results pitted Eliot against Adrian. Both players created multiple chances in an open game, but a late goal was enough to win it for Eliot, though a shot on the run at an unguarded goal with 5 seconds left on the clock had Eliot's heart in his mouth. The ball slid centimetres wide and Eliot held on. Michael gave his youngest son, Alex, a bit of a lesson with a 3-0 win. Samuel used some good defensive flicking to hold on for a goalless draw against Imojjen. Meanwhile, Franck eased to a 2-0 victory over John.

Eliot's final match came against Michael, and a 2-0 victory gave him an unassailable lead at the top of the table. Adrian's frustrations at his goal misses in the previous game were taken out on Franck where, in place of the usually close fought contests between the two, Adrian ran out a decisive 3-0 winner. Tim and Imojjen renewed their rivalry and neither could get on top in a 0-0 draw, while the Ridger brothers went head-to-head competitively for the first time, older brother Samuel emerging victorious 1-0.

The final round mopped up all the games for players who had sat out for byes during the afternoon. Imojjen put 2 goals past Alex, but Alex' on-the-run commentary throughout the game kept all spectators (and, indeed, opponents) highly amused. John picked up his second victory of the afternoon with a 1-0 win over Samuel. Tim finished his final game, against Michael, with the same result.

That win pushed Tim up into third place on the final table, behind Eliot and Adrian in 1st and 2nd, respectively. Franck snuck ahead of John, courtesy of his head-to-head victory in their game, while Imojjen was close behind the two. In the quest for Ridger family bragging rights, Samuel came out on top of the three. Great to have yet another new member of the Western Sydney clan in the shape of Alex, and some promising signs for a second wave of junior players for our club.

Well done to all for an excellent afternoon and congratulations to Eliot on his victory.

Final table:

1. Eliot Kennedy
2. Adrian Elmer
3. Tim Phokos
4. Francis Cozzarin
5. John Phokos
6. Imojjen Elmer
7. Mike Ridger
8. Samuel Ridger
9. Alex Ridger

(Report by Adrian Elmer)

Western Sydney Subbuteo:

Paul Mercer EIBC Cup

Melbourne TFC held a WASPA tournament at East Ivanhoe Bowling Club with 8 players from 3 different clubs taking part. Nathan Urbaniak did a great job running the day with Paul Mercer. The final was very tightbetween Luke Radziminski (Melbourne Table Football Club) and Paul Mercer (Northern Phoenix Table Football Club). Paul won the final on shots!

Semi-finals: Luke Radziminski - Anthony Madiona 2-0 ; Paul Mercer - Nathan Urbaniak 1-0

Final: Luke Radziminski - Paul Mercer 1-1*

Consolation final: Christos Garagounis - Kevin Grant 3-0

Melbourne TFC:

Northern Phoenix:

Alan Kimber winner in Perth

The month WASPA tournament in Perth was played by five players who met in a League format. Alan Kimber finished the day with 3 wins and a draw, which was enough to win the tournament. 

Final table:

1. Alan Kimber
2. Ross McNulty
3. Noel Mani
4. Chris Thorn
5. Ron Byrne

Subbuteo Perth: