Sunday, 24 June 2018

Geert Leys winner in the Flanders

Last Monday Belgium was in a party day not only because the national football team won their opening game against Panama at the FIFA world cup but also because there was Subbuteo action in Hofstade-Zemst. Because of the football game, there was a smaller field than expected with 6 entries but there were many good games. Geert Leys finished on top of the Swiss system with 10 points while Frank Lannoy was runner-up with 9 points and Jos Ceulemans (7) took the third place. Stéphane Lambert, Johan Lourdon and Willy de Bandt were also taking part. Congratulations Geert!

Friday, 22 June 2018

Richard Stock wins in Knighton

Knighton TFC was holding another WASPA tournament last Friday and the club had the visit of Richard Stock.

Richard also finished on top of a group of 6 to claim the title (with 4 wins and a draw) while Dan Nicholls was runner-up.

Final standings:
1. Richard Stock
2. Dan Nicholls
3. Danny Bird
4. Tom Taylor
5. Rory Gittoes
6. Kenny Evans

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Lincoln Flickers World Cup

Andy Boyer wins Lincoln Flickers’ World Cup with PANAMA. There was no need to play a final as Boyer beat both semi-final opponents; Jez Boothman on shots after a 3-3 thriller – Boothman down 1-3 came back and almost snatched the Golden Goal. Likewise A Garbutt found himself down 0-2 and despite getting a goal back couldn’t get the equaliser.  This meant there was no need to play a final which ended in a goalless roll with Panama beating Costa Rica on shots 3-2.
Jez Boothman’s Morocco beat A Garbutt’s Spain 2-0 in the Third Place Play-Off Final – 2-0 at half time, Spain through caution to the wind but could not get the breakthrough.
It was disappointing to only have 4 participants which might be blamed on Father’s Day. Despite the low numbers it was an enjoyable day. Group games were done on dice roll to decide the last 16 then each player had 4 teams to take forward. Clinton Simpson played well scoring a few goals, his highlight the 2-2 last 16 match between Japan and England (Jez Boothman) eventually losing a tight shoot-out 2-3.

PANAMA’s run to the title:
Group (automated dice roll)
Belgium 3:4 Panama
England 1:1 Panama
Panama 3:2 Tunisia
PANAMA top group, England second

Last 16
Panama 4:1 Columbia (vs C Simpson)

Quarter Finals
Serbia 0:0 Panama (0-2 shots vs A Garbutt)

Morocco 3:3 Panama (1-2 shots vs J Boothman)

Panama 0:0 Costa Rica (3-2 shots automated) – Costa Rica second in their group to Serbia beating Germany, England and Spain on the way to the final

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

A great week-end of Subbuteo in Templeuve

The players on Saturday
Last week-end the Templeuve United club in Belgium was hosting a special week-end during the visit of Northern Ireland's Craig Stewart. Craig was visiting Belgium to visit the Flanders Field and the War Museum but also wanted to meet Belgian players to gain experience. Despite a few late problems in the hall regarding material, it was a good week-end for all.

The players on Friday
On Friday evening, the tournament of neighboring club "SC Warcoing Ducks" had a good field of 10 players and with no surprise Geoffrey Marain took the honors after the four sessions in Swiss system. Matthias Averlant was a good runner-up while Stéphane Lambert took the third place.

Stéphane Lambert - Geoffrey Marain - Matthias Averlant
Final standings for Friday night:
1. Geoffrey Marain
2. Matthias Averlant
3. Stéphane Lambert
4t. Vincent Coppenolle
4t. Eric Caillaux
6. Jérôme Cyganek
7t. Benjamin Marain
7t. Craig Stewart
7t. Frédéric Cyganek
10. Philippe Thys

On Saturday there was a stronger field of 20 players and organizers decided to have two categories. In the main event, Steffen Despretz (AS Hennuyer) was the surprising winner after winning the decisive game against Jos Ceulemans in the last session. Ceulemans had previously beaten Geoffrey Marain who took the third place with 9 points in four games.

Jos Ceulemans and Steffen Despretz
Final standings for Saturday (Category A):
1. Steffen Despretz
2. Jos Ceulemans
3. Geoffrey Marain
4. Yves Peremans
5. Frank Lannoy
6. Geert Leys
7t. Steven Delfosse
7t. Benoit Lagneau
9. Vincent Coppenolle
10. Matthias Averlant
11. Corentin Boltz
12. Eric Caillaux

Decisive game between Craig Stewart and Franck Santer
In Category B, everything was decided in the last session. Franck Santer won the tournament after beating Craig Stewart in the final game. This is the very first time Franck wins a Subbuteo tournament.

Franck Santer and André Boltz
Final standings for Saturday (Category B):
1. Franck Santer
2. André Boltz
3. Craig Stewart
4. Philippe Thys
5. Julien Hourez
6. Benjamin Marain
7. Arthur Clique
8. Héléna Marain

The SC Flanders team had the help of Frank Lannoy
Finally, there was also a team event with four teams taking part. SC Flanders won their three games to win the title while AS Hennuyer was runner-up, Templeuve was third and the "Team WASPA" took the 4th place.

It was a great time for all (almost everybody had 7 games on Saturday) and there are plans to make it something better next season if more players are interested to attend.

Huge thanks to all players taking part for a great moment together.

Monday, 18 June 2018

Benny Ng wins Northern Phoenix tournament

Northern Phoenix Waspa No.4
Friday 15th June 2018

The fourth Northern Phoenix Waspa took place on Friday the 15th June, 2018.
In total, a modest gathering of six competitors made the trip to the club rooms of Darebin United (Apollo) Soccer Club to compete for WASPA honours. The format trialled at the event was that of a league style with every competitor playing each other once. At the end of competition, the top two would play off in a standalone Grand Final. What made each 20 minute contest interesting was that there would be no half-time breaks – essentially testing one’s endurance and powers of concentration to remain focussed for such a long duration.

The competition throughout the evening was very close and only two matches (out of a total of sixteen) exceeded a two goal final margin. There were 31 goals scored in total and only four games ended in a draw. Going into the last round, any one of four players were in the running for a finals berth but eventually, it was Benny Ng and Adrian Connelly who proved successful. In a closely fought contest, goals either side of half time say Benny Ng claim the title.

The ‘Super 20’ format itself proved very successful and allowed games to flow quite smoothly during the course of the night, eliminating the need for half time breaks and subsequently allowing event organisers to accurately programme the evening’s schedule. It is a format that I suggest all clubs trial at some stage – it really does make for the running of a seamless event. A thanks of gratitude needs to go out to the following participants for making the evening possible. Beth Eveleigh did a great job arranging the venue, Paul Mercer for preparing the software that makes running tournaments such a breeze and Kevin Grant for providing the logistical support pertaining to table transportation.
Great fun was had by all and thanks to all the competitors for making the effort to attend.

Players: Beth Eveleigh, Kevin Grant, Christos Garagounis, Benny Ng, Adrian Connelly and Paul Mercer.

Link: Original report

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Pasquale Carrassi winner again in Javea

On June 9 the club of Marina Citerior held the sixth edition of the MontGoal tournament in Javea, Spain. Six players took part to the event and there were good news as two new players were joining the tournament. Both were coming from Alicante, Frederic and David Sala. Organizers were happy to welcome them here in Javea, making the effort to travel and play with the local group.

Firstly a mini-league was played, including five rounds and 15 matches and then semi-finals and finals, for a total of 20 matches. It was quite an intense morning indeed and an entertaining one for sure. The winner was Pasquale Carrassi after a very good and disputed final against David Mc Aulay who played a great match.

Pasquale now reached is third victory in the tournament and won the Peter Adolph Cup once again, but just temporarily, as the trophy will be definitely assigned only to the winner of five different editions.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Mauro Camilleri winner in Attard

Last week Attard Subbuteo club held another WASPA tournament with 12 players taking part. There were several good players attending and Mauro Camilleri defeated Tristan Fenech in the final to claim the trophy. Joseph Agius and Walter Attard made it to the semi-finals. There will be another WASPA tournament in Attard on July 15.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Daniel Cranston is 2018 Pennsylvania Open Champion

Paul Eyes and Daniel Cranston
Bryan Arnold and Grant Lilly

Earlier this month, the Pennsylvania Open was played in Avondale, PA. Andrew Zunino was the host of the tournament and 8 players were competing.

The group stage had 2 groups of 4 players. the top 2 form each group later competed in another group to decide the 2018 Pennsylvania Open Champion. Paul Eyes and Andrew Zunino qualified in group A while Daniel Cranston and Matthew Steinmuller finished on top of group B.

The Pennsylvania Open group had some great games but in the end Daniel Cranston won the group after winning his decisive game against runner-up Paul Eyes (2-0). The Keystone Cup saw other good games and Bryan Arnold finished on top of the group with 7 points after a tie against Adolfo Colindres.

A good day was had by all. Huge thanks to Andrew for organizing the event under WASPA banner!

Final standings:
1. Daniel Cranston (2018 Pennsylvania Open Champion)
2. Paul Eyes
3. Andrew Zunino
4. Matthew Steinmuller
5. Bryan Arnold (2018 Keystone Cup Champion)
6. Grant Lilly
7. Adolfo Colindres
8. Mason Lilly

Martinog Bradley winner in Derry

Martinog Bradley wins the ‘Here Comes the Summer Cup 2018’ in Derry, Northern Ireland following a thrilling final against Simon Stewart. A 1-1 draw and a sudden death shoot out saw Bradley win 5-4. Craig Stewart lifted the plate with a 1-0 win over James McGillian. Craig will be playing in Templeuve, Belgium next Saturday along with players from France and Belgium. 8 players attended the ‘Here Comes the Summer Cup 2018’.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Cape Town City Challenge 2018

From left to right: Julian, Wayne, John, Clinton, Angus, Rafael, Nathan, Juandre, Zavick (Mike - missing from pic)

The Cape Town City Challenge took place on Sunday, 20th May at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa. It was a highly enjoyable afternoon after a very slow and quiet start to the Subbuteo year down south!

With the support of visitor Julian from Pretoria Flickers Club, we used the Swiss system for the first time, with the 10 participants playing 6 rounds each. Final standings saw Wayne win his first WASPA event - which just shows what being a new father can do for you…

Other highlights included the presence of new players Juandre and Nathan, ‘new’ returnee to the game Zavick, and the first time that junior Rafael played with (and held his own against) the adults.

Final standings after the six rounds were as follows:
Wayne            6          5          0          1          7          15
John                6          4          1          1          7          13
Clinton            6          4          1          1          6          13
Angus             6          3          2          1          11        11
Rafael             6          3          0          3          -1         9
Julian              6          3          0          3          -2         9
Juandre          6          2          1          3          -6         7
Mike                6          2          0          4          -1         6
Zavick             6          1          1          4          -9         4
Nathan                        6          0          0          6          -12       0