Monday, 19 August 2019

August 2019: news from around the world

Some news from around the world as we recived results from Wales, Austria, Australia and Hungary.

Players in Wrexham
The Wrexham Subbuteo Club WASPA tournament took place on August 18. Wrexham players Iestyn Bevan, Tyler Bevan, Callum Parry and Michael Harper were joined by London Road players Cayne Matthews, Ruby Matthews, Brian Daley and Lucasz Whittle. After the group stage and the semi-finals, Cayne Matthews managed to beat Brian Daley on shots for the very first time. Ruby Matthews and Lucasz Whittle were the semi-finalists while Michael Harper won the consolation tournament.

In Austria, the Royal 78 club in Vienna organized their yearly club championship under WASPA banner.

One month after Heinz Eder's victory, Alexander Haas (see picture) took the honors this time af defeating Stefan Sandner in the final (3-3 and shots). Congratulations Alex!

Final standings:
1. Alexander Haas
2. Stefan Sandner
3. Murat Tünger
4. Christian Haas
5. Reinhard Schöberl
6. Daniel Vranovitz
7. Karl Vranovitz
8. Ferhat Cicek

In Australia, the Perth players had their monthly gathering this week-end and Ross McNulty finished on top of a group of 5. It was great to see Ross back in action. The Perth club will continue hosting more WASPA tournaments next season.

Final standings:
1. Ross McNulty
2. Alan Kimber
3. Hugh Best
4. Noel Mani
5. Chris Thorn

In Brisbane, six players met for the monthly tournament of Brisbane Subbuteo Club. For this tournament they played "The Wigan system", with a slight alteration in that you played everyone with the results counting to the individual and team cups but results against your own team mates didn't count towards the team cup.

For this tournament we played "The Wigan system", with a slight alteration in that you played everyone with the results counting to the individual and team cups but results against your own team mates didn't count towards the team cup.

The theme was Bundesliga and in the final, Giuseppe Tardiota defeated Gus Gillespie (1-0). The team cup was won by Team A by 13 pts to 10. "The next tournament will be played the same way but the final standings will decide the teams for next time and each team will be a different national league, eg team A is the Italian league and team B is the Spanish league", explained Gareth Whalley.

Finally, some news from Hungary where the Budapest club had the visit of an Italian Subbuteo player, Angelo Micoli (Subbuteo Club Valdarno). Angelo was in Hungary with his family and played games two times. A small WASPA event was organized on August 11 where three players played each other three times. It was a small event but it was great fun, according to the players. Gábor Baross was the winner of the day with Áron Mácsik being runner-up and Michele Micoli as third.
Full results and some photos can be found here:

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Jean Grosdent wins in Bande

Last week the club of Wamme had a first Summer tournament as a way to prepare for the new season.

The tournament had a good turnout of 12 and all games were played in Swiss system. Jean Grosdent was the winner of the evening after winning his four games.

Raphaël Maillard and Michaël Roberty ended the day with 9 points.

Congratulations to Jean for his victory, even if the club is no very worried about Michaël Roberty's health. Michaël was involved in a terrible story in Rochefort two days after the tournament and he's struggling for life.

All our prayers go to Michaël and his family in these difficult days.

Final standings of the evening:
1. Jean Grosdent
2. Raphaël Maillard
3. Michaël Roberty
4. Bruno Mottet
5. Michaël Hallin
6. Daniel Boistelle
7. Philippe Thys
8. Henri Grosdent
9. Junior Travieso
10. Maxim Grosdent
11. Jérémy Ancion
12. Giulio Bonfanti

Monday, 12 August 2019

Kenny Beggs wins Ryan McBride Memorial Cup

Derry city TFC held the 2nd Ryan McBride Memorial Cup. It was played with old bases and to the old rules but that didn’t hold back the Legend, Kenny Beggs. Kenny topped his group and then for the second time in the tournament he faced off against Barry Spence, again coming away the victor to be crowned the Ryan McBride Champion. Mark McCrossan and Lawrence Watson made it to the semi-finals while Brendan Rodgers won the Plate tournament.

Anas Rahamat wins 2019 National Day tournament

Vikas (Fourth), Michael (Runner-Up), Isaac (Fifth), Bernard (Third), Anas (Champion)
In celebration of our nation’s 54th birthday, Singapore Lions TFC organized the National Day Tournament WASPA at the Singapore Sports Hub Library on 9 Aug 2019. 

A total of 5 players participated in a round-robin format with each player getting 4 games.
Anas emerged victorious with a 100% winning record in all his 4 games.  Michael was Runner-Up while Bernard ended up in Third place.

Final Placings
Champion: Anas Rahamat
Runner-Up: Michael Choong
3rd Place: Bernard Lim
4th Place: Vikas Chandiramani
5th Place: Isaac Lim

Congratulations to all winners!!

Saturday, 10 August 2019

Fabrizio Coco wins Sydney TFC tournament

Another WASPA tournament was played in the Sydney TFC new venue this week. 9 players competed in 3 groups. Well done everybody to have made this happen especially to Arjuna Hanafi who made the trip from Melbourne and Leonardo Nizzoli who just came back to Sydney from his Queensland experience.

Congratulations to Fabrizio Coco for another win over Eliot Kennedy in a very open final finished 3-2 to Fab after sudden death shots.

Well done lads, next appointment: Ferragosto Festival on Sunday 18th august! Don’t miss out!

Thursday, 8 August 2019

WASPA records in the end of July 2019

Dear all, you will find in the attached files the WASPA standings at the end of July. Sorry for the low activity on the WASPA blog and the social networks but it's summer time here :-)

WASPA ranking - July 19
WASPA Season results 2018-2019

Another big turnout in Greece
July was another good month with 27 regional tournament and 1 tournament with old rules. Australia was very active once again with 7 tournaments held in many different areas while there was less activity than usual in some other nations and the heat wave in Europe can explain it. By and large we have had tournaments in Europe, Oceania, Asia, North America and Africa so we remain a global circuit.

You will not see many changes in the rankings but the highlight of the month is Brian Daley being now on top of the season ranking. Congratulations but there is one month left to go to decide who will be the season winner.

Great fun in Liverpool
Maybe a few results are missing in the PDF file. If you see missing data, please get in touch so that I can correct the files.

If some juniors (born in 2002 or later) don't appear in the ranking, it means we don't have their birthdates so please send your feedback.

Well, that's all for now. Please remember you only need 3 players to register your tournament. Don't be scared to join. It's free and tournament requests can be sent by e-mail to

Sydney players saying goodbye to Hermann and Olli
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Ideas to develop the WASPA circuit, to get new clubs/nations involved or to make things more attractive are always welcome. We stay at your disposal for more info.

Yours sincerely,
Vincent Coppenolle

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Kye top in Orlando!

Garage Soccer hosted a nice tournament in Florida last Sunday at the An-Tobar Pub in Orlando.
Pat O’Brien & Chris Harris from Garage Soccer (USA) were joined by Kye & Terry Arnold from Kent Invicta (England) as everyone played each other twice in a mini league.

It was Kye who took the top spot after winning all 6 games whilst Terry clinched 2nd spot with a convincing last round win over Pat who himself finished 3rd. Chris was 4th as a great afternoon’s play came to an end.

It was a good chance to share ideas and thoughts on the game to help the Garage Soccer guys in the US.

Monday, 5 August 2019

More trophies for Apatzis and Mesonisanakis in Greece

Three regional tournaments have been held in July in Greece.

Stavros Mesonisanakis was the surprising winner of the Roligans tournament, finishing on top of a group robin with Dimitrios Rebis taking the second place. Thanks to organizer Christos Kotrotsos for the great job!

The club of Kallithe Flame had a great event with 16 players involved. The theme of the tournament was the "AfCon cup" and Alekos Apatzis defeated Christian Tsakalakis in the final to claim the trophy. Yannis Bougiouris and Nikos Jr Psomiadis made it to the semi-finals.

Finally, the Flaming Flickers also held a tournament with a good field of 18 players. The first round of the "Gold Cup" consisted in two groups of four and two groups of five players and in the knock-out games, there were many close games. Rising star Giorgos Karavas defeated Kostas Seses in the semi-final while Alekos Apatzis won the other semi against Yannis Bougiouris but Apatzis later beat Karavas in the final to claim the honors!

Saturday, 3 August 2019

Elliot Bellefontaine winner in Liverpool

Last Saturday the Liverpool club had a great day organising a first big event with 13 players taking part. After five games in Swiss ladder, Elliot Bellefontaine ended as winner, being the only player to win all his games. It was good to see Phil Redman back in action and Phil finished the day as runner-up. Thanks to brian Daley for a well-organized tournament!

Final standings
1. Elliot Bellefontaine
2. Phil Redman
3. Brandon Lavender
4. Brian Daley
5. Jos Ceulemans
6. Marco Ghigliotti
7. Ruby Matthews
8. Cayne Matthews
9. Chris Bedford
10. Nick Pearson
11. Ben Staples
12. Lucasz Whittle
13. Dylan Staples

Friday, 2 August 2019

The 100th WASPA title for Geoffrey Marain

Two tournaments have been held in July in Belgium. The Templeuve United players met in the beginning of the month to celebrate another visit of Romania's Cezar Stoilescu and to say welcome to Renald Deloose who was coming back to the game after a long break.

Vincent Coppenolle won the tournament with 4 with while Matthias Averlant was runner-up.

Final standings:
1. Vincent Coppenolle
2. Matthias Averlant
3. Cezar Stoilescu
4. Renald Deloose
5. Eric Caillaux
6. Arthur Clique
7. Jordan Bonte
8. Olivier Bodelle

A few days later, the Warcoing Ducks held another tournament with a good turnout of 9 players. Cezar Stoilescu could make it once again and showed great improvement but this time, Geoffrey marain was on fire and claimed his 100th WASPA title, which is a great achievement.

Final standings:
1. Geoffrey Marain
2. Michaël Dupret
3. Vincent Coppenolle
4. Matthias Averlant
5. Cezar Stoilescu
6. Eric Caillaux
7. Arthur Clique
8. Benjamin Marain
9. Sébastien Sorge