Monday, 18 June 2018

Benny Ng wins Northern Phoenix tournament

Northern Phoenix Waspa No.4
Friday 15th June 2018

The fourth Northern Phoenix Waspa took place on Friday the 15th June, 2018.
In total, a modest gathering of six competitors made the trip to the club rooms of Darebin United (Apollo) Soccer Club to compete for WASPA honours. The format trialled at the event was that of a league style with every competitor playing each other once. At the end of competition, the top two would play off in a standalone Grand Final. What made each 20 minute contest interesting was that there would be no half-time breaks – essentially testing one’s endurance and powers of concentration to remain focussed for such a long duration.

The competition throughout the evening was very close and only two matches (out of a total of sixteen) exceeded a two goal final margin. There were 31 goals scored in total and only four games ended in a draw. Going into the last round, any one of four players were in the running for a finals berth but eventually, it was Benny Ng and Adrian Connelly who proved successful. In a closely fought contest, goals either side of half time say Benny Ng claim the title.

The ‘Super 20’ format itself proved very successful and allowed games to flow quite smoothly during the course of the night, eliminating the need for half time breaks and subsequently allowing event organisers to accurately programme the evening’s schedule. It is a format that I suggest all clubs trial at some stage – it really does make for the running of a seamless event. A thanks of gratitude needs to go out to the following participants for making the evening possible. Beth Eveleigh did a great job arranging the venue, Paul Mercer for preparing the software that makes running tournaments such a breeze and Kevin Grant for providing the logistical support pertaining to table transportation.
Great fun was had by all and thanks to all the competitors for making the effort to attend.

Players: Beth Eveleigh, Kevin Grant, Christos Garagounis, Benny Ng, Adrian Connelly and Paul Mercer.

Link: Original report

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Pasquale Carrassi winner again in Javea

On June 9 the club of Marina Citerior held the sixth edition of the MontGoal tournament in Javea, Spain. Six players took part to the event and there were good news as two new players were joining the tournament. Both were coming from Alicante, Frederic and David Sala. Organizers were happy to welcome them here in Javea, making the effort to travel and play with the local group.

Firstly a mini-league was played, including five rounds and 15 matches and then semi-finals and finals, for a total of 20 matches. It was quite an intense morning indeed and an entertaining one for sure. The winner was Pasquale Carrassi after a very good and disputed final against David Mc Aulay who played a great match.

Pasquale now reached is third victory in the tournament and won the Peter Adolph Cup once again, but just temporarily, as the trophy will be definitely assigned only to the winner of five different editions.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Mauro Camilleri winner in Attard

Last week Attard Subbuteo club held another WASPA tournament with 12 players taking part. There were several good players attending and Mauro Camilleri defeated Tristan Fenech in the final to claim the trophy. Joseph Agius and Walter Attard made it to the semi-finals. There will be another WASPA tournament in Attard on July 15.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Daniel Cranston is 2018 Pennsylvania Open Champion

Paul Eyes and Daniel Cranston
Bryan Arnold and Grant Lilly

Earlier this month, the Pennsylvania Open was played in Avondale, PA. Andrew Zunino was the host of the tournament and 8 players were competing.

The group stage had 2 groups of 4 players. the top 2 form each group later competed in another group to decide the 2018 Pennsylvania Open Champion. Paul Eyes and Andrew Zunino qualified in group A while Daniel Cranston and Matthew Steinmuller finished on top of group B.

The Pennsylvania Open group had some great games but in the end Daniel Cranston won the group after winning his decisive game against runner-up Paul Eyes (2-0). The Keystone Cup saw other good games and Bryan Arnold finished on top of the group with 7 points after a tie against Adolfo Colindres.

A good day was had by all. Huge thanks to Andrew for organizing the event under WASPA banner!

Final standings:
1. Daniel Cranston (2018 Pennsylvania Open Champion)
2. Paul Eyes
3. Andrew Zunino
4. Matthew Steinmuller
5. Bryan Arnold (2018 Keystone Cup Champion)
6. Grant Lilly
7. Adolfo Colindres
8. Mason Lilly

Martinog Bradley winner in Derry

Martinog Bradley wins the ‘Here Comes the Summer Cup 2018’ in Derry, Northern Ireland following a thrilling final against Simon Stewart. A 1-1 draw and a sudden death shoot out saw Bradley win 5-4. Craig Stewart lifted the plate with a 1-0 win over James McGillian. Craig will be playing in Templeuve, Belgium next Saturday along with players from France and Belgium. 8 players attended the ‘Here Comes the Summer Cup 2018’.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Cape Town City Challenge 2018

From left to right: Julian, Wayne, John, Clinton, Angus, Rafael, Nathan, Juandre, Zavick (Mike - missing from pic)

The Cape Town City Challenge took place on Sunday, 20th May at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa. It was a highly enjoyable afternoon after a very slow and quiet start to the Subbuteo year down south!

With the support of visitor Julian from Pretoria Flickers Club, we used the Swiss system for the first time, with the 10 participants playing 6 rounds each. Final standings saw Wayne win his first WASPA event - which just shows what being a new father can do for you…

Other highlights included the presence of new players Juandre and Nathan, ‘new’ returnee to the game Zavick, and the first time that junior Rafael played with (and held his own against) the adults.

Final standings after the six rounds were as follows:
Wayne            6          5          0          1          7          15
John                6          4          1          1          7          13
Clinton            6          4          1          1          6          13
Angus             6          3          2          1          11        11
Rafael             6          3          0          3          -1         9
Julian              6          3          0          3          -2         9
Juandre          6          2          1          3          -6         7
Mike                6          2          0          4          -1         6
Zavick             6          1          1          4          -9         4
Nathan                        6          0          0          6          -12       0

Marcos Kapsabelis winner in Kallithea

20 players from various clubs competed in the recent WASPA tournament organized by the Flaming Flickers on Saturday, May 26, 2018.

Marcos Kapsabelis (registered as a player of Italian squad Atletico Vibo) was in a great day and defeated Alekos Apatzis (2-0) in the final.

Vaggelis Giantais and Giorgos Kakavas reached the semi-finals.

Monday, 11 June 2018

WASPA standings of May 2018

Dear friends,
you will find in the attached files the monthly records of the WASPA circuit with the addition of 42 tournaments (37 regional, 1 old rules, 4 promotional).

Sorry for the delay but it has been very busy at work and compiling records takes more and more time! My apologies also for the late updates on the blog. Don't be surprised if some tournaments don't appear yet on the WASPA blog.
Youth in action in Australia
It is fantastic to have 1572 players in the rankings. 49 nations are involved and we have the first entry from Israel, which is great! We had a total of 455 individual entries, which means the average of players at tournaments was more than 10 players per event.

Here is a quick looks at some important facts:
- Greece had 6 regional tournaments with always a great turnout. Alekos Apatzis is for sure the player of the month and he's also on top of the season ranking for the first time;
- It was good to see the second tournament of Toronto Subbuteo club in Canada;
- South Africa had a good turnout at their three events with three different winners;
- Peter Alegi won the Grand Rapids tournament in Michigan, USA as a good rehearsal before the National held last week-end;
- Derry City had a fantastic event with 24 players but it's worth being mentioned organizers did a fantastic job by putting 50% of the first round players in a tournament for the title while the other 12 players competed in a great Plate tournament;
- In Firenze, Italy there was a great turnout of 21 with Serbia's Milan Knezevic as special guest;
- the White Star tournament in Harrow (England) had an amazing field of 18 players competing in Swiss system;
- we have been pleased to see a tournament in Hudson, Argentina;
- Australia deserves credit for continuing the great job with kids;
- Hungary had a good event on May 22, another rehearsal before the forthcoming WASPA world Cup;
- Top work being done in Bologna, Italy where Riccardo Marinucci accepted Leonidas Koutromanos's request to play the consolation events of the FISTF Major under WASPA banner. There were 2 categories with 36 and 25 players, which was amazing!
Training session in Budapest
WASPA World Cup in Budapest
Some more details about the WASPA world Cup in Budapest, Hungary (June 30 & July 1)
WASPA world cup Facebook page:
Contact e-mail:

Templeuve International challenge
For those who are in Belgium this week-end, there will be an international WASPA tournament with players from Belgium, France, Northern Ireland and Ireland in Templeuve. Details here:

International meeting in Singapore with guests from Australia and Hong Kong
A quick looks at the rankings:
- Geoffrey Marain (Belgium) is still on top of the ranking;
- Alekos Apatzis (Greece) is the new leader of the season ranking;
- Kye Arnold (England) is on top of the junior ranking;
- Belgium is the leader of the 2 rankings of nations;
- The Flaming Flickers SC (Greece) have almost 200 points lead in the top clubs ranking;
- Kent Invicta (England) is the number 1 Junior club.

Once again, thanks to all organizers and players for contributing to make the WASPA circuit always more attractive.

Please also make sure tournaments are announced a few days in advance. Please send your dates and tournament details to

WASPA action during the Greek championships
Well, you will find the details about the circuit in the attached files:
- the season results (PDF);
- the rankings and statistics (Excel).

Well, that's all for now. Please remember you only need 3 players to register your tournament. Don't be scared to join. It's free and tournament requests can be sent by e-mail to

Keep an eye on the WASPA blog at as there are updates almost every day.

Action in Seraing in Belgium
Please invite your friends to join our Facebook group at
We also have a WASPA page here:

Keep in mind WASPA is also looking for partners. If you know any company ready to support us (we don’t ask for money but we want some win-win agreements so that we can promote each other), don't hesitate to contact me at

Ideas to develop the WASPA circuit, to get new clubs/nations involved or to make things more attractive are always welcome. We stay at your disposal for more info.

Yours sincerely,
Vincent Coppenolle

Friday, 8 June 2018

Bevin Reed wins the 2018 PFC Challenge Cup!

Saturday 19 May 2018, Pretoria, South Africa:
The 6th edition of the Challenge Cup was again played under the theme of "Cup Final Day" where we played out the finals of various domestic & continental cups. We were gauranteed a "Cup Final" in each round of play ! The event attracted a field of 10 entries which included a return to the tables for Adam Murray, who last competed in December 2017!
The team allocations as follows:
Neilon Waterson (Chelsea) - Sherwin Reed (Man Utd)
Conway Julie (Barcelona) - Imtiaz Ahmed (Sevilla)
Adam Murray (Maritzburg Utd) - Jayden vd Merwe (Free State Stars)
Gary Downs (Liverpool) - Bevin Reed (Real Madrid)
Chessray Jooste (Juventus) - Kegan vd Merwe (AC Milan)
Points allocation as follows : 2 points per win, 1 point a draw. However, for "Cup Finals" the losing finalist earned 1 bonus point if the final was decided on penalty shots! If a "Cup Final" was decided in regulation time, the victor was awarded the bonus point - thus making a final potentially worth 3 points on the day !

The first "Cup Final" saw Chessray Jooste (Juventus) triumph by 2-1 on penalty shots over Kegan vd Merwe (Milan) - with Kegan earning the bonus point (BP).
The Round 2 final also ended 0-0, whereafter Conway Julie (Barcelona) beat Imtiaz Ahmed (Sevilla) by 3-1 on shots - with Imtiaz getting the BP.
Actually, by the end of Round 2 action, Conway found himself in 2nd position overall - as he had also recorded a 1-0 victory in his Round 1 match !
Round 3 had a bonus of two scheduled "Cup Finals" - firstly, Jayden vd Merwe (FS Stars) comfortably dispatched of Adam Murray (Maritzburg Utd) by 3-0 on penalty shots. Then, Bevin Reed (Real Madrid) beat Gary Downs (Liverpool) by 2-0 to be the only winner of his final in regulation time. Round 4 action then produced a few highlights - firstly, against the odds, Conway beat Gary by 1-0 for Conway to take an impressive and well earned 4th place overall!
The drama then continued as Jayden beat Bevin by 1-0 to tie Bevin at the top of the standings and force the event into a play-off final match!
But before that final play-off match, the last "Cup Final" had still to be decided - we were treated to an exciting 0-0 draw between Neilon Waterson (Chelsea) and Sherwin Reed (Man Utd). Then….more drama as Neilon stunned Sherwin by taking the final by 3-2 on penalty shots!
Then back to the main event and the matter of a play-off match between Jayden & Bevin. As expected, a tense affair unfolded with neither player giving in - so no surprise at the end of a 0-0 stalemate. Bevin then triumphed by 3-2 on penalty shots against a normally lethal Jayden when it comes to penalty shots !
This triumph marks Bevin's 12th WASPA title to date! A bitter but harsh end to Jayden's day as he ended the day as technically speaking the only undefeated player and as the only player who did not concede on the day! On the other hand, Bevin's "goal blitz" on the day was probably rewarded with the ultimate prize - the 2018 PFC Challenge Cup Champion !

As always, a big thank you to all who attended to make the day a great success.

The PFC website & facebook page will be updated shortly with photo's & news content at :

(report by Julian vd Merwe)

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Second title for Mike Sgro

In the recent second tournament of Toronto Subbuteo Club, Mike Sgro managed to take the honors after defeating Richard Ruffolo in the final. This is already Mike's second WASPA title and another move forward to replace Canada on the international scene.

Final standings of the group stage:
1. Richard Ruffolo
2. Mike Sgro
3. Mike Chieffallo
4. Chris Moreira
5. Mike Devey

Mike Sgro - Mike Chieffallo 1-0
Chris Moreira - Richard Ruffolo 1-2

Richard Ruffolo - Mike Sgro 0-3