Thursday, 25 May 2023

Kye Arnold wins CHASERS WASPA tournament

"CHASERS Club May WASPA Night" was attended by 9 players including 4 guests: Mark Francis (Rochford & Southend), Martin Bellefontaine (London TFC), Terry Arnold and Kye Arnold (Kent Invicta).

Club members Gary Gladwell, Adam Jackson, Mark West, Samantha Levy and Jonathan Beales played also in 7 rounds of matches giving everyone 6 different opponents. 

Kye Arnold, Martin Bellefontaine and Terry Arnold all remained undefeated but Kye dropped only 2 points all night to take the WASPA win. 

Congratulations to Kye and thank you to everyone for an enjoyable evening.

Link: CHASERS Facebook group

(report by Gary Gladwell)

Wednesday, 24 May 2023

Maikel de Haas winner in Wageningen

We are glad to see a growing Subbuteo scene in the Netherlands. 

A great field of players in Wapeningen

Earlier this month the Dutch association held a tournament in the football stadium of FC Wageningen. It was a success with 27 players taking part including somes Germans, Belgians and Ireland's Gary Moore. Maikel de Haas took the honors after defeating David Wouters in the final while semi-finalists were Jos Ceulemans and Dennis Landzaat. 4 players made their WASPA debut and there was some media coverage including a nice article on the website of the city of Wageningen. Link here

Top 3 players in Wapeningen (Landzaat-de Haas-Wouters)

Earlier in the month two other WASPA event were held in Gouda. The first one had a good turnout of 9 players and Patrick de Jong was the big winner of the tournament.

Chantal de Jong plays against father Patrick de Jong

The other WASPA night had 12 players competing in six sessions. Singapore's Erza Aripin and Belgium's Stéphane Lambert made it an international night. Patrick de Jong defeated Fabrizio Cavazza in the final to claim the honors.

To be noted there will be a tournament in Gouda on July 2. Organizers could not accept more than 24 entries but registrations are already closed now as players were very fast to register. It seems like the Wageningen tournament made something big is happening nowadays!

You can follow the news of Dutch table football on the "Subbuteo Nederland" page on Facebook at

Thursday, 18 May 2023

Kevin Cordell wins Andover WASPA tournament

Joe Harrington (Plate winner) and Kevin Cordell (Open winner)

40 players from all over the UK arrived in Andover Hampshire, these included Kevin Cordell, Aaron Skinner, Jason Christopher and Wolves players RIchard Badger and Mick Hammonds. We also welcomed Cypriot international Rob O’Hare who did well in his first tournament for a few years.

The field was top draw and after the success of last years 32 players Andover Club Chairman and admin secretary Jon Willing had the task of organising 8 groups of 5 players. 

The groups worked well with the Top 2 going into the open last 16 3/4th into the Plate and a new Shield competition for the 8 players who came 5th. 

With 8 Extreme pitches and 2 Astro tables meant that the 16 plate and open games could take place in two sessions while the Shield took place on the Astro pitches.

Even the Plate competition had a strong field of players.

Lots of shocks along the way and some big games played. 

The Final was an epic battle between Kevin Cordell and Aaron Skinner, Aaron led but Kevin battled back to take the game to a golden goal and then a shoot out which saw Kevin win and earn himself the Andover Waspa Champion. 

In the Plate, Haverhills Joe Harrington took the trophy beating Bristol’s Craig Purnell who knocked Chris out in the QF.

The shield was won by Andovers Shaun Ellis who beat Londons Gianlucca Zucchelli in a shoot out.

What a day and a big thank you to everyone who took part. Next years event has already been booked for Sunday 12th May.

(Report by Chris Burford)

Tuesday, 16 May 2023

Kent Invicta TFC is back!

Miguel Pereira wins the Monday Night WASPA at PSA Performance Centre followed by Kye in 2nd and David Collier in 3rd.

Some great games, good goals and fantastic flicks throughout the evening as 8 players went head to head in 15 minute games so everyone played everyone. The night finished with a fun team matchup with Dave’s Dudes beating Mig’s Melons 2-1.

Great to see James and Dan returning playing this evening.

The club will be back every Monday 7-10pm. All players are welcome.

1st Miguel Pereira

2nd Kye Arnold
3rd Dave Collier
4th Terry Arnold
5th Daniel McCormick
6th Max Pereira (u12)
7th James McCormick
8th Thomas Lacey

Kent Invicta on Facebook:

Monday, 15 May 2023

Ruby Matthews wins London Road tournament

Ruby receives her trophy from organizer and father Cayne Matthews

Simon McMurray (right)
8 players attended this Sunday's WASPA tournament at "the Parrot", Drury, Wales. It was good to see several players traveling to the London Road Subbuteo club HQ for a good day of Subbuteo table footall.

The tournament was full of surprises, as local organizer Cayne Matthews defeated Brian Daley in the semi while young talent Ruby Matthews beat Lucasz Whittle in the other semi.

The final was a family affait and Ruby managed to beat her father (3-2) to win her first London Road WASPA tournament, which is a real achievement!

Congratulations also to Simon McMurray (Wolverhampton) who won the Plate after beating Brian Kinrade in the final.

Monday, 8 May 2023

WASPA records of April 2023

Great turnout of 24 players in Barcelona

Top 3 players (Bob Green - Marco de Bruin - Aaron Skinner) in Mechelen

Dear Subbuteo friends,

We are very happy to publish the latest WASPA records after the amazing month we have had. We had indeed 38 regional tournaments, 1 promotional event, 9 tournaments with the old rules, 1 test-match and 1 leg of the NETFA circuit added in the records.

Excel file (rankings)

PDF file (results)

Central Coast condors tournament in California

It's great to see tournaments taking place in many different countries (France, England, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, the USA, the Netherlands, Belgium, Northern Ireland, Spain) and to see some more clubs involved. The "Woburn Casual" club held a first WASPA event while 2 clubs are added in the rankings of clubs (Alba Roma in the Development League and SC Valponte in the Junior ranking). Good also to see some clubs holding their first WASPA event this season like the Central Coast Condors TSC in California and Saint-Symphorien in France.

A very nice tournament in Saint-Synphorien, France

Some events had a really amazing turnout like the Stockton-on-Tees tournaments counting for the English championship with 30 players or the Consolation tournament of the Golden Grand Prix in Mechelen (Belgium) where 27 players were involved. Special mention to the Chasers Open in England with 32 players in the results, which is awesome!

Anniversary tournament in Melbourne

We also appreciate the growing success of tournaments played with the old rules. Italy and England are the two leading nations but there was also a tournament played with old rules in Ireland.

Finally our Italian friends of SC Valponte had a tournament for juniors only and it's fantatsic the winner travelled from France to play with the representatives of Valponte and Rebels Genova.

Don't hesitate to run tournaments under the WASPA banner. It's a great way to promote your club, to attract new players and to create local or regional development and we all agree this is what the game needs nowadays.

Promotion of the game in Wil, Switzerland

All your ideas to make the WASPA circuit more attractive are more than welcome. Don't hesitate to send your feedback. We also hope to see more and more clubs running events under the WASPA banner in the future.

We also take to opportunity to thank our partners:

- SubKits at

- Flicks for Kicks at


Well, that's all for now. Please remember you only need 3 players to register your tournament. Don't be scared to join. It's free and tournament requests can be sent by e-mail to

Martinog Bradley wins this month's Derry tournament in Northenr Ireland

Keep an eye on the WASPA blog at as there are updates almost every day.

Please invite your friends to join our Facebook group at

We also have a WASPA page here:

Keep in mind WASPA is also looking for new partners. If you know any company ready to support us (we don’t ask for money but we want some win-win agreements so that we can promote each  other), don't hesitate to contact me at or

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Vincent Coppenolle, WASPA organizer

Eliot Kennedy wins AGFA Cup XXIII

Eliot Kennedy
AGFA Cup XXIII had its fair share of upsets, great goals and glorious misses.

Eliot won his 6th crown, beating Fabrizio 3-2 on shots after a 0-0 draw.

Geoff Sirmai started slowly with a 2-0 loss to Steve, then racked up the points with 1-0 wins against Billy Koutzas, Louis Dettre and Jonty Brener, to pip Steve for 2nd place in their group.

Eliot dominated with wins against Jonty, Billy and Geoff - dropping his only points of the day in a 1-1 draw with Steve. Steve's shock 2-0 loss to Louis - who pounced on two opportunities to score (the second a glorious long range chip) - dented his semi final chances.

Fabrizio paced himself well with wins against Richard Wilson (1-0), Tony Credentino (2-0), Adrian Elmer (2-0), Paul Magee (1-0) and Johnny Ball (2-0) before overcoming Geoff Sirmai 1-0 in the semi.

In the final, a number of unusual errors by both players brought attacks to a halt, before shots were needed.

Eliot nailed his first three, then Fab missed his central shot for a 3-2 score.

Neither player scored again, and when Fab had his last shot saved, Eliot took the trophy.

AGFA Cup XXIII - Final ranking

1 Eliot Kennedy Northern Falcons
2 Fabrizio Coco Sydney TFC
3 Geoff Sirmai Hipfingerz
3 Paul Magee Western Sydney Subbuteo
5 Adrian Elmer Western Sydney Subbuteo
6 Steve Dettre Northern Falcons
7 Richard Wilson Canberra & Sth Coast
8 Jonty Brener Northern Falcons
9 Antonio Credentino Sydney TFC
10 Louis Dettre Northern Falcons
11 Johnny Ball Northern Falcons
12 Billy Koutzas Sydney TFC

Tuesday, 2 May 2023

Daniel Polsinelli winner in Saint-Symphorien

We are pleased to receive news from the club of Saint-Symphorien-sur-Coise (France). The club held for the first time this season a tournament with the WASPA status. There was a great field of 21 players including visitors of "Alsace SC" and "Subbuteo Côte d'Azur". There were also some players coming back to the game after a long hyatus

Local legend of the host club Daniel polsinelli took the honors after defeating Hervé Rakowski who was using Toccer figures.

See more about the club on Facebook here:

Sunday, 30 April 2023

Ferran Coll winner in Barcelona

This Sunday the fourth stage of the "Circuit Català" took place in Barcelona.

Ferran Coll won this time while Vicenç Prats was out in the semi-final after losing against Alex Araujo. The other semi-finalist was José Luís Márquez.

24 players were taking part. Joan Flores won the consolation tournament against Carles Puertas.

Saturday, 22 April 2023

Marco de Bruin winner in Mechelen

Bob Green, Marco de Bruin and Aaron Skinner

Congratulations to Holland's Marco de Bruin for winning this Saturday's WASPA competition at the FISTF Golden Grand Prix of Mechelen, in the North of Belgium. The SC Flanders club had an amazing tournament in the venue of KV Mechelen. The consolation event was played under WASPA banner with 27 players taking part in Swiss ladder.

legendary football player Piet den Boer gave the kick-off of the tournament

Marco de Bruin was the only player to win his four games. Three players finished the event with 10 points. Australia's Robert Green was runner-up, England's Aaron Skinner was thrid and Belgium's Frank Lannoy was fourth.

Huge thanks to the organizers for an amazing tournament!