Monday, 22 May 2017

Bernard Lim wins in Jurong Central

The Jurong Central Subbuteo Club had its fifth session of its league on 5th May 17. The session took its usual form of an individual WASPA tournament. League leaders Rudy (aka Encik Rudy) and Anas Bin Rahamat suffered relatively early exits in the knockout stages with club veteran, Michael Choong claiming tight wins over both, en route to the final. Visiting SG Lions Table Football Club player, Bernard Lim was the other finalist, enduring a close semi-final win against the club’s people’s champion, Fauzi Ghani, winning on a golden goal.

In the final, after a goalless match, Bernard claimed the overall title with a 1-0 sudden death shots victory. Rudy won the Plates title against Vikas. Mohamed Rizal Taib won the Bowl title with a sudden death shots victory against junior, Mohamed Bolkiah.

The next league session will be held at the end of this month, on Thursday, 25 May 2017. All are invited to join in!

Friday, 19 May 2017

Elliott came back and he does it in style

Rudi and Elliott (picture from the archives)
Pretty much this would have been the only title to write after Round 6 of the Harrow League if it wasn't for another two episodes.
Firstly, Neil ended second on the night taking vital points from Rudi and helping Elliott (as if he needed any help) in his run to engrave his name on the cup twice in a row, and secondly the debut of two new players at Harrow, Zoran Higgins, back to flick after long time, and 11 years old Nigel Spiteri, a little Maltese boy, which was looking forward to play Rudi once again (after Chingford couple of weeks ago), so he could finally get a win on the night, unfortunately for him the 4 Round Swiss System used as format for the night, didn't allow the clash to happen (thanks heaven for that).
Anyway, let's start from the beginning, the title says it all, Elliott hasn't showed up for the fifth round but he had very little to lose that just by cruising to the victory in round 6, which gave him yes the WASPA win for the night but also most likely ended Rudi's chase for glory (I won't give up).
The Royal's player won all his 4 matches, not without sweating, and secured himself extra 15 points for the league table (70 in total), after winning rather easily the first round against a rusty Zoran (couldn't draw a worst player for his come back), in the second session walked over Victor (4-0), and managed to score a vital goal to win 2-1 vs Panos, 30 seconds from the end in session 3, with Rudi was basically a final where he could have been happy with a draw, but I don't think he has that word in his vocabulary, and with a classic 2-0 win, after a very tight first half (0-0), he just completed the opera.
Second in the night a surprising Neil, he's getting better by the minute, yes, the 3 Bye points proved to be quite handful in the end but still, he won vs Zoran (1-0), beat the Maltese whizkid (1-0) and lost to Rudi only 2-0 when both lucky goals were scored in the first half, so, credit to the guy for improving his game.
3rd on the night Rudi, a late equaliser from Panos with 40 seconds left on the clock might have cost him the second spot on the night and some extra vital points, but managed to win 2-1 vs Victor with a goal from a corner when there were 24 seconds left to play in the first half with Victor very sportingly taking his blocks quite quick to allow him to play before the end of the half, so, can't really moan about Panos's late goal against him.
The last round as we said was against Elliott an she only had one result to play for, didn't go his way.
A good 4th place on the night for Zoran's return, hopefully we'll see more of him in the future, whilst Panos (5th) and Victor (6th) just weren't in their best night.
Decent effort from little Nigel, watch out for this boy, we'll hear a lot about him in few years time but at the moment he has a more important match to win and we all wish him the very best of luck.
Anyway, Elliott as said is crushing to Title number two but hopefully will have to sweat a bit more for it.

Result and table to follow and see you all next month for round 7.

Session 1
Panos Stemitsiotis v Bye 3-0
Neil Doherty v Rudi Peters 0-2
Nigel Spiteri v Victor Jones 0-3
Zoran Higgins v Elliott Bellefontaine 0-2

Session 2
Panos v Rudi 1-1
Victor v Elliott 0-4
Neil v Bye 3-0
Nigel v Zoran 0-2

Session 3
Elliot v Panos 2-1
Rudi v Victor 2-1
Nigel v Bye 3-0
Neil v Zoran 1-0

Session 4
Elliott v Rudi 2-0
Panos v Victor 0-0
Neil v Nigel 1-0
Zoran v Bye 3-0

Final standings
Elliott 12 pts (15 LP)
Neil 9 pts (12 LP)
Rudi 7 pts (10 LP)
Zoran 6 pts (9 LP)
Panos 5 pts (8 LP)
Victor 4 pts (7 LP)
Nigel 3 pts

The league table sees only Rudi loosing 9 points as he played 6 rounds but only 5 do count for the table, Panos could still take the runner up seat off him, as the tittle looks well strong on Elliott's hands and watch out for Neil too
Elliott 70 pts
Rudi 56 (6)
Panos 53
Neil 44
Victor 39
Marco 36
Paolo 27
Kevin 26
Paul Odr 12
Lee 9
Zoran 9
Martin B 7
John 4

See you all soon folks!

(Report by Rudi Peterschinigg)

Thursday, 18 May 2017

TFAS League 2017 Match Day 4

Eight players attended the fourth matchday of the TFAS League 2017, including first-time appearances from the young Lim brothers, namely Isaac and Luke.

A Swiss format of 4 rounds was played, and Anas emerged victorious with his third win in this League. Rudy came in at a close second, and Rizal Taib came in third with a brilliant result.

Herman Kruse does it again in Sydney

Well done to Herman Kruse taking the Sydney TFC May 2017 WASPA tournament defeating Fabrizio Coco in the Grand Final on penalties shout out, 1-1 regular time, 1-0 on penalties.

Tony Credentino and Raffaele Lombardi reached the semi-final.

Congratulations to all!

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Richard Stock wins London Road SC tournament

London Road Subbuteo Club had another day of Subbuteo on Sunday. The tournament attracted 6 players competing in a league so that everyone had 5 games. Richard Stock managed to win the tournament, his first win in a LRSC event, while Brian Daley took the second place. Cayne Matthews took the third place and Yani Kelly was 4th. Ruby Matthews and Dave Kelly were also taking part. "We had lots of help from Brian Daley and Richard Stock, their help with training our youth players is amazing", reported local organizer Cayne Matthews.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Next event in Pretoria, South Africa

A good turnout in Templeuve

Last Friday 12 players met to attend the monthly Templeuve tournament in Belgium. There were some close games but in the end, nothing could prevent Geoffrey Marain to win once again. Marain finished on the of the Swiss system with 10 points after a draw versus Michaël Dupret (3-3). Vincent Coppenolle and Corentin Boltz finished the evening with 9 points. Organizers were also glad to see a new junior player taking part. Well done!

Final standings:
1. Geoffrey Marain (Flickers Milano)
2. Vincent Coppenolle (Templeuve)
3. Corentin Boltz (SC Eugies)
4. Michaël Dupret (MT TOurnai)
5. Eric Caillaux (France/Templeuve)
6. Franck Santer (France/Templeuve)
7. Matthias Averlant (Templeuve)
8. André Boltz (SC Eugies)
9. Benjamin Marain (SC Warcoing Ducks)
10. Alain Flament (SCAF Quévy)
11. Olivier Bodelle (France/Templeuve)
12. Théo Agache (Templeuve)

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Jean Grosdent wins in Vresse

Young players in action
Last Sunday the club of SC Semois was hosting a WASPA tournament with 8 players. Besides the 4 local players, there were 4 representatives of Wamme SC. The group stage consisted in two groups and later, Jean Grosdent (Wamme) and Pascal Droeven (Semois) won their semi-finals against Patrick Vanderlinden and Renaud Parisel. The final was close but in the end, Jean Grosdent defeated local organizer pascal Droeven (2-0) to claim the trophy. Congratulations for another great day in the South of Belgium!

Friday, 12 May 2017

Number 3 for Eugene Plytas

A good field of 12 players with a lot of new entries competed in the 7th Greek Old Subbuteo WASPA tournament organized by Flaming Flickers on Sunday, May 7. It was a lovely subbuteo morning with a surprising final. Vaggelis Scotiniotis, in his first WASPA appearance, managed to defeat Serafim Koulosousas in the semi-final. Eugenios Plytas won the final to claim his 3rd title in 7 tournaments. Plytas and Koulosousas are on top of the local old rules circuit with 3 wins for each of them. The next tournament will take place on June 11.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

69 for Geoffrey Marain

Top 3: Ceulemans-marain-Lannoy
The SC Flanders players had another good evening on Monday as 10 players attended the monthly tournament held in the premises of Hofstade-Zemst. There was a newcomer, Kyriacos Ktenas, who is basically from Cyprus but lives in Brussels for many years and has plans to start a new club called "Bruxelles-Capitale SC". In the end of the evening, Geoffrey Marain proved to be on fire as he won his four games to take his 69th WASPA title. Jos Ceulemans and Frank Lannoy, who both lost to Marain, finish on the podium with 9 points.

The players (Bart Van de Vliet was gone)
The final standings:
1. Geoffrey Marain (Flickers Milano) - 12 points
2. Jos Ceulemans (London & Essex) - 9
3. Frank Lannoy (SC Temploux) - 9
4. Bart Van de Vliet (SC Flanders) - 6
5. Geert Leys (London & Essex) - 6
6. David Wouters (SC Flanders) - 6
7. Vincent Coppenolle (Templeuve) - 6
8. Willy De Bandt (SC Flanders) - 3
9. Kyriakos Ktenas (Bruxelles Capitale TFC) - 1
10. Filip Van Hulle (SC Flanders) – 1

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Mark Mc Crossan takes the Beltane Cup

The Beltane Cup took place on Monday in Derry and was already Derry City TFC's 7th WASPA tournamenty. Once again, there was a very good turnout of 10 players and in the end, Mark Mc Crossan emerged victorious for the first time, in his fourth WASPA cup final appearance, beating Craig Stewart 2-0 on shots following a tense 1-1 draw. Congratulations to Mark and to DCTFC.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Luis Mendez wins in Gibraltar

Luis Mendez, winner of the tournament

Lawrence Alvarez was runner-up
There was a WASPA tournament this week-end in Gibraltar during the FISTF grand Prix organized by the local association. In the final, Luis Felipe Mendez from Spain defeated local player Lawrence Alvarez (3-1) while last year's winner William Dotto lost in the semi-final against Mendez. Thanks to John Field and the Gibraltar players for their support and showing interest for the WASPA circuit!

Successful Flicko De Mayo 2017

Peter Alegi, right on the picture, won the individual tournament 

Ilias Gikas was runner-up
The sixth annual Flicko De Mayo tournament showed once again why Subbuteo table soccer is a game like no other. Lots of high quality play, spectacular goals, and close matches made for an exciting and fun WASPA event in Grand Rapids.

The round-robin format ensured plenty of matches for everyone, including our friends who made the long journey from Chicago: Ilias Gikas, Chris Sweetland, and Tim Tumminaro.

Team victory for Grand Rapids
The top three finishers were decided only after the 7th and final round. Peter Alegi edged out Ilias Gikas 2-1 to win the championship. Tim Tumminaro defeated Chris Sweetland 3-2 to take third place thanks to the 1-1 draw between Paul Pate and Alex Galarza. Joe Legatz showed continued improvement in his first year of competitive play, scoring some fine goals against far more experienced players.

Special mention must be made of the mesmerizing match between Ilias and Tim. In this goal fest Tim drew level at 5-5 with 30 seconds left, but Ilias miraculously scored the winner with time running out: 6-5!

The 2017 Great Lakes Team Cup Challenge capped a wonderful day of action. Grand Rapids won the trophy on goal difference with these scores: Peter-Ilias 3-0, Alex-Tim 0-1, Paul-Chris 0-0.  Thanks to everyone, including our hosts at Big Kidz Games, for a really good time!

(Report from


Gikas Galarza 4-1
Tumminaro-Pate 1-0
Legatz-Alegi 0-4

Sweetland-Gikas 1-7
Pate-Legatz 4-1
Galarza-Alegi 0-6

Gikas-Legatz 8-0
Galarza-Tumminaro 1-0
Sweetland-Alegi 0-5

Gikas-Tumminaro 6-5
Alegi-Pate 4-1
Sweetland-Legatz 2-0

Gikas-Pate 2-0
Galarza-Sweetland 0-0
Legatz-Tumminaro 1-3

Pate-Sweetland 2-1
Galarza-Legatz 1-0
Alegi-Tumminaro 6-1

Alegi-Gikas 2-1
Pate-Galarza 1-1
Sweetland-Tumminaro 2-3


Peter Alegi 18 points (27 GF 3 GA)
Ilias Gikas 15 points (28-9)
Tim Tumminaro 9 (13-16)
Alex Galarza 8 (4-11)
Paul Pate 7 (8-10)
Chris Sweetland 4 (6-17)
Joe Legatz 0 (1-16)

Monday, 8 May 2017

Marco Zucchi wins in Austria

In the last week-end of April, the famous "Baumfalkencup" was played in Austria and some players decided to play a consolation tournament under WASPA banner. Marco Zucchi from Czech Republic defeated Austria's Alfred Strommer in the final. Gabor Baross (Hungary) and Andreas Jung sr (Germany) reached the semi-finals.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Marcos Kalopsidiotis wins local derby

On May 1 Cyprus had another tournament in the premises of Famagusta TFC. Marcos Kalopsidiotis defeated Georgios Zangylos in the final. Rafael Eleftheriou and Stephanos Eleftheriou were the semi-finalists. The turnout was poor this time but local organizers hope to attract more players for their forthcoming events. Players from Greece and from Italy are likely to pay some visits to the Limassol players.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

The Europa League for Alekos Apatzis

In the last days of April the Flaming Flickers organized a tournament played with the theme of the Europa League. 16 players were taking part and were divided in four groups with home and away games. After the first round, the quarter-finals and semi-finals were also played in home and away games. In the big final, Alekos Apatzis defeated Panos Panagiotides (2-1) to claim the trophy. Nikolaos Liakopoulos and Dionisis Roumantzas were the semi-finalists. COngratulations to the very dynamic club of Flaming FLickers for another great tournament.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Farrell Wins Seaview Open

The final - Farrell vs Beggs
Belfast Sun 30th Apr 2017
Dublin's Mark Farrell won Northern Ireland's 7th WASPA event of the season, beating Kenny Beggs 1-0 in the final. Barry Spence beat Ian Greer in the 3rd Place Play-off and Brendan Rodgers from Donegal won the Plate, with a shootout victory over Mark McCrossan. Results

3rd place play-offs between Spence and Greer
Mark Farrell
Thanks to Craig Stewart for organising the venue at Seaview Football Stadium, home of Crusaders Football Club. Thanks also to the members of Derry City Table Football Club, who travelled to their first 'away' event and helped make it such a successful day.

Original link:

Thanks to Kenny Beggs for the report!

Third trophy for Serafim Koulosousas

Serafim Koulosousas and Eugene Plytas
Last Sunday 12 players from different clubs attended the 6th Greek Old Subbuteo WASPA tournament in Kallithea. The "usual suspects" Koulosousas and Plytas made it to the final where Koulosousas won his 3rd trophy. Eugene Plytas had formerly won 2 of the first 6 tournaments. Congratulations to Alekos Apatzis and Leonidas Koutromanos who managed to reach the semi-finals.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Monthly WASPA report of April 2017

Dear Subbuteo players and fans, the WASPA standing of April 2017 are out! It was another great month with a total of 38 tournaments (34 regional, 2 with old rules, 1 promotional event, 1 with advanced rules) and we also had 4 'test match series'. You can imagine it took a lot of times to compile these results.

Excel file:
Golden book:

Action in Yokohama, Japan
There were some highlights like every month:
- the Japanese clubs of Sakuragicho and Yamato held their first WASPA events and the future looks bright for the circuit in Japan;
- the Belgian club of Wamme also joined the circuit with some exciting events with 6 and 12 players;
- the Pretoria Flickers in South Africa held their first promotional tournament (also the first in the country);
- the Glasgow FISTF grand Prix had a consolation tournament under WASPA banner with former FISTF president David Baxter as winner;
- Northern Ireland had 2 great tournaments with 10 players in Derry and Belfast;
- Singapore had another great month with 3 successful events;
- England and Australia remain very active nations in the circuit with many events;
- we were happy to see action in Helsinki, Finland after a long absence;
- our Italian friends from Trieste held another tournament and we had the first winner from... Slovenia!

Young players in Cyprus
The 'WASPA test match series' seem to be a great idea. We even had games in Thailand (!) this month during Hugh Best's visit in Koh Samui. The Australian player had a chance to play against Belgium's David Ruelle.

We have now a total of 1639 players from 47 countries in the ranking.

New active club in Belgium, welcome Wamme SC
Just as a reminder, we are always trying to improve the WASPA circuit. To make it happen, we need your input. Here is a survey with several questions. It will only take uou 2 minutes to answer the questions. Be aware that your input is very important. Please also send the link to your club members and fellow Subbuteo friends. The direct link is

You will find in the attached Excel file the different rankings and the main statistics.

Test match series in South Africa
There are 5 main rankings. We are trying to find ideas to boost the interest for the ranking of clubs. Any idea is welcome.

Please remember you only need 3 players to register your tournament. Don't be scared to join. It's free and tournament requests can be sent by e-mail to

Keep an eye on the WASPA blog at as there are updates almost every day.
The FISTF website can be found here:

Youth in action in Parramatta, Australia
WASPA is also looking for partners. If you know any company ready to support us (we don’t ask for money but we want some win-win agreements so that we can promote each other), don't hesitate to contact me at

Ideas to develop the WASPA circuit or to make things more attractive are always welcome. We stay at your disposal for more info.

Yours sincerely,
Vincent Coppenolle (

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Latest results from Staffordshire

Home advantage counted for nothing when the finals of the County Championships, Staffordshire Cup and Mercian Cups were held in Burton-on-Trent last night. In the Mercian Cup final (first held in 1975) Tony Machin discovered big match nerves when he couldn't hold on to a 1-0 lead, and Wolverhampton's Justin Scott scored two second half goals to win his first trophy after decades of being a beaten finalist. In the final of the Staffordshire Cup, played across the season, and this year with an improved entry of 32, Justin faced perennial finalist Mike Bradbury, who used his experience to good effect. Goal-less at the break, Bradbury scored soon after, and although Scott pushed for an equaliser, Bradbury broke away and scored a second on the counter-attack. Scott had mentally conceded defeat by the time Bradbury added a late third to win his 18th Staffordshire Cup. The third high powered game of the night saw Tony Machin take on Bradbury in the hope that his nerves could be put to bed. However, Bradbury raised his game again, and powered his way to a 4-0 victory with his best performance of the year. There were some amusing incidents in all three games, when more than once, fast moves ending in shots on the run resulted in the ball being 'saved' by the unheld prone goalkeeper. And so, after the most intense night of top class Subbuteo, the results were-

bradbury vs Scott
County championships final (32 entries).
Mike Bradbury 4-0 Tony Machin

Scott vs Bradbury
the 48th Staffordshire Cup final (32 entries and first played in 1969)
Mike Bradbury 3-0 Justin Scott.

Scott vs Machin
Mercian Cup final (16 entries)
Justin Scott 2-1 Tony Machin.

(Report by Mike Bradbury)

McNulty takes our Perth title

A Europa league style tournament was held up in the hills of Perth on April 8th. 6 players took part on what would be by far the closest tournament we have hosted in our 2yr plus existence. After we all played each other twice in the league the table finished like this to determine who would play who in the final knock out games.


P W D L F A Pts

1:Alan Kimber 10 8 1 1 30 5 25
2:Ross Mcnulty 10 6 3 1 18 6 21
3:Hugh Best 10 2 5 3 5 8 11
4:John Harty 10 2 4 4 6 13 10
5:Chris Thorn 10 2 4 4 9 19 10
6:Ron Byrne 10 0 3 7 6 23 3


Game 1:

1 Hugh Best*
0 Ron Byrne

Hugh Best took on Ron Byrne in a game that had lots of twists and theres no doubt these two boys are improving rapidly, the game started with Best on the front foot as he pressured Bryne with some nice controlled passing with his new Pink Tcha Palermo team. Byrne began to begin attacks and he was also sporting a new set as he had brought Best's Celtic team of Tcha's that morning. In a see saw game of cat and mouse but ultimately in the 2nd half Best pieced together a fine batch of passes which culminated in a fine strike just inside the right hand side of the attacking area. Byrne rallied but could not break down the Australian native who closed the game out and reach his first Semi Final at Subbuteo Perth, Well done Hugh and terrific effort by Ron.

Game 2:

1 John Harty
1 Chris Thorn* (Thorn wins 2-1 on pens)

Again the 2 original founders faced off in what would become a real contest of poise and nerve, Thorn started off well and and sprayed the ball around nicely without getting the ball in the area as Harty held a sound defensive line, Harty was pretty much breaking down the flanks as thats normally very much a trait of Thorn's but midway through the 1st half it was Harty that struck with well worked 1, 2, 3, 4 touch between two players to work the ball into the danger Area, he struck a menacing effort that deflected off the hapless keeper. Into the 2nd half Thorn just soldiered on as per usual and kept playing his game of patience and a goal will come and low and behold he got the break through midway through with a low shot that went in off the woodwork. So thats how it stayed and the game went into extra time, again the sides could not separated and Thorn held his nerve to advance to the Semi Finals with a 2-1 win in shoot out.

Semi Final 1:

1 Chris Thorn
2 Alan Kimber* (wins in extra time)

Another game between these two rivals began in cagey style with both players reluctant to throw caution but in typical style Kimber scored one of his trade mark chips shots from nowhere and suddenly the game took off, Thorn kept patient and continued to probe away at Kimber's defence but it held off until halftime. Into the second half it was Thorn who struck back in emphatic style with a well worked goal of quality as the ball nestled into th onion bag with Kimber helpless to prevent it, Kimber countered and went close on a few occasions but this game headed into extra time and midway through the first half Kimber broke on the right and delivered an inch perfect pass into the shooting area which was finished off with a smart chip that stunned Thorn, again Thorn tried in vein but could not get the equalizer he craved, another cracker of a match with little between the two players.

Semi Final 2:

2 Ross Mcnulty* (Wins 2-1 pens)
2 Hugh Best

Another titanic game for the rapidly improving Best who is getting closer and closer with every passing month to beating Mcnulty. The game began with a very organised looking Best and he quickly got into his stride and within 4mins was 1 up after catching out Mcnulty with a fantastically well organised break out from his midfield, using 2 players he patiently bypassed Mcnulty's defence which was all at sea and dispatched an unstoppable shot that had Mcnulty immediately shaking his hand and applauding the goal. Not long after the restart Best was at it again, this time another well worked move wound up with him in dreamland after another fine strike leaving Mcnulty with a mountain to climb. With 7mins of the half remaining Mcnulty began to up the anti with attack after attack and with a minute to go he put a low shot into the bottom corner to give himself hope of a comeback against the rampant Australian. In the second half Mcnulty went looking for that vital equalizer but found the Best rear guard and his keeper in fine form, Best himself had a few ventures out of his defence in a game that was fast becoming quite stretched. With 4mins to go Mcnulty netted an equalizer as the pressure finally told and another low shot with power beat Best's Drago keeper to send the second Semi Final into extra time. Again it was very much tit for tat in extra time with both both players cautious not to pour forward and we headed into another penalty shootout, Mcnulty just about did enough and put 2 pens away to Best's 1 and another final was secured. Hugh can be proud of his efforts as Ross really did dodge a bullet on this one and almost felt guilty at going through such was the closeness of the match up.

3rd & 4th Play Off:

0 Chris thorn* (wins 2-1 on pens)
0 Hugh Best

Another tight game with nothing to call between the two, plenty of chances came and went but ultimately after 30mins neither side could deliver the winner and it headed into extra time. Again nobody wanted to commit and it was very much a case of defences on top and for 4th time in these finals a penalty shoot out beckoned. Best summoned up all his passionate efforts as he closed his eyes and looked up to the sky and Thorn just had his usual ice cool appearance looking on but cometh the moment cometh the ice man and it was Thorn who put away 2 of his goals and although Best came very close, it was the Veteran player who once played Subbuteo creator Peter Adolf in Southern England in the 1950's that ultimately claimed bragging rights to finish 3rd.


1 Ross Mcnulty*
0 Alan Kimber

Another final between arguably Perths two top players began yet again and as per usual it was another tight game with very few cast iron clear cut chances, after 5mins Kimber had Mcnulty in panic mode as he missed a defensive flick that allowed a shot in the shooting area and a gap had appeared for a shot from one of his players in central defence, one quick flick and the ball squirmed wide with Mcnulty breathing a huge sigh of relief. Mcnulty countered back and as the 1st half drew to a close he went close with a well worked move that ended in a shot just flying narrowly over the bar. The second half pretty much mirrored the 1st in a very open affair and after some neat interplay Mcnulty took the the lead after catching Kimbers defence pushing up a little to far and a shot arrowed into the top left corner to stun him. Straight after the restart Mcnulty decided to park the bus and just break with minimal players and Kimber began to pick a few holes and twice had another 2 shots from long distance but sadly one looped over the bar and another was saved by Mcnulty. A few breaks from Mcnulty went close as Kimber made 2 great saves and the favour was returned as Mcnulty then himself had to make 2 smart saves to keep his lead and subsequently he did as Kimber admitted on his last long distance shot 2 mins from time ' its just not gonna happen '. And thats how the game ended with Mcnulty jubilant but also absolutely shattered after a draining day of pure Subbuteo.

Final Standings:
1st:Ross Mcnulty
2nd:Alan kimber
3rd:Chris Thorn
4th:Hugh Best
5th:Ron Byrne
6th:John Harty

Again there was little to choose and the whole tournament was full of extremely close games and a special mention must go to Hugh Best & Ron Byrne who have improved so dramatically in the last month or two, really looking forward to many more tournaments like this in the future, its this closeness in competition that makes it so special and ultimately is what every club strives for. Thanks again lads and see you all on the 21st May for our next meeting.

(Report by Ross Mcnulty)

Another win for Brian Daley in Wales

London Road Subbuteo Club held their 6th WASPA Event in North Wales on 30-4-2017. Seven players entered and played in a league format. The event was played on two new tables with EW pitches and goals supplied by Bespoke Subbuteo Table Tops. Brian Daley continued his winning run but was pushed close by Richard Stock and Martin Blanchard. Richard took 2nd spot after the game of the tournament with Martin. Martin took the lead 2-1 with 30 seconds left, 15 seconds to go from restart Richard went up the pitch and scored. The two youngsters in the event Ruby and Yani both played well and enjoyed playing on bases supplied by Tchaaa4 for youth developement. Everyone enjoyed the day of Subbuteo.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Zunino wins test match

There was Subbuteo action in Avondale, Pennsylvania on Saturday and the two involved players dedided to play "test match series" and to send it to FISTF. it was an interstate game between Pennsylvania (Andrew Zunino) and Virginia (Bryan Arnold). Andrew won the series (2-1) but more importantly, it was a great moment of sport between two fair players. Well done to both players!

Davorin Korosec wins in Trieste

The 2nd Trieste Cup played under WASPA banner was held last Friday, April 28. It was another great evening of Subbuteo and this time Davorin Korosec defeated Furio Segnani in the sudden death of the final. the decisive goal was amazing, the ball reflected on Davorin's goalkeeper to the opponent's side and Davorin managed to score on the rolling ball. The consolation final was a bit surprising between Giorgio and Diego Giorgio. Diego won the family derby by a single goal (1-0).