Sunday, 10 December 2017

Kai Hagenkötter wins Weihnachtscup tournament

Three months ago the newest Subbuteo club of Germany was created and TV Germania Kaiserau already hosted their first WASPA tournament. On December, 10th twelve players from three different clubs took part of the 1. Weihnachtscup of TV Germania Kaiserau in Kamen at Bürgerhaus Methler with Victoria Büsing as competition manager. Congratulation to Kai Hagenkötter from Dortmund, now playing for the italian club of Catania, for a very well performance with a clean sheet and thanks to all friends from the clubs of Berlin and Schwalbach for their participation and friendship.

Marcel Schulz - Victoria Büsing 3:2
Leif Banscherus - Kai Hagenkötter 0:3

Marcel Schulz - Kai Hagenkötter 0:5

Final standings:
1. Kai Hagenkötter (SC Catania)
2. Marcel Schulz (TVG Kaiserau)
3. Leif Banscherus (TVG Kaiserau)
4. Victoria Büsing (TVG Kaiserau)
5. Thossa Büsing (TVG Kaiserau)
6. Klaus Fritz (Sparta Spreeathen 74/82)
7. Yannik Matusch (TVG Kaiserau)
8. Ralf Popp (TVG Kaiserau)
9. Felix Herrmannsdörfer (TVG Kaiserau)
10. Daniela Grünberg (BSC Schwalbach)
11. Kim Bradke (TVG Kaiserau)
12. Manuel Politz (TVG Kaiserau)

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Eastern Bloc Dictator Fulfils His Iron Curtain Dream

Lakeside Cup, the inaugural WASPA tournament at Lakeside Futsal in Albert Park, Melbourne, was hosted by MTFC on the 9th of December 2017. A total of 10 players entered the tournament on neutral territory, for what is seen now as the central hub for Melbourne Subbuteo. For what it went down as a little bit chaotic where players had to mind junior futsal players coming in and out through the futsal courts and couldn’t help themselves have a go at the game on a spare table. Luke couldn’t enjoy his souvlaki peacefully as there would be a handful of curious rogue junior onlookers who were more interested touching the expensive personal gear rather than experimenting with the beginners sets. The tzatziki sauce had eventually run down to the bottom of the souvlaki roll and it just became an awkward soggy mess and the chips had gone cold.

But nonetheless the group stages had finally been completed after the lunch break where both Luke and Paul had claimed all 4 wins and faced Christos and Simon respectively in the semi’s. Those who did not make the top 2 in the group of 5 were placed in the placing finals where they play their opponent who achieved the same position as them in the group stage. Both fixtures between Anthony and Kevin, Arjuna and Juan had ended in 0-0 draws and went to penalties.

Anthony and Arjuna came out victorious finishing on 5th and 7th place.  The two brothers of Alex and Harrison faced each other for 9th place where Harrison came out as the victor with a 3-0 result.

The semi-finals were extremely tight and heated contests. Paul defeated Simon 2-1 while Luke defeated Christos 1-0. Luke had considered himself lucky as he managed to make 4 crucial reflex saves against Christos and cruelly went 1-0 up late on in the second half on the counter while still maintaining his clean sheet since the group stage.

The final was end to end action between Luke and Paul, both missing clear cut chances and having their shots saved after saved. The decider had also ended in a 1-0 margin late in the second half as well, but it took something special to break through Paul’s stubborn defensive line, with a 1-2 touching run down the middle of the defensive wall through the tiniest of gaps and a high risk in a possession turnover. Luke would consider himself lucky as everything seemed coming up Milhouse for him on the day.

The Melbourne Dictator of the East had won the Lakeside Cup without conceding a single goal and will temporarily rule the city with a tiny iron fist until the Asian Cup where he will be inevitably belted and be brought down back to reality.

In the meantime, the search for an un-interrupted souvlaki meal session continues…

The final standings:
1 Luke Radziminski
2 Paul Mercer
3 Christos Garagounis
4 Simon Briffa
5 Anthony Madiona
6 Kevin Grant
7 Arjuna Hanafi
8 Juan Menendes
9 Harrison Briffa
10 Alex Briffa

Thursday, 7 December 2017

WASPA report of November 2017

Dear all, here are the standings of the WASPA circuit. We are glad to say that November was a really fantastic month. We added 34 regional tournaments in the records (the Perth tournament results will be added next month), 3 promotional events, 1 tournament with the old rules, 1 test-match, 3 stages of the NETFA mini-leagues and a special tournament with teams of 2 players in Greece.

Gareth Christie from Scotland visited the Maryland players
The rankings are updated with a total of 1576 players from 48 different nations. The general trend is that we have a bit less different players in the records but we are glad to see many clubs and players are very active with regular presence in events.

Australia had a record number of 10 tournaments this month (!) and we were glad to see the first tournament organized by the clubs of Canberra (Australia) and Hudson (Argentina).

Budapest players had the visit from Pasquale Carrassi and they have great plans for next summer
It was also good to see tournaments in Finland and Hungary for the first time this season as well as two great events in the US and we hope many nations and clubs will be back in the circuit soon.

More importantly, we have some awesome news as our friends from Hungary have offered to organize the very first "Amateur Subbuteo Table Football World Cup" in Budapest on June 30 and July 1, 2018. The week-end will be a chance for every player taking part to play a lot of games against many opponents from different countries. There will be two individual tournaments (Saturday and Sunday) so that people who are available only for one day can make it. More details will be available soon from the Budapest players. Stay tuned!

Promotion of the game at the German School in Sydney - Australia
Well, you can find the updated records in the attached two files:
- the season results (PDF);
- the rankings and statistics (Excel).

As for the current situation of FISTF, we are very excited to see elections are being held this week-end in Milano and for the very first time nations are able to make Internet votes. Good luck to the new FISTF Board of Directors.

Northern Phoenix players in Australia
Well, that's all for now. Please remember you only need 3 players to register your tournament. Don't be scared to join. It's free and tournament requests can be sent by e-mail to 

Keep an eye on the WASPA blog at as there are updates almost every day.

Please invite your friends to join our Facebook group at
We also have a WASPA page here:

Keep in mind WASPA is also looking for partners. If you know any company ready to support us (we don’t ask for money but we want some win-win agreements so that we can promote each other), don't hesitate to contact me at

The Flaming Flicker sin greece are one of the most active clubs in the WASPA circuit
We are trying to get 2 sets to send to a school in Senegal in February as students from my area are travelling there to renew a school and offer school furniture. If anyone is able to furnish 2 pitches, four goals and a few balls, that would be awesome (we already have teams ready to be sent).

Ideas to develop the WASPA circuit or to make things more attractive are always welcome. We stay at your disposal for more info.

Yours sincerely,

Vincent Coppenolle

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Northern California is back on the map

A first tournament after a long time was held in Santa Rosa, Northern California last Sunday. Conan Mullen took the honors and finished on top of the table after winning his three games. Pater Vahle was runner-up. It was nice to see the local groupe getting together after some time. the club recently lost one player who moved back to Greece and is hoping to find some new players. The "Northern California Subbuteo Club" are now hoping to get some more opportunities to play in the near future.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Two nice evenings in Rochefort

The club of JSC Rochefort recently organized 2 WASPA events. On November 24 there was a small turnout of 4 players. Arnaud Robillard took the honors after winning a group robin. Maxime Muraille was runner-up while Olivier Saffer was 3rd and Rémy Honet was 4th. On December 8 there was a nice group of 8 players and among them it was nice to see Lionel Mouton and former FISTF world champion Jessica Hardenne back in action. Nathan Dizier defeated Arnaud Robillard in the final while Didier Stévenot won the game for the third place against Olivier Saffer. Congratulations to JSC Rochefort for being an active club also at local level.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Chris Thomas wins in Cardiff

Cardiff Bluebirds had a great tournament on Saturday with a fantastic field of 10 players. It was great to see some old faces back in action. Tony McCann, Chris Thomas and Nicky Chappell made a long trip to play and Adrian White was back in action after a long break. In the end Chris Thomas defeated Phil Dacey in the final while Dave Lauder and Dave Samuel reached the semis. Gareth Thomas won the plate final against Tony McCann. Thanks to John Lauder for a great tournament and to Wolfs Castle for being a great venue.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Alekos Apatzis wins Argentina 1978

16 players revived the Mundial "Argentina 1978" using lightweight subbuteo equipment and old rules. The exact groups and format of the competition were followed and the players brought back to action the original national subbuteo teams and tango balls. Even the secret message of the black bands on the goalposts was recreated (read the real story here). It was a great tournament and the winner was "Argentina" of Alekos Apatzis who won the final against "Hungary" of Giorgos Pitihoutis after the penalty shootout.

(Report by Panos Panagiotides)

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Two small events in Budapest

Károly Szathmáry, Pasquale Carrassi, András Naszádi, László Csibor, Gábor Baross, Zoltán Baross
Pasquale Carrassi's stay in Budapest gave him the chance to play several times against local players. After the test-match of last week against Gábor Baross, two small tournaments were held during the week. On Tuesday, László Csibor ginished on top of a group of Zóltan Baross was runner-up and Pasquale took the 4th place. The other small event had a field of 4 players. Pasquale Carrassi shared the honors with László Csibor, both players finishing with 7 points and the exact same goal-difference. More importantly it was great to see an italian player making new friends in Hungary.

Friday, 1 December 2017

A first trophy for Steve George

During the recent FISTF Satellite in Harrow (England), the plate event was also a WASPA tournament. 8 English players from different clubs were involved and Steve George defeated Terry Arnold in the final to claim the title. Kevin Cordell and Neil Doherty reached the semi-finals. Congratulations to all and thanks to Rudi Peterschinigg for organizing a great day of Subbuteo table football.

Picture: Rudi congratulates Steve.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Richard Stock does it again

London Road Subbuteo Club held a WASPA regional event called the "Parrot Cup" on 26th November. A good turn out of twelve players entered, two for the first time. Two groups of six played 5 games and the third place played in Plate Final, Trev Schott beating Dave Kelly 4-0. Richard Stock beat Yani Kelly 1-0 and Brian Daley beat Mark Hopwood 6-0 in the semi's to reach the final. A very close game saw Richard beat Brian D 1-0 to win the event. Great day of Subbuteo in North Wales.

(Report by Cayne Matthews)

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

A first trophy for Nikolaos Mantzouranis

16 players from various clubs attended the Flaming Flickers' 29th WASPA trophy on the 4th of November.

There were groups of four and a knock-out stage.

Nikolaos Mantzouranis, a player of the host club, managed to win the final against Yiorgos Karavas of (Blades). Well done.

Daniel Cranston wins the Old Bay Cup

Old Bay Cup – WASPA Event
November 4. 2017. Maryland, USA.

Maryland Subbuteo Club (MSC) was delighted to host Gareth Christie from Scotland in early November. In his honor, the club hosted a tournament played using a Swiss Ladder format. Nine player attended on a fun evening in the fabled Shrine. Gareth got to sign “The Wall” as part of the evenings festivities. The semi final rounds saw very tight matches between Christie and Cranston, and Eyes and Deinhart. Cranston and Deinhart prevailed to reach a closely contested final. Cranston secured the title with a 2-1 win in overtime.

(Report by Paul Eyes)

Final standings:
1. Daniel Cranston (Black Rose)
2. Gregg Deinhart (WTSL)
3. Gareth Christie (Dundee United TFC)
3. Paul Eyes (MSC)
5. Matt Steinmuller (MSC)
5. Andrew Zunino (Eastern Pennsylvania Subbuteo Club)
7. Bryan Arnold (NOVA Union Subbuteo Club)
8. Claudio Santos (MSC)
9. Braden Deinhart (WTSL)

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

More events in Belgium

Some news from 3 events held in Belgium in the last few days.

SC Semois had the chance to host their monthly event in the brand new premises of Bohan football club. There was a good turnout of 7 with players from the local club but also from Wamme SC. In the semis, Pascal Droeven had to wait the shots to defeat Renaud Parisel. In the final, Droeven couldn't do anything against Jean Grosdent.

In Templeuve, there was a "promotional event" last Friday. The club gathering didn't let all players compete in the tournament so only games between 4 players counted for the WASPA standing. Matthias Averlant won all his games to win the title and some chocolates while Franck Santer managed to reach the final. It was good also to see Jordan Bonte back in action after a long break.

Finally, in Bande, the Wamme SC players had a small tournament with four players. Jean Grosdent took the honors while brother Luc Grosdent finished as runner-up. The club also had the chance to appear in a story in a free weekly newspaper, brining interest among local population. Three new contacts have been made since the article was out and there might be some new blood in the club soon.

Monday, 27 November 2017

A first test-match in Hungary

This week-end Pasquali Carrassi from Italy (but he lives in Spain) was in Budapest and met local player Gábor Baross to play a WASPA test-match, the first one in Hungary. It was great to see such an international game in Budapest.

Pasquale won the first game (5-2) but Gábor won the next 2 games (6-0 and 5-1) to win the test-match (2-1).

There might be some more action in the country this week in Hungary. Stay tuned.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Subbuteo at the German International School in Sydney

Adrian Elmer scored a credible victory in a small but important tournament staged in conjunction with an exhibition at the German International School in Sydney on November 4.

Adrian opened with an impressive 2-0 win against Steve Dettre, before also beating Hermann 2-0. Herman clipped Steve 1-0 in the remaining match.

The most important part of the day was showing the game to lots of kids and their parents, who were most enthusiastic about the possibilites with the game.

Well done to Adrian, but also to Hermann!

Adrian Elmer v Steve Dettre   2-0
Adrian Elmer v Hermann Kruse  2-0
Hermann Kruse v Steve Dettre   1-0

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Farewell tournament for Giuseppe Tardiota in Brisbane

11th of November, at Woody Point 1pm flick off.
This was the Brisbane Subbuteo Clubs 33rd competition, and sadly the last four our great friend Giuseppe who is moving back to Italy next month. Giuseppe wanted to play with Heavy Weights and the new rules, we couldn't say no. In fact, not only has Giuseppe been dabbling with the dark arts of the Heavy Weights, but so had Andrew R and Shane.

We had five players turn up, heavyweights in hand. It was to be a round robin, with the top 2 going into a final. Gus made the draw, and it turned out well getting Gerry first up, who admits he is a slow starter, and Gus beat Gerry 4-1, Gerry took solace in the fact he got his first goal against Gus (many more will follow). Giuseppe tied 1-1 with his fellow dark arts comrade Shane.

Andrews first game ended in a 3-3 draw with the now warmed up Gerry and Shane played another draw with Gus, 0-0. Giuseppe got his first victory of the day beating Gus 1-0 whilst Andrew went to town on Shane winning 8-1.  Andrew was really enjoying his heavyweights and beat Giuseppe 1-0 whilst Shane managed yet another draw, this time a 1-1 with Gerry.

The last round already had Andrew in the top 2, Gus and Giuseppe were level on points but Gus had a superior goal difference. So Gus just needed to win better then Giuseppe. Giuseppe however drew with Gerry whilst Gus beat Andrew 1-0 to make it an all Sunshine Coast final. Incredibly each player had only lost 1 game at the end of the round robin.

So our first Heavyweight final saw Andrew take the lead, but Gus levelled it. Andrew's dominance with the round bottom players payed off and he took the lead once again. The score didn't change after that, and Andrew won 2-1. It was a special win for Andrew who played exceptional subbuteo, as it was his first ever Brisbane final win.

Another great day, and the end of one era and the start of another, farewell Giuseppe, you will be sadly missed, and welcome our new champion who will be even harder to beat.

Daniel Cranston is Delaware Valley Open Champion

The 2017 Delaware Valley Open took place last Sunday in Avondale, PA with a good turnout of 10 players. The Open champion was Daniel Cranston who defeated Gregg Deinhart 4–0 to capture his third straight Delaware Valley Open Title, his forth Delaware Valley Open title overall. In the semis, Daniel Cranston defeated Andrew Giffen 3–2 in overtime while Gregg Deinhart defeated Paul Eyes 2–1 in a shoot-out when Gregg scored on his first three shots in the shoot-out while Paul was only able to score on his first two attempts. The score of the shoot-out was 3–2.

The consolation event, called "Mushroom Cup" saw Bryan Arnold defeating Grant Lilly 2-1 in overtime to win his first Mushroom Cup.

Thanks to Andrew Zunino for hosting the tournament

2017 Delaware Valley Open Champion: Daniel Cranston
2017 Mushroom Cup Champion (Consolation Round): Bryan Arnold

Final Standings:
1.) Daniel Cranston
2.) Gregg Deinhart
3.) Paul Eyes
4.) Andrew Giffen
5.) Andrew Zunino
6.) Adolfo Colindres
7.) Bryan Arnold
8.) Grant Lilly
9.) Doshu Tokeshi
10.) Nicholas Deinhart

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Furio Segnani wins in Trieste

Last Friday, November 17, the 7th Trieste WASPA Cup took place with the participation of 6 players in a group dominated by Furio Segnani with 5 wins. To reach the final, three players were fighting in close games but finally Davorin Korosec managed to be runner-up. In the final, Furio Segnani gave no chance to Davorin to claim the title as he won the tournament on shots. Congratulations!

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Northern Phoenix WASPA No.3

Friday 10th November 2017
Northern Phoenix players
Northern Phoenix Waspa No.3 saw a total of nine competitors fighting it out in the Open division whilst a total of three flickers competed in the junior event. The event also marked the first ever occasion where all three Northern Phoenix members would be simultaneously attending and competing for honours.

Each of the senior competitors where split into one of three groups – with a seeded player (based on current Waspa rankings) being allocated the first entry into each group and the remaining players being drawn randomly thereafter.

After the first round of competition, two of the three seeds made it through to the Premiers Plate whilst the runners up faced off for the Silver Plate. The remaining three flickers from each group fought it out for the Bronze plate.

Benny Ng won the Open tournament
The Premiers plate was to be decided by the winner of the Paul Mercer/Benny Ng clash. The honours went to the later, Benny securing a 2-0 victory and adding another Waspa title to his impressive resume. Kevin Grant’s single win and single draw were enough to secure the Silver plate whilst similar results for Christos Garagounis allowed him to take out the Bronze plate.

In the junior competition, Billy and Charlotte Wright along with Alex Briffa played a round robin format – each player competing in four matches. Alex went through the proceedings undefeated whilst Billy secured second place (on goal difference from Charlotte).

All in all a fun evening of table football for everyone involved.

News from Harrow

Paul Andreas won the latest stage of the Harrow Hawks TSC Championship. Marcho Ghigliotti was runner-up, above Rudi Peterschinigg and Elliott Bellefontaine on goal-difference.

Martin Bellefontaine is 5th, Victor Jones 6th and Neil Doherty 7th.

The club is also pleased to announce the signing of Kevin Cordell. The former London & Essex United player joins the club after a short break from the game.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Number 10 for Bevin Reed

Saturday 18 November 2017, Pretoria, South Africa :
Once again Bevin Reed proved just too strong for a field of 15 entries to capture the 2017 PFC Scudo Campioni event !
Over the 30 scheduled fixtures, we witnessed all the thrills, spills, shock results, counter attack movements, good goalkeeping skills and the achievements of personal milestones that the sport of Subbuteo can provide !
Below are a few notes of mention and highlights stemming from this event :
Ø  The noticeable absence of Chessray Jooste from the event due to pre-arranged commitments elsewhere
Ø  Thanks to debutant Nathanael Thyssen for a new club milestone - a record entry of 15 participants !!!
Ø  Chris Abrahamse recording his first ever win by 1-0 over Imtiaz Ahmed in Match 1 !!!
Ø  Imtiaz Ahmed registering his first ever win by 2-0 over debutant Nathan Thyssen in Match 11 !!!
Ø  Conway Julie confirming his first ever victory over Julian vd Merwe (by 1-0)  - adding more misery to Julian following his poor run at last weekend's Cape Town Open
Ø  The exciting 1-1 Round 3 draw between Bevin Reed and Jayden vd Merwe - considered by many as the defining moment of the event. A match where Jayden took a well deserved lead
Ø  Strangely enough, the first ever matchup between Gary Downs and Julian vd Merwe in Match 17, with Julian taking the honours with a 1-0 win this time around !!!
Ø  The excellent goalkeeping skills of Gary Downs in Match 23 to survive an onslaught from Jayden - frustrating Jayden to a 0-0 draw, with Jayden clinching 2nd place overall !!!
Ø  An impressive 3rd place finish for Conway Julie - undefeated on the day !!!
Ø Chris Abrahamse (playing only his second event) finishing tied 5th overall with Stanton Nortjie - both players posting undefeated runs !!
Ø The official announcement that Gary Downs has now pledged his allegiance to Pretoria Flickers Club - welcome aboard Gary !!!
Ø Thanks to Gary for providing the club with 4 "half-sized" training pitches to help members sharpening up their skills !!!
Ø A personal milestone for Bevin Reed as he registered his 10th WASPA title to date !!!!

only to be caught on a brilliant counter attack movement by Bevin within the final minute of play !!!

As always, a big thank you to all who attended to make the day a great success.

The PFC website & facebook page will be updated shortly with photo's & news content at :

(report by Julian vd Merwe)

Friday, 17 November 2017

Sydney Spring League - Day 1

Ten players on a Monday night contested the first of three linked WASPA events to decide the Sydney Spring League.
In the end, Steve Dettre went through the night winning all six matches, scoring 14 and conceding 1, to take the final against Tony Credentino.
Many thanks to Neil Brener who stepped in at the last minute to ensure an even 10 player tournament.
In group 2, Hermann Kruse got a couple of narrow wins before having a shock against Geoff Sirmain when Geoff opened the scoring.
Adrian Grunbach continued his fine run of form, scoring two beauties against Adrian Elmer, and then comprehensively beat Geoff.
In group 1, Oli Ollnow got up against his perennial rival Jonty Brener 3-0, and then beat Dom 2-1 in a great performance.
In the semis, Steve score a spectacular on-the-run goal against Adrian before closing out a 2-0 win, while Hermann had to default against Tony because he was running out of time: he had to get Oli home on a school night! The responsible parent!
The final started spectacularly, when Steve scored within 30 seconds, then eased his nerves as Tony piled on the pressure in the second half, scoring with a rifling low shot that squeezed in at the far post.
As always, thanks to all players for the good spirit and humour on the night, and to Daniel and Robbie from Good Games for their assistance.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Raul Benita claims first WASPA title

The club of Marina Citerior in Javea (Spain) organized a tournament counting for the "Province of Turia" under WASPA banner. 8 players were taking part and both clubs of Turia and Marina Citerior were fielding four players. In the end experienced player Raul Benita defeated clubmate Fernando Gómez in the final while Pedro Benavent took the third place and Pasquale Carrassi was the other semi-finalist.

Luca Pini wins in Firenze

The second tournament of the Firenze league took part on Monday with a good field of 17 players.

After the group stage, there were many close games to decide the winner. In the end, Luca Pini defeated Emanuele Cattani on shots after the close final (0-0) to claim the victory.

Davide Visani and Simone Faraoni made it to the semi-finals and Riccardo Ferri won the consolation tournament.

Congratulations to the club of Firenze and Marco Bonciani for the great work.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Action in Donegal, Republic of Ireland

"Donegal Subbuteo" had a four player tournament on Friday evening. Cormac played for the first time in 2 years. He first played back in December 2011 as a 10 year old! Anyway there was some great games between Brian, Cormac and Caoimhe. They haven't played a lot lately so there was plenty of goals and action in every game. We played a group format with players playing each other once. Brendan used Heavyweight bases and the other 3 used the more modern bases. The idea of this was to make the tournament more equal for everyone. And as you can see from the final table, Brendan just pipped Caoimhe on goal difference! But great to see the younger ones having so much fun and determination to beat each other in this great game we all love.

Here is the final table:
Brendan Rodgers...3...7...+4
Caoimhe Rodgers...3...7...+2
Cormac Coyle...3...1...-3
Brian McCorkell...3...1...-3

TFAS League 2017 - Match day 9

This month’s League Day was quite a special one, not only because it was the final session to conclude the league, but also because there were special guests from Melbourne! President of the Western Flickers TFC, Benny Ng and his son, Benjamin, also joined in the flicking fun in Sunny Singapore.
Benny’s performance did not disappoint, bagging wins against Asia’s #2, Rudy, and recent Perth Satellite Champion, Vikas.
In the end it was Anas who emerged top, undefeated. His win for this League session meant that he is the overall champion for the TFAS League 2017!

Benny 2 v 1 Rudy
Bernard 3 v 2 Haikal
Anas 5 v 0 Vikas
Vikas 2 v 2 Haikal
Bernard 1 v 0 Benny
Anas 2 v 1 Rudy
Rudy 4 v 1 Haikal
Benny 1 v 4 Anas
Vikas 1 v 6 Bernard
Rudy 6 v 0 Bernard
Benny 2 v 1 Vikas
Anas 2 v 2 Haikal
Rudy 4 v 0 Vikas
Benny 1 v 4 Haikal
Bernard 1 v 3 Anas
1st: Anas
2nd: Rudy
3rd: Bernard
4th: Benny
5th: Haikal
6th: Vikas

Overall TFAS League 2017 Standings