Thursday, 14 December 2017

A first trophy for Mathéo Grégoire

The players

Jean and Mathéo
There was a good turnout of 8 tonight in Bande (Belgium) where representatives from 3 different clubs attended the tournament organized by Wamme SC. jean grosdent was an happy organizer with two players competing in their first tournament but didn't manage to win the trophy. The young Mathéo Grégoire (Rochefort TS) finished the Swiss System with a great record of 3 wins and a draw. Jean grosdent was runner-up with 9 points.

Final standings:
1. Mathéo Grégoire
2. Jean Grosdent
3. Basile Magermans
4. Thierry Magermans
5. Henri Grosdent
6. Aurore Grosdent
7. Bruno Mottet
8. Philippe Thys

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