Saturday, 2 December 2017

Two small events in Budapest

Károly Szathmáry, Pasquale Carrassi, András Naszádi, László Csibor, Gábor Baross, Zoltán Baross
Pasquale Carrassi's stay in Budapest gave him the chance to play several times against local players. After the test-match of last week against Gábor Baross, two small tournaments were held during the week. On Tuesday, László Csibor ginished on top of a group of Zóltan Baross was runner-up and Pasquale took the 4th place. The other small event had a field of 4 players. Pasquale Carrassi shared the honors with László Csibor, both players finishing with 7 points and the exact same goal-difference. More importantly it was great to see an italian player making new friends in Hungary.

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