Thursday, 21 December 2017

Wamme and Semois players meet for a friendly day

The clubs of Wamme (based in Bande) and Semois (based in Vresse) met on Saturday for a very friendly afternoon. 6 Wamme players and 4 Semois playershad five sessions of games so that the 4 Semois players could play differents opponents from the rival clubs. In the end, there was a ranking proving Luc Grosdent was the man of the afternoon with 5 individual wins and a WASPA trophy. Congratulations to the winner!

Final standings:
1. Luc Grosdent (Wamme)
2. Jean Grosdent (Wamme)
3. Pascal Droeven (Semois)
4. Renaud Parisel (Semois)
5. Henri Grosdent (Wamme)
6. Marc De Vos (Semois)
7. Kevin Depouhon (Wamme)
8. Patrick Vanderlinden (Semois)
9. Aurore Grosdent (Wamme)
10. Philippe Thys (Wamme)

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