Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Three promotional events in Belgium

Presentation of the trophies in Templeuve for Charlotte Bouchez - Noah Denne - Jordan Bonte - Eric Caillaux

Giulio Bonfanti wins in Bande
Several tournaments have been held recently in Belgium and some results are still to be published but it's worth reporting that among these events, there were three promotional events.

The first one was held on December 21 in Bande and organized by Wamme SC. Giulio Bonfanti, who was competing in his first tournament, won the group stage while Henri Grosdent was runner-up, Aurore Grosdent was third and Philippe Thys took the 4th place. The club has also some new players who will soon have enough experience to play in tournaments, which proves the local organizers do a great job.

On December 23, the national tournament in Templeuve was held with 2 categories and the novice players were, for the tthird year in a row, also playing under WASPA banner. There were 8 players competing in groups of 4. In the end, Noah Denne (Eugies) defeated clubmate Charlotte Bouchez (Eugies) in the final while Templeuve players Eric Caillaux and Jordan Bonte reached the semis. Jérôme Cyganek won the consolation event.

Great day of promotion with five new players competing in Vresse
Finally, on December 26, the club of Semois was organizing a special day with exhibitions and lessons for new players. There was also a small tournament for novice players under WASPA banner. There were 8 players taking part. One of them was back as a player after a break of more than a year and five players were competing for the very first time in a tournament. In the end, the most experienced player, Tom Léonard defeated a very surprising Philippe van Kerm in the final. Grégory Berte won the game for the third place against Philippe Thys. Congratulations to the club of Semois for the excellent job of promotion.

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