Tuesday, 19 December 2017

More results from Australia

Action in Perth
Several tournaments have recently been held in Australia. In Perth, six players attended the latest event. Home and away games were played and in the end, Alan Kimber finished on top of the group stage but the tournament was far to be over. After barrage games, Alan Kimber and Ross McNulty won their respectives semi-finals and Alan won the last game to claim the title.

In Sydney, Hermann Kruse and the Northern Falcons organized a first tournament for the juniors and there was a nice group of six players competing for the win. Olliver Ollnow finished on top of the league while Thorben Pfister was runner-up, Niklas Raab took the 3rd place, Jonas Hahn was 5th, Moritz Raab was the and Hermine Ollnow was 6th. A good day was had by all.

Finally, the Sydney TFC Christmas Cup was held on December 9 with a good turnout of 10 players. Two groups of 5 saw a lot of great games as all players wanted to qualify for the semi-finals. The knock-out stage was interesting ith the "Lombardi derby", Raffaele beating Daniele (3-2) while Fabrizio Coco took the best on Eliot Kennedy. In the final, Raffaele Lombardi proved to be in a great day to win the game (2-0) against Fabrizio Coco.

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