WASPA Test Matches

Main idea
“Test match series” played under WASPA banner are a good way to promote friendly relations between players from different countries or different areas. Sometimes, when two players from different countries meet, they find it difficult to know the standards of play in their respective countries. As WASPA is a good way to have players meeting for some games, we have started the idea of “test match series”. For instance, if a player from South Africa is travelling to Sydney, Australia on holiday, there is sometimes no opportunity to attend a tournament but it’s possible to contact a player from the home club to arrange a “test match series”. The “distance” criteria will remain open to interpretation (for instance 2 US players from different States can play “test match series”).

Why under WASPA banner?
Just because WASPA is all about connecting players from around the world. Also because playing under WASPA banner will allow players to win a few ranking points. Players will agree to have the results published on the WASPA blog.
How does it work?
The “test-match” will involve a series of 3 matches between the two players. The results of these will then be sent to WASPA along with the following information:
- Players names
- scores
- pitch played on
- bases used
- pitch and bases which each individual is normally most comfortable with
- current WASPA ranking

This information would not influence the global rankings in any way, but WASPA will keep a file of “test-matches” played around the world, it will give people the opportunity to get a sense of relative strengths.

A player can only play a maximum of 5 “test match series” per year.

Allocated ranking points?
Points will be awarded as follows:
- Test-match winner: 3 points
- Test-match winner: 5 points if you beat a player with a higher ranking
- In case of a draw: 2 points for the players with the highest ranking, 3 points for the player with the lower ranking.
- Test-match loser: 1 point
To be noted the winner of the “test match series” is decided by sum of 3 individual games.
1 point for a win, 0 point for a draw.
In case of a draw, the total goal-average can decide the name of the winner.

What do players have to do ?
Players must simply follow some guidelines:
- “test-match series” must be notified to WASPA a few days in advance;
- Results must be sent to WASPA, if possible by using the results form;
- A picture of the meeting will also be sent to WASPA. Results and pictures must be sent to vincent.cop@rsca.com
- Two players cannot arrange “test-match series” more than once a year. The only exception is when two players meet on home and away games so that they two “test-match series” in their respective countries.

File to send scores

Los Angeles, CA, USA, Feb 23 2017, Paul O’Donovan Rossa (USA - CA) vs Benji Batten (AUS) 2-1
Templeuve/Frameries, BEL, Mar 3-4 2017, Vincent Coppenolle (BEL) vs Paul O’Donovan Rossa (USA) 2-2
Huntington Beach, CA, USA, Apr 9 2017,  Paul O’Donovan Rossa (USA - CA) vs Peter Thomas (AUS) 2-0
Cape Town, RSA, Apr 14 2017, Clinton Gahwiler (RSA) vs Peter Alegi (USA) 0-2
Koh Samui, THA, Apr 26 2017, David Ruelle (BEL) vs Hugh Best (AUS) 2-0
Avondale, PA, USA, Apr 29 2017, Andrew Zunino (USA - PA) vs Bryan Arnold (USA - VA) 2-1.
Limassol, CYP, May 21 2017, Giorgos Zangylos (CYP) - vs Massimo DalPrà (ROM) 1-1 (5-4)
North Bergen, NJ, USA, Jun 25 2017, Andrea Gasparini (USA - NJ) vs Massimo Conturso (USA - CT) 1-2
Athens, GRE, Nov 13-14 2017, Panos Panagiotides (GRE) vs David Lorenzo Carnevale (ITA) 2-0
Athens, GRE, Nov 13-14 2017, Stamathis Syrmos (GRE) vs David Lorenzo Carnevale (ITA) 2-1
Budapest, HUN, Nov 24 2017, Gábor Baross (HUN) vs Pasquale Carrassi (ITA) 2-1
Santa rosa, CA (USA), Mar 28, 2018, Conan Mullen (USA - CA) vs Paul O'Donovan (USA - CA) 0-3
Hong Kong (HKG), Jan 11, 2018, Antonio Carabillo (HKG) vs Eliot kennedy (AUS) 1-1 (6-5)
Javea (ESP), Jan 20, 2018, Pasquale Carrassi (ITA) vs David Mc Aulay (SCO) 4-1 (5 games)
Templeuve (BEL), Aug 22, 2018, Vincent Coppenolle (BEL) vs Cezar Stoilescu (ROM) 2-0
Templeuve (BEL), Aug 22, 2018, Matthias Averlant (BEL) vs Cezar Stoilescu (ROM) 2-0
Limassol (CYP), Feb 1, 2019, Giorgos Zangylos (CYP) vs Massimo Dalprà (ROM) 1-2
Limassol (CYP), Nov 10, 2019, Giorgos Zangylos (CYP) vs Christos Kotrotsos (GRE) 0-2
Limassol (CYP), Nov 14, 2019, Giorgos Zangylos (CYP) vs Massimo Dalprà (ROM) 1-1 (5-4)
Wil (SWI), Dec 15 2019, Martin Wiesmann (SWI) vs clinton Gahwilher (RSA) 1-1

(Last update on January 7, 2020)

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