Friday, 7 June 2013

News from Barcelona

Recently, the club of Palomar Futbol Taula was pleased to hear about the arrival of Peter Vahle, a player who is part of the international team called "SubaLeague International". Peter is spending some time in Spain and he is trying to play several games against local players.

The first meeting was held on May 24 with 4 players taking part. The tournament had four players taking part and was purely friendly but the victory was for Flavio Watzka, Peter Vahle being second, Francesc Alert third and Daniel Muñoz fourth. Francesc Alert is the president of the club "Barcelona FT", which is showing good relations between local clubs.

On June 6, the tournament was a "WASPA regional" with also four players taking part. The event was played as a group stage with Daniel Muñoz winning (1 win & 2 draws), Flavio Watzka being second, Peter Vahle third and Celes López fourth. There were many close games as every player managed to have at least 2 points.

On Saturday, June 8, there will be a "WASPA promotional tournament" between some Barcelona players and Peter Vahle. More news will be coming soon.

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