Thursday, 4 June 2020

The Roligans club is back in action

Last Sunday the Roligans players organized a tournament in their club room. It was obviously the first event after the coronavirus break. 17 players including some new players were taking part. After the Swiss system (4 sessions), a test-match was needed to decide the winner and Evangelos Kotrotsos defeated his father Chris to claim the trophy.

Final table:
1. Evangelos Kotrotsos (GRE/rol)
2. Chris Kotrotsos (GRE/rol)
3. Konstantinos Sochoritis (GRE/-)
4. Giorgos Dimakeas (GRE/rol)
5. Giorgos Pitihoutis (GRE/flm)
6. Aggelos Foutrakis (GRE/rol)
7. Dimitrios Rebis (GRE/rol)
8. Nikolaos Prombonas (GRE/-)
9. Georgios Karachalios (GRE/rol)
10. Panagiotis Charamis (GRE/rol)
11. Stavros Mesonisanakis (GRE/rol)
12. Anastasios Prekas (GRE/-)
13. Marios Foteinopoulos (GRE/rol)
14. Athanasios Kotrotsos (GRE/rol)
15. Ioulianos Prombonas (GRE/-)
16. Konstantinos Pipinis (GRE/-)
17. Panagiotis Skouros (GRE/rol)

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