Wednesday, 30 June 2021

June 2021: results from the UK

Here is a brief summary of results compiled in England, Wales and Northern Ireland in the last few years. We are extremely glad to see great clubs back in action. In some cases, the turnout was not as big as expected but at least it's good to see players getting together and having great games.

Stanway Rovers (England)

The Stanway Rovers club had a tournament played by 5 players on June 2. Alan Lee (FTC Issy) finished on top of the group format after winning three of his four games. Alan tied with runner-up Martin Hodds who also shared points with Kevin cordel.

Final standings:

1. Alan Lee (FTC Issy)
2. Martin Hodds (Dundee)
3. Kevin Cordell (Stanway)
4. Gerry Harrington (Haverhill)
5. Joe Harrington (Haverhill)

East Lancashire SC (England)

Two small events with three players were organized by the East lancashire Subbuteo Club.

Gavin Roper won the first one while Andy Grundy was runner-up and Rob Wilkinson took the third place. In the other tournament, Chris Bedford took the honors while Nick Pearson( London Road SC) was runner-up and Gavin Roper was third.

Surrey Saracens SC (England)

The Surrey boys organized a nice event with six competitors playing a league format. Alan Lee won his five games to claim the trophy while Simon Goodman took the second place.

Final standings:

1. Alan Lee (FTC Issy)
2. Simon Goodman (Surrey)
3. Ian Maskell (Surrey)
4. Dave Croucher (Worthing)
5. Lee Fenton (Surrey)
6. Nigel Pestell (Solent)

Later in the month, the Surrey club held another event with a smaller field of four players. Alan Lee whared points with Dave Croucher but managed to win the tournament.

Final standings:
1. Alan Lee (FTC Issy)
2. Simon Goodman (Surrey)
3. Dave Croucher (Worthing)
4. Ian Maskell (Surrey)

London Road Subbuteo Club (Wales)

It's great to see LRSC back in action. The club has been one of the most active clubs in the WASPA circuit for a few years now. The club held two tournaments in June and Brian Daley took the honors twice. Both events were held in league format. To be noted a few new players took part. Brendan Ashley and Jake Bellis (who is Cayne Matthews's grandson) played for the first time under WASPA banner. Welcome to both of them.

Final standings on June 13:

1. Brian Daley (London Road)
2. Alan Lee (FTC Issy)
3. Cayne Matthews (London Road)
4. Ruby Matthews (London Road)
5. Lucasz Whittle (London Road)
6. Shaun Dunne (East Lancashire Subbuteo Club)
7. Brendan Ashley (London Road)

Final standings on June 20:
1. Brian Daley (London Road)
2. Cayne Matthews (London Road)
3. Ruby Matthews (London Road)
4. Lucasz Whittle (London Road)
5. Jake Bellis (London Road)

Bristol Subbuteo Club (England)

After a long hiatus, the Bristol club managed to attract a great field of 11 players for the tournament organized on June 14. Congratulations to Darren Clark for his win.

Final standings:
1. Darren Clark (Murcia)
2. Alan Lee (FTC Issy)
3. David Lauder (Cardiff)
4. Alan Hounsell (Cardiff)
5. Matthew Rowley (Cardiff)
6. Aaron Skinner (Bristol)
7. John Lauder (Cardiff)
8. Taylor Randles (Bristol)
9. Darren Barnes (Cardiff)
10. Bernard O'Connor (Bristol)
11. Guy Longhorn (Bristol)

Derry City TFC (Northern Ireland)

DCTFC is officially back! There was a good turnout for the club's first official tournament since the end of lockdown, with the ‘Jimmy Watson Memorial Cup’. Special mention to DCTFC’s newest member, Dee Jenkins. 

Final standings:
1. Martinog Bradley (Derry City)
2. Barry Spence (Derry City)
3. Dee Jenkins (Derry City)
4. Lawrence Watson (Derry City)
5. Oisin Mór (Derry City)
6. Jude Morrow (Derry City)

The Derry Summer Cup will be held on July 5 at 7pm.

Cardiff TFC (Wales)

The first Cardiff tournament after lockdown took place in Bristol. 8 players competed in Swiss format and Darren Clarke managed to win his second tournament of the month.

Final standings:
1. Darren Clarke (Murcia)
2. Aaron Skinner (Bristol)
3. Taylor Randles (Bristol)
4. Tony McCann (Cardiff)
5. John Lauder (Cardiff)
6. Tim Mourant (Bristol)
7. Darren Barnes (Cardiff)
8. Stuart Lindsay (Bristol)

Haverhill Rovers TFC

Finally, the Haverhill players met on June 24 and had some great games. Alan Lee finished on top of a group of five to win another tournament.

Final standings:
1. Alan Lee (FTC Issy)
2. Joe Harrington (Haverhill)
3. Gerry Harrington (Haverhill)
4. Jason Mitchell (Haverhill)
5. Marco Barqueiro (Haverhill)

The next Haverhill tournament will be play on July 4 at "the Culina Hub".

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