Wednesday, 7 July 2021

June 2021: results from around the world

Here is a brief look at results of events held in different countries in June.

Australia: events in Perth, Brisbane and Sydney

Despite some problems related to the virus, some Australian clubs have been able to play some events under WASPA banner in June.

Perth was definately the most active region with three tournaments played in just 3 weeks. To celebrate the visit of FISTF president Steve Dettre, the Sports TFC of Western Australia held a tournament with 8 players taking part. Tan Yew Loy managed to beat Steve Dettre (3-2) in the final while semi-finalists where Brian Pearson and local organizer Hugh Best.

The same club later organized a smaller event with 4 players taking part. Mick DeVincentis won his three games to finish on top of the group table while Hugh Best was runner-up.

The other club in the city, "Subbuteo Perth", also organized a tournament in June. There was a great turnout of 8 players and Tan Yew Loy won his second tournament of the month after defeating Ross McNulty on shots in the final. Alan Kimber beat Noel Mani in the game for the third place and Mick DeVincentis won the consolation tournament.

In Brisbane, six players attended the monthly event and there was no surprise as Giuseppe Tardiota won another final, defeating Gus Gillespie this time (1-0). Kevin Halliday won the game for the third place against Gareth Whalley.

Finally, 8 players attended the Northern Falcons tournament in Sydney. The trophy remained in the home club as Eliot Kennedy defeated Tony Credentino (Sydney TFC) in the final (1-0). Semi-finalists were Steve Dettre and Torben Pfister.

Greece: Nikos Monos does it again

The Lions Zante had another tournament on June 10 with 8 players taking part. Congratulations to Nikos Monos for claiming another title. Nikos defeated Kostas Argiris in the final (2-1).

Belgium: Jean Grosdent wins big event

There was a tournament on June 27 in Theux, in the East of Belgium. The tournament had a fantastic turnout of 44 and 16 players were invivted to play a WASPA knock-out tournament in the afternoon. Jean-Grosdent (Wamme SC) defeated benoit Lagean (AS Hennuyer) while Stéphane Garnier from France (Tiburones) and Noé Scheen (Stembert) made it to the semi-finals. Thanks to organizers Sébastien Scheen and William Van den Houte for mking thing happen.

Promotional event in Templeuve

The Templeuve club had a small promotional tournament on June 25. Matthias Averlant won the tournament on goal-difference as both Matthias and Michaël Dupret finished the evening with the same number of points. French player Sébastien Sorge was third while Anthony Meireaux took the 4th place.

Templeuve will hold another regional tournament on Friday, July 9.

The Netherlands: Gouda is back in business

As several other countries, the Netherlands are slowly getting back to normal and three players met for a msall event in Gouda last week. Xavier Aret took the honors to claim the trophy while Fabicio Cavazza was runner-up and Rinaldo Van Dijk took the third place.

Singapore: Rudy Hesty wins Euro 2020 tournament

June 27- Euro2020 was brought to life by Singapore Table Football enthusiasts. Table Football Association Singapore played a Swiss Format event with 7 players representing 7 Euro nations󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿. After 5 rounds of games the Turks (Rudy Hesty) came out victorious with maximum points while England (Tan Kok Wee) was runner up.

Final standings:

1. Rudy Hesty Roselan
2. Tan Kok Wee
3. Vikas K. Chandiramani
4. Chandru Chugani
5. Enzo Fornaro
6. Mohd Rizal Taib
7. John Edwards

Malta: Tabone king in Naxxar

The new club of Naxxar organized another good event with 8 players. There were several quality players taking part and Jean carl Tabone (FCD Mortellito Barcellona PG) won th efinal against Palermo's Jamie Bonnici (1-0). Bormal players John Zammit abd George Ebejer made it to the semi-finals.

Another club in Malta, Attard SC, will organize a WASPA tournament on July 11.

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