Friday, 16 July 2021

July 2021: results from Derry, Templeuve, Attard and Oslo

Sorry for the big post but there are news from several countries in Europe and it will be easier to compile results we received from Northern Ireland, Belgium, Malta and Norway.

Northern Ireland: Derry City players having a great time

Derry city TFC held the ’Here Comes the Summer Cup ‘21’ tournament earlier this month with a great turnout of six players competing in a league format. Special congratulations to Barry Spence on winning his first Derry Cup.

DCTFC are also thrilled to announce the 2021 ‘Derry Open’ will be held on August 14 (from 11 am to 6 pm). Registration is essential if you want to play. Check the club's Facebook page for details at

Draw will be made on the Friday 13th night.

Standings of August 5:
1. Barry Spence
2. Kenny Beggs
3. Martinog Bradley
4. Dee Jenkins
5. Oisin Mór
6. Lawrence Watson

Belgium: Second tournament of the season in Templeuve

After the regional tournament and promotional event held in June, the Templeuve United club was back in action last Friday with 9 players competing in Swiss format. Sensation happened in the second session when Matthias Averlant managed to defeat Geoffrey Marain. Everything could still happen before the last game but the draw between Averlant and Vincent Coppenolle gave the win to the local organizer who won the tournament on goal-difference. Templeuve will hold another tournament on Tuesday, July 20 at 6.30 pm to celebrate the National Day! Details by e-mail at

Top 3 of the night
Standings of the night:

1. Vincent Coppenolle -> 10 pts & 11 (gd)
2. Matthias Averlant -> 10 & 5
3. Geoffrey Marain -> 9 & 12
4. Stéphane Lambert -> 7 & 2
5. Benjamin Marain -> 6 & 1
6. Jordan Bonte -> 6 & 0
7. Eric Caillaux -> 4 & -1
8. Didier Moons -> 3 & -6
9. Anthony Meireaux -> 3 & -12

Malta: great success in Attard

The club of Attard was back in action in the WASPA circuit with a great tournament attracying 12 players including a few famous names.

George Ebejer and Samuel Bartolo

For his very first WASPA appearance, Samuel Bartolo (Valletta SC took the honors after defeating Bormla's George Ebejer (4-1) in the final. Semi-finalists were John Zammit (Bormla Subbuteo Club) and Jean Carl Tabone (Barcellona Mortellito). Huge thanks to the Attard club for supporting the WASPA circuit!

Norway: test-match in Oslo

Alfredo (left) and Riccardo

We are happy to see the Oslo playing continueing to play. We received results of a "WASPA lockdown testmatch" in Oslo, Norway on July 11, 2021. The results were as follows:

We played a "WASPA lockdown testmatch" in Oslo, Norway today 11 July 2021. The results were as follows:
Riccardo Destefanis - Alfredo Gianoglio 1-0
Riccardo Destefanis - Alfredo Gianoglio 1-0
Riccardo Destefanis - Alfredo Gianoglio 0-2
Winner: Riccardo Destefanis

As both players are vaccinated, this time they appear without wearing the mask. :-)

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