Tuesday, 16 March 2021

News from Australia, Italy and Wales

The circuit is in a calmer period with only a few events held around the world.

Giuseppe Tardiota wins Brisbane tournament

In Brisbane, Australia six players met on Sunday to play the monthly tournament of the local club. The group was glad to meet a new player, Rob Seychell, and everyone had a great time.

Giuseppe Tardiota defeated Kevin Halliday in the final (3-1) to claim the trophy. Gerry Vickers was third, Gareth Whalley 4th, Wayne Miller 5th and Robert Seychell 6th.

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Traditional rules are still popular in Terni

In Italy, the club of Terni held two small events played with te old rules (also called "traditional rules") in the beginning of the month. Emanuele Perotti won the first tournament while Simone Perotti won the second event.

More about Subbuteo table football in Terni on the club's Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/SUBBUTEOCLUBTERNI2014THYRUS

Lockdown test match in Wales

Finally, we are glad to publish results of a "WASPA lockdown test match" held in Wales. Cayne Matthews won his three games against his daughter Ruby. 

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Be sure we appreciate. Until then, stay safe and keep on flicking!

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