Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Aussies keep on flicking

The situation is still difficult for some parts of Australia but players in Brisbane and Perth had their monthly tournaments in September as usual.

In Brisbane, five players turned up and they had a great time. Giuseppe Tardiota defeated Kevin Halliday in the final. Gerry Vickers was third and Gareth Whalley beat Wayne Miller to win the Wooden Spoon. The event took place at Gareth's as the club room was not available.

For interested players, this are the next dates at The Community Center North Lakes QLD: 11/10/2020, 08/11/2020, 13/12/2020, 17/01/2021, 21/02/2021, 14/03/2021, 11/04/2021 16/05/2021, 13/06/2021.

In Perth, five players competed in a round robin format with Alan Kimber winning his four games to claim the title. there was a very close fight between other players and Chris Thorn was runner-up with five points while Noel Mani (5) was 3rd, Ron Byrne (3) 4th, and Adam Taylor (1) 5th.

Next club meeting will be the 18th of October at the club house. Address: 22Titchborne st Cockburn. New players always welcome.

Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1233903783292458

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