Thursday, 27 June 2019

Torben Pfister winner in Singapore

TFAS Asian Cup 2019 Plates WASPA
The Table Football Association of Singapore organized one of its biggest tournaments in the recent Asian Cup 2019, where players from Singapore, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Malaysia come together to compete in this prestigious tournament.

After the group stages of the Individual Open category, the players who got knocked out were eligible to play in the Plates WASPA. 16 players took part in this WASPA, and a series of knockout rounds followed.

The Plates Final was an all Australian match, with FISTF President Steve Dettre against a young talent, Torben Pfister. It was a tight final which ended 1-1. Torben managed to keep his cool and won the shootout afterwards. Congratulations Torben!

Results are as follows:

Last 16:
Naoto Tanaka 0-5 Kenzo Koi
Paul Mercer 3-1 Nigel Foo
Mohd Rizal Taib 3-1 Isaac Lim
Chris Thorn 0-3 Steve Dettre
Hideaki Wada 2-1 Kousuke Mukai
Tan Yi De 1-0 Vincenzo Coco
Torben Pfister 3-0 Irwan Iskandar
Takafumi Kido 3-1 Hugh Best

Kenzo Koi 0-1 Paul Mercer
Mohd Rizal Taib 1-1 Steve Dettre (Shootout: 1-2)
Hideaki Wada 2-1 Tan Yi De
Torben Pfister 2-1 Takafumi Kido

Paul Mercer 1-2 Steve Dettre
Hideaki Wada 0-2 Torben Pfister

Steve Dettre 1-1 Torben Pfister (Shootout: 0-2)

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