Tuesday, 22 November 2022

Patrick de Jong winner in Antwerp!

Top 3 of the night

Belgians and Dutchmen sharing a good moment

This month's WASPA tournament in Antwerp was a special one with four Dutch players visiting the Belgian club. A total of 9 players competed in Swiss system and after the four session,s the big winner was Patrick de Jong who was the only player to win four times. Marco de Bruin was runner-up while Jos Ceulemans took the third place. A good time was had by all and more importantly players from Belgium and the Netherlands spent some good time together.

Final standings:

1. Patrick de Jong (Valletta Lions TFC)
2. Marco de Bruin (Dutch Legends)
3. Jos Ceulemans (SC Flanders)
4. David Wouters (SC Flanders)
5. Johan Lourdon (SC Flanders)
6. Stéphane Lambert (OSC Yokohama)
7. Geert Leys (SC Flanders)
8. Rinaldo van Dijk (SC Flanders)
9. Xavier Aret (Dutch Legends)

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