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England: summary of WASPA events held in October 2022

England has become the power of the WASPA circuit. Many events have been held in October and it's almost impossible to publish separate stories for all tournaments. Here is a summary of results we collected during the month.

Tournaments with FISTF Rules

Morecambe Bay (October 2)

1. Brian Daley (London Road)
2. Shaun Dunne (Manchester)
3. Dan Nicholls (Wales/London Road)
4. Luca Lanzani (Morecambe Bay)
5. Lucasz Whittle (London Road)
6. Rob Wilkinson (Morecambe Bay)
7. Keith Carman (Morecambe Bay)

Chasers Open (October 2)

Alberto Borsani - Kevin Cordell 1-0
Simon Goodman - Martin Bellefontaine 0-1
Rudi Peterschinigg - Victor Jones 3-0
Brian Butterworth - Elliot Bellefontaine 1-2

Alberto Borsani - Martin Bellefontaine 0*-0
Rudi Peterschinigg - Elliot Bellefontaine 1-2

Alberto Borsani - Elliot Bellefontaine (not played)

Rochford and Southend (October 4)

1. Stewart Grant (Rochford)
2. Kevin Dyson (TSPA)
3. Joe Playle (Rochford)
4. Mark West (Chasers)
5. Graham Boyd (Rochford)
6. Neil Sparks (Rochford)
7. Ian Horncastle (Rochford)
8. Gary Gladwell (Chasers)
9. Adam Jackson (Chasers)
10. David Horncastle (Rochford)
11. Dan Brown (Rochford)
12. Eddy Wilding (Rochford)
13. Jack Baxter (Rochford)
14. Lee Walker (Rochford)
15. Mark Francis (Rochford)

Pedmore (October 6)

1. Justin Scott (Wolverhampton)
2. Rob Paterson (TSPA)
3. Graham Harwood (Leicester)
4. Richard Roper (Wolverhampton)
5. Simon Bodily (Pedmore TFC)

Surrey (October 10)

1. Alan Lee (Woobly Hobby SC)
2. Lee Fenton (Surrey)
3. Tony Banks (London SC)
4. Simon Goodman (Surrey)
5. Mark Hammersley (Surrey)
6. Chris Philips (Surrey)

Haverhill (October 12)

1. Martin Bellefontaine (Wales/Cardiff)
2. Valter Baroncini (Haverhill)
3. Marco Barqueiro (Haverhill)
4. Mike Williams (Haverhill)
5. Joe Harrington (Haverhill)
6. Peter Holmes (Haverhill)
7. Gerry Harrington (Ireland/Haverhill)

Yorkshire Phoenix/Dewsbury Moor TFC

Another cracking night at Dewsbury Moor Sports Club - some close games and a close table in the end. Five round Swiss was the order of the night.
It went down to the final round of games where Martin Blanchard edged out Craig Heward 2-0 to take the nights spoils. 

1. Martin Blanchard (London Road)
2. Dan Nicholls (Wales/London Road)
3. David Russell (the Glide, Slide...)
4. Andy Boyer (TSPA)
5. Craig Heward (Yorkshire)
6. Paul Lawrenson (Yorkshire)
7. Russ Harker (Yorkshire)
8. Kevin Adderley (Yorkshire)
9. Darren Brook (Yorkshire)

Badmore (October 14)

1. Richard Badger (Wolverhampton)
2. Mick Hammonds (Wolverhampton)
3. Justin Scott (Wolverhampton)
4. Gage Badger (Wolverhampton)

North East Midlands (October 18)

1. Dave Collett (North East Midlands)
2. Colin Fletcher (Yorkshire)
3. Andrew Forster-Fake (Chesterfield)

Solent (October 20) - Final club league

1. Jason Christopher (Solent)
2. Paul Pearson (Solent)
3. Malcolm Jamieson (Solent)
4. Corey Martin (Solent)
5. Paul Izard (Solent)
6. Steve Smith (Solent)
7. Nigel Morgan (Solent)
8. Dave Hunter (Solent)
9. Tony Martin (Solent)
10. Roger Duckworth (Solent)
11. Kyle Jamieson (Solent)
12. Tim Hill (Solent)

Worthing (October 20)

1. Shaun Allison (Worthing)
2. Nigel Pestelle (Worthing)
3. Steve Taylor (Worthing)
4. Ian Maskell (Worthing)
5. Joe Currey (Worthing)
6. Chris Stapleton (Worthing)

Badmore/Wolverhampton (October 21)

1. Mick Hammonds (Wolverhampton)
2. Justin Scott (Wolverhampton)
3. Richard Badger (Wolverhampton)

Wolverhampton (October 23)

Another fabulous afternoon's play at Wolves TFC! 16 players took part in the Wolves October WASPA event. 

The final was a superb battle between Wolves club mates Mick Hammonds and Chris Bedford. The game switched from end to end in an enthralling 3 all draw. Extra time couldn't separate them either and so it was decided on shots and Mick took the title. In a very strong plate event, Dan Nicholls beat Rob Paterson by 2-0 to take the trophy.  

Well done to everyone that attended and played the afternoon. Thanks also to The Claregate Pub for hosting and their hospitality.

Aaron Skinner - Cayne Matthews 1-1*
Chris Bedford - Steve Wannacot 7-0
Mick Hammonds - Justin Scott 3-1
Tom Heslop - Ruby Matthews 1-4

Cayne Matthews - Chris Bedford 1-2
Mick Hammonds - Ruby Matthews 3-0

Chris Bedford - Mick Hammonds 3-3*

Plate Semi-finals:

Graham Harwood - Dan Nicholls 1-4
Nick Pearson - Rob Paterson 0-1

Plate Final:
Dan Nicholls - Rob Paterson 2-0

Dagenham (October 26)

1. Stephen Moreton (Rochford)
2. Gary Gladwell (Chasers)
3. Adam Jackson (Chasers)
4. Jonathan Beales (Chasers)
5. Mark Francis (Rochford)
6. Samantha Levy (Chasers)

Leicester (October 26)

1. David Rogers (Leicester)
2. Graham Harwood (Leicester)
3. Trevor Arthur (Leicester)
4. Sean Wenlock (Leicester)
5. Alex Ashcroft (Leicester)
6. Paul Taylor (Leicester)
7. Mark Weaver (Leicester)
8. Matt Baum (Leicester)
9. Scott Hunt (Leicester)
10. Kevin Coleman (Leicester)

North East Midlands (October 26)

1. Dave Collett (North East Midlands)
2. Brian Kinrade (Isle of Man/Moralzarzal Subbuteo CAD)
3. Andy Henly (Leicester)

Chesterfield (October 30)

Brett Price - David Rogers 1-0
Graham Harwood - Sam Curtis 0-1
Jeremy Boothman - Trevor Arthur 2-1
Paul Lawrenson - Andrew Forster-Fake 4-0

Brett Price - Jeremy Boothman 0-3
Sam Curtis - Paul Lawrenson 0*-0

Jeremy Boothman - Paul Lawrenson 0-3

Plate Semi-finals:
Simon Bodily - Richard Roper 0-2
Colin Fletcher - Luca Lanzani 3-1

Plate Final:
Richard Roper - Colin Fletcher 0-3

Tournament with Old rules

Surrey (October 10)

1. Simon Goodman (Surrey)
2. Tony Banks (London SC)
3. Gianluca Zucchelli (London SC)
4. Lee Fenton (Surrey)
5. Laurent Zecchino (London SC)
6. Chris Philips (Surrey)

Tournament with Advanced rules

Andover (October 10)

A big thank you to all the players that took part in the first The Rowland Lyons Memorial Trophy. It was a fun night playing 1968 advanced rules Subbuteo using Rowlands own HW teams. 

Two groups of 4 competed with the group winners playing the final and the group runners up for 3/4th places. The 4 other players then played off for the Andover Subbuteo Club monthly trophy which Steve Smith won.

A big thanks must also go to Paul Jeans at the Masonic Hall and for presenting the awards and donating the hall for free plus the bottles of drink to the winner and runner up.

Rowland would have been proud.

Nigel Morgan (Solent) - Jason Christopher (Solent) 1-2

Plate event:
1. Steve Smith (Solent)
2. Kyle Jamieson (Solent)
3. Shaun Ellis (Andover)
4. Jon Willing (Andover)

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