Friday, 28 July 2017

Mpougiouris and Papadogonnas win in Greece

20 players from various clubs competed in the "25th Regional WASPA title" of the Flaming Flickers on Saturday, July 22, 2017. There was strong competition in the WASPA spirit and some really close games. The winner was as always the sport and local player Yiannis Mpougiouris won the final against Miltos Gkiohalas (Proteas Athens) in a great game (3-2). Semi-finalists were Mike Tastsoglou and Nikitas Apatzis. Congratulation to the winner Yiannis and the finalist Miltos for a strong game and to all the participants for a special morning! Next meeting in August with the "last of the Mohicans" since Athens soon will be empty due to summer vacations.

Nikos Papadogonnas

The latest tournament of the Pireas Lions took place earlier this month. This time there was a smaller turnout of 6 players so a group stage was organized so that everyone plyed five games. In the end, Nikos Papadogonnas took the honors, finishing on top of the table with 13 points.

Final standings
1. Nikos Papadogonnas
2. Leonidas Koutromanos
3. Dimosthenis Kalatzis
4. Yiannis Dragomanidis
5. Vaggelis Papadopoulos
6. Ioannis Kondylis

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