Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Big festival in London

Several WASPA tournament were organized during the recent Grand Prix of England held on July 1 and 2 in London. In total 39 players attended the tournaments played under WASPA banner. We were glad to see a lot of new names, in particular young players from the new "Castle Newham TFC", a club run in England by Alex Westley. Huge thanks to Jeremy Bradley and his crew for hosting the tournament in a good conditions. Here is a quick look at the different finals played over the week-end.

Supremo's Trophy (Open plate) -> WASPA regional event
Paulo Gouveia 4-3 Rudi Peterschinigg

Darren Barnes
Jeff Jordan Trophy (Vets 3rd places) -> WASPA regional event
Darren Barnes 1-1 Andy Boyer - Darren won on shots

Harrow Cup (Vets 4th places) -> WASPA regional event
Brian Daley 2-0 John Lauder

Vincent Fitzpatrick Vase (Vets 5th places) -> WASPA promotional event
Mat Atkin 4-3 Neil Doherty

Thomas Price
U19 plate -> WASPA promotional event
Thomas Price 2-1 Louis Singh

Ruby and Ben
U12 Plate 1 (Losing quarter finalists) -> WASPA promotional event
Ruby Matthews 3-0 Ben Plumley

U12 Plate 2 (Losers in groups) -> WASPA promotional event
Dylan Wilde 1-0 Kyle Buvac

Team plate
Kent Invicta A 3-1 Kent Invicta B

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