Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Irwan Iskandar takes the honors in Perth

In the tranquil surrounds of our clubhouse in Gidgeganup we welcomed Jurong Central(Singapore) member Irwan Iskandar. On a fresh cool morning 5 players locked horns for the 2nd time as Irwan had joined us last year as a finalist but was keen to make amends this time and bask in the glory of flicking at our great club once again and having a good laugh along the way of course with us all, also we played for medals instead of trophies this time as we are running out of room at home to store them. We played a one match league table format against each other and then knockout finals once the positions were cemented. With this being the penultimate tournament before our debut major event in the Perth International Winter Classic 2017 commencing on July 27th/29th at Fremantle Town house this was a great way to warm up our fingers in preparation. Highlights of the day were obviously the tense and very open final between unbeaten(on the day) Mcnulty in a repeat of the final from last year against Irwan this time Irwan came from going a goal down to claiming an equalizer with minutes to go, the game was quick and both players refused to park the bus in favour of an attacking game that see sawed from one end to to the other. Mcnulty conceded his first goal of the day and as the the game ended we headed into extra time and a minute in Irwan blasted in a low shot that was to much for Mcnulty to stop and again Irwan at 2-1 up went against extreme defensive tactics when one could of easily understood why he would of parked the bus. A warm embrace was exchanged at the final whistle in a fantastic final between the two who had been favorites on the day due to the absence of AlanKimber who sadly had a bad back, Hugh Best had his best finish with 9 points in the bag and 3rd place with Chris Thorn just behind with 6 points and Ron Byrne finishing lastly but again causes problems to us all. Again i look forward to seeing you all in a few weeks time and im sure your very excited just like i am, also a huge thanks to JohnHarty who along with his partner Bev Bone have poured so much energy into pulling out all the stops for the Perth International and he briefed us all on the day although he did not play, big respect mate ...

(Report by Ross Mcnulty)

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