Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Great success for the Stoke tournament

The Stoke O.S. tournament took place on June 25, 2017 and had twenty entrants from allover the UK. The tournament was played with handpainted HW Top Spin  Teams supplied by Paul Lloyd and this year's tournament was themed on "Mexico 70". Every game was played on cloth pitches and "Advanced Rules" were the order of the day. And which team won? Brazil of course used by Richard Stock.

Main event:

Richard Stock - Ian Ridler 2-0
Ralph Pomeroy - Justin Scott 0-2
Mike Bradbury - Joseph Kinrade 3-0
Adam Lundy - Brian Kinrade 0-0*

Richard Stock - Justin Scott 1-0
Mike Bradbury - Brian Kinrade 0-0*

Richard Stock - Brian Kinrade 1-0

Consolation event:

Mick Hammonds - John Ellis 1-0
Mark Broadhurst - Jim Newton 0-1
Ruby Matthews - Alex Pomeroy 1-0
Gary Hawley - Andy Bowler 0-0*

Mick Hammonds - Jim Newton 3-2
Ruby Matthews - Andy Bowler 0-2

Mick Hammonds - Andy Bowler 4-1

Entrants: Cayne Matthews  (LRSC/North Wales), Ruby Matthews (LRSC/North Wales), Richard Stock (LRSC/North Wales), Mike Bradbury (Wolverhampton/ WTFC), Justin Scott (Wolverhampton/WTFC), Mick Hammond(Wolverhampton/WTFC), Mark Broadhurst (Wolverhampton/WTFC), Brian Kinrade (I.O.M.), Joseph Kinrade (I.O.M.), Ralph Pomeroy (Burnley), Alex Pomeroy (Burnley), Ian Ridler (Bristol), Jeff Gould (Derby), Gary Hawley (Derby), Adam Lundy (Droitwich), John Ellis (?), Nick Harrop (Milton Keynes), Jim Newton (Norfolk), Mike Newton (Norfolk), Andy Bowler (Stoke).

(Report by Andy Bowler)

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