Saturday, 20 June 2015

Peter Alegi wins Chicago United TSC meeting

Chicago United Table Soccer Club held its first ever club meeting which was followed by a WASPA event. It was a fun night and the club members who attended had a chance to exchange ideas about the club and Subbuteo table soccer in general.

Six club members participated in the WASPA tournament. In group A it was Peter Alegi, Chris Sweetland and Tony Kees. In group B it was Ilias Gikas, Tim Tumminaro and Roderick Ysaguirre.

The results from group A were
Alegi vs Sweetland 4-0
Alegi vs Kees 3-0
Sweetland vs Kees  2-0

The results from group B were
Gikas vs Tumminaro 3-1
Gikas vs Ysaguirre 4-0
Tumminaro vs Ysaguirre 3-0

The group standings were:

Group A
Alegi 6 points
Sweetland 3 points
Kees 0 points

Group B
Gikas 6 points
Tumminaro 3 points
Ysaguirre 0 points

The top two players from each group advanced to the semifinals. The scores of the semifinals were
Alegi vs Tumminaro 2-1
Gikas vs Sweetland 5-1

The final featured Peter Alegi vs Ilias Gikas. Peter dominated the match from start to finish and won easily 4-1.

The biggest winner of the night was Chicago United Table Soccer Club as it got to officially open its club headquarters and more than half of club members got a chance to get together.

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