Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Matteo Del Brocco on fire in Roma

On May 27 the WASPA Lazio League 2014/2015 had another great stage with 13 competitors taking part. Matteo Del Brocco was the champion of the night as he managed to stay calm to get the necessary point in the last game against Simone Trivelli. Matteo and Simone finish the tournament with 10 points but Matteo was winner thanks to be better difference in the "number of points taken by the opponents" (as the rules state it in Italy). Patrizio Lazzaretti and Gianmarco Del Brocco share the third place while Stefano Tagliaferri finishes int he top 5. Simone Trivelli is the leader of the WLL 2014/2015 with 130 points and only one stage to play. Patrizio Lazzaretti (106) and Gianmarco Del Brocco (103) are also in the top 3 of the general ranking.

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