Monday, 26 September 2016

David Busch with no surprise

On 20th of September we had the first training in our new club room and we decided to play a WASPA tournament after a long break. 7 players attended, with Andras Hicz from Budapest Subbuteo (Hungary) and with David Busch from San Remo a bronze medalist of Frameries. We had 5 sessions in Swiss System. It was no surprise that David took the honors, behind him every thing was close like every time.

We hope to have interested players for a WASPA tournament in october, below you can find the ranking of the evening:

1. David Busch/San Remo
2. Thomas Bergholz/TFKN Dragons
3. Mathias Eppensteiner/TFKN Dragons
4. Lukas Eppensteiner/TFKN Dragons
5. Roland Schwacha/TFKN Dragons
6. Thomas Eppensteiner/TFKN Dragons
7. Andras Hicz/Budapest Subbuteo

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