Friday, 21 February 2014

Luca Parodi wins his first WASPA title

Luca Parodi, tournament winner
24 players attended the "Coppa delle Alpi" held on wednesday in Genova (Italy). The tournament was played with the old rules and due to the large turnout, the event was played in knock-out games. Luca Parodi was the winner of the evening, winning the final on shots against Federico Solari. Parodi already won his quarter-final on shots against Gian Paolo Ghersi and beat Riccardo Pedemonte in the semi-final (2-0). This is Parodi's first WASPA title. Riccardo Pedemonte won the game for the third place against Renato Villa (1-0).

Besides the tournament, there were good news from the club of Levante telling that a new club will soon join the WASPA circuit. "SUBBUTEO Table Soccer Ponente", a club based in Savona (50 km from Genoa) is recruiting subbuteo fans from all over the west coast of Liguria. Their website can be found here:

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