Friday, 21 February 2014

Busy week in the WASPA circuit

The days to come are going to be the busiest period ever since the beginning of the WASPA circuit as there will be 11 tournaments in the next 6 days. On saturday, there will be tournaments in Chicago, IL (USA) and Zürich (Switzerland). On sunday, there will be the very first event in Edimburgh (Scotland) but also tournaments in Massamá (Portugal), Lincoln (England), Quévy (Belgium), Paramatta (Australia) and Athens (Greece) but also a special event in  Simi Valley, California (USA) where the tournament is also a FISTF Challenger. The WASPA Lazio League in Rome (Italy) will be back in action on wednesday and the last tournament of the month should take place in Templeuve (Belgium) on thursday evening. Good luck to all the players involved.

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