Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Bangor Open victory for Farrell

Mark Farrell won the season's 2nd Irish Circuit Event, John Moore was runner-up and Davy Clegg won the Plate. It was also a WASPA Event. The seven entrants played each other in a League format, with the top 4 qualifying for final group and the bottom 3 contesting the Plate.
Mark Farrell vs John Moore

OPEN: Final Group

1. Mark Farrell, 9pts
2. John Moore, 4pts
3. Kenny Beggs, 2pts
4. Barry Spence, 1pt
Mark Farrell


1. Davy Clegg, 4pts
2. Alistair Morrison, 2pts
3. Nicky Moore, 1pt
Davy Clegg

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