Saturday, 14 May 2022

Singapore welcomes Arjune Hanafi back home after more than 2 years!

KB Doves TFC hosted a 'Long-Time-No-See' WASPA on 11 May 2022 at their club premises at Kebun Bahru Community Club in honour of Arjuna Hanafi.  This is the 1st time in more than 2 years that the Melbourne-based Arjuna is able to return to his home country!!  A total of 4 flickers took part in a round-robin format and each player gets 3 games.  At the end of play, Bernard edged out John on goal difference with both players tied on points after both having 2 wins + 1 draw.  Arjuna finished ahead of Azhari on goal difference to finish 3rd with both players tied on 1 point.

 While we marked Arjuna's home visit with what we all loved best on the table, the off-table banter, catch-up and camaraderie after more than 2 years are all the more memorable and precious.  In attendance was also Arjuna's 2 sons: Aiman & Adam.  Till we next flick again, here's wishing Arjuna & his family safe travels back to Melbourne! Bon voyage!

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