Thursday, 19 May 2022

Martin Bellefontaine wins Solent Open

Malcolm Jamieson receives Plate trophy from Corey Martin

Martin Bellefontaine receives Open trophy from Corey Martin

Last Sunday Martin Bellefontaine took the Solent WASPA Open Tournament title. The tournament was played by 16 competitors from several clubs from England and Wales such as Solent, Sport Vale, Andover, Worthing, Yorkshire Phoenix, London SC and Cardiff.

Tournament Director Jason Christopher was also in a great day, reaching the final after defeating Sam Virgoe in the quarter-final and Dave Croucher in the semi. Martin Bellefontaine was on fire and defeated Jason Christopher by a clear 5-0 in the final. 

Malcolm Jamieson defeated Chris Burford in the Plate final.

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Main results:

Open Quarter-finals: Paul Izard 0 v 0 Dave Croucher (0-0 after Golden Goal extra time, 0-0 on shots, DC won 1-0 on sudden death shots) ; Tony McCann 2 v 3 Steve George ; Sam Virgoe 0 v 5 Jason Christopher ; Nigel Pestelle 0 v 2 Martin Bellefontaine

Semi-Finals: Jason Christopher 3 v 0 Dave Croucher ; Martin Bellefontaine 2 v 1 Steve George

3rd/4th Place: Dave Croucher 0 v 1 Steve George

FINAL: Martin Bellefontaine 5-0 Jason Christopher

Plate Quarter Finals: Gianluca Zucchelli 0 v 0 Malcolm Jamieson (MJ won on Golden Goal) ; Nigel Morgan 1 v 3 Chris Burford ; Dave Hunter 0 v 2 Tony Martin ; Steve Smith 1 v 0 Corey Martin

Plate Semi-Finals: Malcolm Jamieson 2 v 1 Tony Martin ; Steve Smith 0 v 1 Chris Burford

Plate 3rd/4th Place: Tony Martin 0 v 0 Steve Smith (0-0 after Golden Goal extra-time, SS won 3-2 on shots)

Plate Final: Malcolm Jamieson 6 v 2 Chris Burford

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