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Results from all over the UK - April 2022

Here is a brief summary of results we received since the end of March till the end of April. From now on we will try to publish results from the UK on a more regular base.

Rochford, England, March 22

The Rochford and Southend Casual Subbuteo Club keeps running great evening of table football with old and new players having a great time. This time it was national legend Kevin Dyson whoo took the honors. 

1. Kevin Dyson
2. William Target
3. Neil Sparks
4. Stewart Grant
5. Mark West
6. Jim Jamison
7. Gary Gladwell
8. Jack Target
9. Glenn Asher
10. Paul Matthews
11. David McCartney
12. Mark Francis
13. Jack Baxter

Haverhill, England, April 3

Kevin Cordell vs Alan Lee

Haverhill had an amazing tournament with 10 players from five different clubs divided in 2 groups. In the final, Alan Lee Defeated Rudi Peterschinigg by a single goal (1-0) while semi-finalists were Joe Harrington and Kevin Cordell. Marco Barqueiro defeated Adam Douglas (3-1) in the Plate final.

Wrexham, Wales, April 10

Brian Daley and Cayne Matthews

London Road Subbuteo club had another good event with 7 players competing in a league format. Brian Daley was undefeated and took the honors. Final standings were as follows:

1. Brian Daley
2. Cayne Matthews
3. Ruby Matthews
4. Dan Nicholls
5. Brendan Ashley
6. Brian Hall
7. Lucasz Whittle

Rochford, England, April 14

Some more new players joined the Rochford & Southend club night and this time Ian Welby was the surprising winner of the day, winning his very first WASPA tournament.

1. Ian Welby
2. Mark West
3. Rob Ellis
4. Jack Baxter
5. Chris Rimmington
6. Joe Playle
7. Ian Horncastle
8. Gary Gladwell
9. Mark Francis
10. Russ Wright
11. Glenn Asher
12. Graham Boyd
13. Stewart Grant
14. James Nesbit

Surrey, England, April 12

Surrey Saracens SC had a small gathering with just 3 players but close games. Simon Goodman took the best on his opponents to remain undefeated after home and away fixtures.

1. Simon Goodman
2. Lee Fenton
3. Chris Philips

Stanway, England, April 12

This month the Stanway club had 7 players attending the meeting and the tournament was played in Swiss system. Congratulations to local organizer Kevin Cordell who won the tournament after winning 3 of his fours games.

1. Kevin Cordell (Stanway)
2. Marco Ghigliotti (Harrow)
3. Alan Lee (-)
4. Martin Bellefontaine (Cardiff)
5. Joe Harrington (Haverhill)
6. Gerry Harrington (Haverhill)
7. Adam Douglas (Rochford & Southend)

Wolverhampton, England, April 18

A small tournament in Wolverhampton but great games and Mick Hammonds won 5 of his 6 games to win the event. There were many close games and all players won at least one game.

1. Mick Hammonds
2. Chris Bedford
3. Justin Scott
4. Richard Badger

Bristol, England, April 19

The Bristol tournament had a great turnout of 13 players. Darre Clarke was juist unstoppable and won his four games in the Swiss ladder while David Pawsey was back in action and finished runner-up, sharing the second spot with Aaron Skinner.

1. Darren Clarke
2. David Pawsey
2. Aaron Skinner
4. Taylor Randles
5. Steve Wonnacott
6. Darren Barnes
7. Phillip Bryant
8. Andy Jarvis
9. Malcolm Jarvis
10. Fin Skinner
11. Simon Donadel
11. Peter Marshall
13. Stuart Briffett

Solent, England, April 21

The Solent league, played under WASPA banner, came to an end on April 21. All 10 entrants played 27 games and Paul pearson was the league champion while Corey Martin was runner-up.

1. Paul Pearson
2. Corey Martin
3. Malcolm Jamieson
4. Paul Izard
5. Rob Cashman
6. Steve Smith
7. Tony Martin
8. Nigel Morgan
9. Dave Hunter
10. Roger Duckworth

Worthing, England, April 21

This month's Worthing tournament had 7 players competing in Swiss system. Shaun Allison was in a great day and managed to win the tournament.

1. Shaun Allison
2. Steve Taylor
3. Joe Currey
4. Ian Maskell
5. Nigel Pestell
6. Nathan Holley
7. Sam Virgoe

Derry, Northern Ireland, April 25

The 5 man Easter Cup was played in April 25. Congratulations to Kenny Beggs topping the table on the night, Barry Spence takes runner-up with Martinog Bradley falling third.

1. Kenny Beggs
2. Barry Spence
3. Martinog Bradley
4. Dee Jenkins
5. Oisin Mór

Solent, England, April 27

Jason Christopher receiving the trophy from Paul Pearson

8 players attended the Solent tournament. After the group stage, knock-out games were very close. Jason Christopher proved to be on top after a few weeks off to the game due to an injury and defeated Corey Martin in the final (3-2). Paul Pearson and Steve Smith made it to the semis while Malcolm Jamieson won the Plate final against Nigel Morgan.

Burnley, England, April 28

A small tournament was organized by the East Lancashire Subbuteo Club and Gavin Roper won hs three games to take the trophy. David Scholes was runner-up whil Morecambe Bay SC's Rob Wilkinson took the third place.

1. Gavin Roper
2. Dave Scholes
3. Rob Wilkinson
4. Tim Ingle

Liverpool, England, April 28

The Liverpool club had a tournament with 6 players competing in 2 groups and knock-out games. Brian Daley defeated Lucasz Whittle (5-0) in the final while Paul O'Connor and Steve Heidstrom made it the semi-finals.

Woobly Hobby SC, April 30

Richard Stock

Alan Lee organized the Woobly Hobby SC tournament to celebrate the come-back of Welsh legend Richard Stock. After a long break, Richard played very well but Alan Lee took the honors once again.

1. Alan Lee
2. Cayne Matthews
3. Richard Stock
4. Ruby Matthews

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