Friday, 24 December 2021

England: Results and news from five different clubs

Here is a quick summary of results collected from different tourmanets in England. Huge thanks to the clubs of Solent, Worthing, Liverpool, Stanway and Manchester for organizing tournaments under WASPA banner.

Solent Subbuteo Club: Jason Christopher wins the club league

Jason Christopher receives trophy from Corey Martin

The Solent club has been very active in December. In the beginning of the month, the club held a small tournament with five players taking part. Corey Martin finished on top and won his first WASPA tournament.

Tournament table:
1. Corey Martin
2. Paul Izard
3. Steve Smith
4. Roger Duckworth
5. Malcolm Jamieson

The Solent League Cup was also completed a few days ago with Jason christopher winning the final against Paul Pearson. Congratulations to Jason for winning not only the Cup but also the club league. Main results are as follows:

Jason Christopher - Steve Smith 8-0 & 4-1
Malcolm Jamieson - Paul Izard 0-1 & 1-3
Paul Pearson - Corey Martin 2-1 & 1-0
Roger Duckworth - Dave Hunter 0-0 & 3-0

Jason Christopher - Paul Izard 3-0 & 4-1
Paul Pearson - Roger Duckworth 2-0 & 1-0

Final: Jason Christopher - Paul Pearson 3-1

Final for 3rd place: Paul Izard - Roger Duckworth 2-1

Club league table:

1. Jason Christopher 78 points
2. Paul Pearson 62
3. Paul Izard 50
4. Corey Martin 47
5. Malcolm Jamieson 33
6. Steve Smith 24
7. Roger Duckworth -23
8. Dave Hunter 2

The Solent club on Facebook:

Steve Taylor wins Worthing tournament

The Worthing club held a tournament with 7 players competing in a league format. Steve Taylor took the honors and claimed his first WASPA title.

Final table:
1. Steve Taylor
2. Dave Croucher
3. Shaun Allison
3. Ian Maskell
5. Nathan Holley
6. Chris Stapleton
7. Sam Virgoe

Worthing Fivestar on Facebook:

Small Surrey Saracens tournament

The Surrey Saracens club had a small turnout of three players at their latest tournament. Simon Goodman won the tournament. Hopefully there will be more WASPA action at the club in 2022.

Final table:
1. Simon Goodman
2. Lee Fenton
3. Gianluca Zucchelli

Alan Lee wins the Stanway Rovers tournament

Also a small turnout at Kevin Coredll's club and once again Alan Lee takes the honors, claiming another WASPA tournament. Final standings were as follows:

1. Alan Lee
2. Kevin Cordell
3. Adam Douglas

Liverpool: Phil Redman is back

The latest Liverpool tournament had a smaller field than expected but it was great to see Subbuteo Legend Phil Redman taking part. Phil defeated Brian Daley in the decisive game to win the tournament.

Final table:
1. Phil Redman
2. Brian Daley
3. Chris Bedford
4. Lucasz Whittle
5. Gavin Roper

Liverpool Table Soccer Club on Facebook:

Dominant Brian Daley wins in Manchester

Brian Daley shown his class has he won the final club night of 2021. Conceding no goals and scoring 21 over 6 games, the night belonged to Daley.

Danny Lilley came in second place with Shaun Dunne and Lucaz coming 3rd & 4th respectively.

The next W.A.S.P.A club night will be Friday 4th February 2022 (TBC)

Final table:
1. Brian Daley
2. Danny Lilley
3. Shaun Dunne
4. Lucasz Whittle

Manchester Subbuteo Club on Facebook:

Manchester Subbuteo Cub website:

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