Saturday, 12 July 2014

First victory for Eddy Beernaert

The nine players
On friday evening nine players met for a "promotional event" in Templeuve, Belgium. there were three nationalities taking part as Olivier BOdelle was one of the entries and Juan Rubio from Spain was visiting the Templeuve players during his holidays in the North of Europe. The 19 years old Rubio wanted to gain experience by meeting Belgians and it was a good evening for him as he was able to play seven games. As for he results, Eddy Beernaert (SC Flanders) won his first tournament ever after beating Alain Flament (SCAF Quévy) in the final. Stéphane Lambert and Hatim Elmajd were the semi-finalists while Olivier Bodelle beat Jordan Bonte in the final of the consolation tournament. Congratulations to all.
The final 4 of the evening
Ranking of the evening:
1. Eddy Beernaert
2. Alain Flament
3. Stéphane Lambert
4. Hatim Elmajd
5. Olivier Bodelle
6. Jordan Bonte
7. Jason Delattre
8. Jérémy Zenner
9. Juan Rubio
The consolation final between Jordan Bonte and Olivier Bodelle

Stéphane Lambert and Juan Rubio

The final

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