Tuesday, 9 November 2021

Italy: results from Firenze, Terni and Genova

In Italy, the club of Firenze held a second WASPA tournament with FISTF rules on November 8. The event was played in Swiss system and Luca Pini finished the evening on top with three wins and a draw. The final standings were as follows:

1. Luca Pini
2. Emanuele Cattani
3. Mirko Masini
4. Marco Bonciani
5. Gabriele Casati
6. Matteo Cherici
7. Davide Visani
8. Tiberio Becucci

In Terni, the latest tournaments played with the old rules were played by four players. In November, the first event saw Emanuele Perotti being the winner as he finished on top of a group of 4. There were many close games and 4 of the 6 matches ended with no winner.

Final table.

1. Emanuele Perotti
2. Marco Perotti
3. Simone Perotti
4. Federico Giovanardi

The other tournament took place on November 9 with the same players involved but this time Simone Perotti was the best of the night.

Final table.
1. Simone Perotti
2. Marco Perotti
3. Emanuele Perotti
4. Federico Giovanardi

Huge thanks to the club of Terni for doing a lot of promotion of the game. The club held also several tournaments with the old rules in October with every time 3 to 6 players taking part.

Winners of these events were:

October 4 2021: Marco Perotti
October 10 2021: Simone Perotti
October 11 2021: Marco Perotti
October 13 2021: Emanuele Perotti
October 17 2021: Emanuele Perotti
October 22 2021: Simone Perotti

Special thanks also to the club of "Club Rebels Genova" as the organized two tounaments for Juniors only.

Final standings were as follows:

October 16:
1. Samuele Bignardi
2. Alessandro Gandin
3. Filippo Careddu
4. Riccardo Lenzi
5. Giorgio Defmoide
6. Leonardo De Lisi

October 21:
1. Samuele Bignardi
2. Tommaso Sani
3. Alberto Capoferri
4. Filippo Careddu
5. Andrea Ferretti
6. Riccardo Lenzi
7. Filippo Di Rosa

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