Monday, 22 November 2021

Australia: latest results from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth

Here is a quick summary of recent results collected from different tournaments in Australia. We are glad to see five clubs running tournaments under WASPA banner in November.

The Western Flickers held their first event for a while on November 12 with 5 players from 4 different clubs taking part. Benji Batten (Melbourne TFC) finished on top of the table while Adriann Connolly (Western Flickers) was runner-up, Paul Mercer (Northern Phoenix) was third, Adam Deverell (Western Flickers) was fourth and Kevin Grant (Central Victoria) was 5th.

In Sydney, the Northern Falcons held a tournament using the Swiss system. Seven players were taking part and Eliot Kennedy claimed the trophy. The Swiss format provided lots of drama, with Eliot, Geoff and Torben all with a chance of victory going into the last round. With the score at 1-1 between Eliot and Torben, all Geoff needed was a win. But then Jonty scored, and Eliot went 2-1 up,

Final standings:

1. Eliot Kennedy
2. Jonty Brener
3. Torben Pfister
4. Steve Dettre
5. Geoff Sirmai
6. Simon Cole
7. Neil Brener

The Northern Falcons also announced they have a new logo. The original was a hastily put together design when they had their shirts made for the 2015 Asian Cup. The new logo has taken a while to craft, by Louis Dettre, with some advice from Adrian. While the old logo the falcon head faced backwards, referencing our past, the new logo faces forward, to the future. The star for the Asian Cup victory also features. The logo will adorn a revamped Northern Falcons shirt.

Melbourne TFC held a first Trendy InnerNorth Subbuteo (TINS) WASPA tournament on November 17. Small turnout of 3 but great games. Peter Thomas took the honors while Benji Batten was runner-up and Beth Eveleigh (Northern Phoenix) was third.

This Sunday, the Brisbane tournament was played in memory of Chris Scoles "one of Us" and presenting the trophy was Claire Scoles.

Another excellent performance from Kevin Halliday who manages to finish top of the division 1 in front of Giuseppe and Gus. In Division 2 Gerry Vickers won the group of 4 players.

Finally, the latest Perth tournament attracted six players on Sunday and Brian Pearson finished on top of the gorup format. Final table:

1. Brian Pearson
2. Alan Kimber
3. Mick DeVincentis
4. Hugh Best
5. Chris Thorn
6. Noel Mani

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