Thursday, 1 June 2017

Rémy Huynh wins again in Rochefort

As a good rehearsal before the Major of Bologna, the club of Rochefort TS organized a WASPA tournament last wednesday with a good turnout of 16. Among them, there were some visitors from JSC Rochefort ad SC Seraing. In the end, four players from the local clubs reached the semis. Rémy Huynh claimed his second WASPA title by defeating Justin Leroy in the final. the final standings were as follows:

1. Rémy Huynh / Rochefort TS
2. Justin Leroy / Rochefort TS
3. Corentin Wauthy / Rochefort TS
4. Martin Antoine / Rochefort TS
5. Ahmed Choukri / Seraing SC
6. Richard Boulanger / Seraing SC
7. Maxime Muraille / JSC Rochefort
8. David Leroy / Rochefort TS
9. Bruno Timpano / Seraing SC
10. Basile Magermans / JSC Rochefort
11. Tony Timpano / Seraing SC
12. Savino Falcone / Rochefort TS
13. Bryan Cabu / Rochefort TS
14. Benjamin Flamme / Rochefort TS
15. Mike Bolle / Rochefort TS
16. Louison Giaux / Rochefort TS

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