Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Yannis Salamouris wins in Athens

Dimitris Patrinos and Yannis Salamouris close to the new WASPA GREECE banner
During the recent FISTF International Open held in Athens by the club of Pobladores Griegos, it has been decided the consolation tournament would be played under WASPA banner. The event was successful as 26 players competed for the trophy and 19 of them were playing their first WASPA tournament ever. Yannis Salamouris (Atlas) took the honors after beating Dimitris Patrinos (Olympia) in the final. Congratulations to everyone involved to make it a success and special thanks to Panos Panagiotides for his work to promote the WASPA circuit in Greece and to create a successful collaboration between WASPA and FISTF.
Action during the tournament

The WASPA Greece banner

During the final

Dimitris Patrinos, runner-up

Yannis Salamouris, winner

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