Thursday, 6 January 2022

New Year's WASPA Cup in Berlin

On Sunday, January 2nd, the Subbuteo Club Berlin invited to the New Years Cup 2022 in order to open the Flicking year early. Five players from friends and local rivals Sparta Spreeathen responded to the call, so that, together with the hosts, there was a field of ten participants in total. More was not possible because of the applicable Covid-restrictions and because of the schedule designed for a single day. The tournament was played in two groups of five, round robin without a return leg. The two respective group winners met the two runners-up in the semifinals. The 3rd to 5th positioned players faced their direct counterparts for final ranking (3rd vs 3rd, 4th vs 4th, 5th vs 5th).

Such a big tournament has never been held in the four-year history of Subbuteo Club Berlin. Of the club members who played the Inauguration Cup at the very first meeting in January 2018, only the then winner Nico Müller was there. Unfortunately, Alberto and Erik were unable to attend for personal reasons. We'll see you guys next time! Still, it's a nice feeling to see how things have developed in Berlin-Biesdorf since then.

Today, as then, people snapped with great enthusiasm and an even greater degree of sportsmanship. All games were played without a referee and all situations that arose were resolved amicably and fairly. Big respect and thanks to everyone! This is how table football should be.

In Group A, the most experienced player of the day, Marcus Tilgner, met the absolute newcomer, Carsten Bock. Hardly a dozen friendlies on his account did not stop him from making the trip from Lower Saxony to Berlin. And where better to gain experience than under real conditions? With Jo Busmann an old warrior of the German Subbuteo strengthened the Spartans. Marian Flemer was the third "guest" from Zehlendorf in this group and, although still young, a long-established flicker. Hermann Kruse, still a Northern Falcon at heart and on paper, but in practice a regular visitor to the SCB Club evenings on Wednesday, should hold up the flag in this group for the red-and-blacks.

In Group B, the derby of the two Nicos, Nico Müller and Nico Pretzel should be relaunched. The last one was a few years ago and was held during a Sparta Club evening. Favorites, on the other hand, were the only lady in the field, Daria Prazynski from Sparta Spreeathen and the reigning SCB Halloween Cup 2021 holder, Oliver Ollnow. The secret hero of the day completed the group; Oliver's little brother Hagen Ollnow. Jumping in for a last-minute cancellation, the little man showed that despite his young years he has more experience alongside the board than, for example, Carsten from group A.

In the final there was a revenge between Oliver and Daria, who beat Oliver 1-0 in the last group game. In the middle of the first half, Oliver took a 1-0 lead. Unimpressed by this, Daria slammed a powerful shot under the crossbar and from there into the net only a short time later. As a result, the game remained balanced for a long time and Oliver needed a deflected, equally powerful shot in the second half to make it 2-1. A shot so powerful that for a short time the pros and cons of the different perspectives were exchanged when assessing the question of the ball completely crossing the line (the ball jumped out of the net). After a look at the VAR - the game was filmed on a mobile phone - the decision was made jointly and by mutual agreement on what had already been the first impression of those around: A valid goal for Oliver. But that didn't tip the game over either. In her well-known calm and concentrated manner, Daria remained dangerous and developed good opportunities. The best of these then wriggled in Oliver's back of the net. However, despite all the brilliance, the shot was taken a little too risky, so that the player figure slightly pushed an opposing defender to the side before touching the ball. Instead of equalizing, a foul and free kick for Oliver was given. What followed wasn't enough to equalize. That did not affect the matter. Congratulations to both of them for a great tournament and a really nice final.

Final ranking:

1. Oliver Ollnow (Northern Falcons)

2. Daria Prazynski (Sparta Spreeathen)

3. Marcus Tilgner (Sparta Spreeathen)

4. Hermann Kruse (Northern Falcons)

5. Nico Müller (Subbuteo Club Berlin)

6. Marian Flemer Sparta Spreeathen)

7. Joachim Busmann (Sparta Spreeathen)

8. Nico Pretzel (Sparta Spreeathen)

9. Carsten Bock (Subbuteo Club Berlin)

10. Hagen Ollnow (Northern Falcons)

Original story by Nico Müller on the Subbuteo Club Berlin blog:

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