Thursday, 21 October 2021

Subbuteo season flick-off in Belgium

Here is a quick summary of events held in Belgium since the beginning of the season. Despite things are slowly getting better, only the clubs of templeuve, Flanders and Warcoing have held tournaments under WASPA banner.

The first event was a promotional tournament held on September 10 in Templeuve with 6 players competing in group format. Eric Caillaux (France) was unbeaten and took the honors.

Final standings:

1. Eric Caillaux
2. Didier Moons
3. Benjamin Marain
4. Sébastien Sorge
5. Jocelyn Celton
6. Loris Celton

On September 24, the Templeuve club held a regional tournament with 9 players. The Swiss system saw no big surprise as Geoffrey Marain took the honors thanks to a better goal-difference than Vincent Coppenolle. Standings were as follows:

1. Geoffrey Marain
2. Vincent Coppenolle
3. Didier Moons
4. Eddy Beernaert
5. Sébastien Sorge
6. Benjamin Marain
7. Jocelyn Celton
8. Eric Caillaux
9. Loris Celton

Also in September, there were 2 test-matches. Didier Moons defeated Sébastien Sorge while Geoffrey Marain took the best on Vincent Coppenolle.

October 4 was the date of the first tournament in the Flanders for a while. 5 players met in Antwerp, the largest city of the Flanders and David Wouters finished on top while Geert Leys was runner-up.

1. David Wouters
2. Geert Leys
3. Johan Lourdon
4. Jos Ceulemans
5. Stéphane Lambert

On October 8, the second promotional tournament of the season in Templeuve had a small field of 3. Eric Caillaux was the winner again after finishing on top of the home and away fixtures.

1. Eric Caillaux
2. Didier Moons
3. Sébastien Sorge

Finally, the Warcoing Ducks held their first tournament for a long period on October 15. The event was organized to celebrate the visit of former FISTF number 1 Sébastien Scheen and top female player Stéphanie Garnier from France. Results were not the important part of the evening and local players were glad to play games with the special guests of the day. Both Sébastien and Stéphanie spent a lot of time and energy to explain rules and to give tips to beginners, which was extremely appreciated. Here are the final standings of the night:

1. Geoffrey Marain
2. Stéphanie Garnier
3. Benjamin Marain
4. Sébastien Sorge
5. Sébastien Scheen
6. Vincent Coppenolle
7. Loris Celton
8. Didier Moons
9. Jocelyn Celton
10. Héléna Marain

The next Templeuve tournament will be held on October 15. Flick-off at 6.30 pm.

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