Sunday, 17 October 2021

Rudy Hesty winner in Singapore

6 players gather on sunny Sunday morning on October 17, 2021. Great to see Anas and Enzo back joining the session. With still strict COVID 19 measures conditions, players played a 5 rounds robin games. No clear winners in this event with players cancelling each other wins notably with Michael beating Rudy, Bernard beating Michael & Enzo beating Bernard. End of event, Rudy came up tops edging Michael only on goal difference; followed by Ana’s, Bernard, Enzo & Rizal. 

Final table

Rudy 12 Pts (+13)
Michael C 12 (+11)
Anas 9 (+1)
Bernard 6 (-2)
Enzo 6 (-6)
Rizal T 0 (-18)

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