Thursday, 28 October 2021

Subbuteo action in Brisbane and Sydney

Things are getting better in Australia and we are glad to receive results from Brisbane and Sydney.

Giuseppe Tardiota added one more titile to his collection last week-end when he won the latest Brisbane tournament. 5 flickers met for great games and in the end of the day, Giuseppe defeated Kevin Halliday in the final.

Northern Falcons are back!

After 125 da
ys, the Falcons were in action again on October 18, with a WASPA at Willoughby Park. Kennedy Congrats to Eliot for his win, starting like he hadn't had a break, with some excellent shooting to beat Jonty 4-0 and then Steve 3-1. Also big ups to Geoff for his second place, confirmed with a win over Steve and arguably the goal of the night in a 1-0 victory. Thanks also to Adrian and Jonty for coming to play. We also took advantage of the new cafe at the club for a sneaky dinner break and their Monday night special. Next night will be Monday, November 1. Stay tuned for details.

Final standings:
1. Eliot Kennedy
2. Geoff Sirmai
3. Adrian Grunbach
4. Steve Dettre
5. Jonty Brener

Thanks to the Sydney TFC guys for Tuesday night. Great to see Terry and Billy Koutzas back in action after a few years out of the game. Just goes to show it's never too late to resume... or to start!

Congrats to Fabrizio who started slowly but brushed away the cobwebs to win the final. Terry caused a major stir when he scored a cracker to lead 1-0 against Steve at the break, only to succumb to the weight of attacks in the second half. Also great to see loyal clubman Stefanos in action.

Fabrizio Coco - Tony Credentino 1-0
Eliot Kennedy - Steve Dettre 1-0

Fabrizio Coco - Eliot Kennedy 3-0

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