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WASPA records of March 2019

Dear all, here are the WASPA rankings of March 2019 with updated statistics and records of the events added in the archives.

WASPA ranking - March 19
WASPA Season results 2018-2019

In March we had a lot of events: 43 regional events, 1 tournament with the old rules, 4 promotional tournaments.

Northern Phoenix tournament in Australia
We had once again a great work together with the FISTF organizers of the Major of Frameries and the Grand Prix of England but also the Satellite of Huy and the Singapore Open.

In Hamburg, Germany the St. Pauli club had an amazing tournament with 20 players and everyone had 6 games played in Swiss system and we were pleased to have Danish players taking part but also some players from Northern Ireland and England. Besides this event, there was also a small tournament in Berlin played under WASPA banner.

Tournament in Thessaloniki (Greece)
Cyprus we on fire with 3 events. 9, 23 and 18 players were taking part. The great news is that many juniors took part, many of them now appear in the WASPA ranking of Juniors but also three clubs from Cyprus appear in the Junior ranking of clubs!

South Africa had 2 events and it was a pleasure to see England's Justin Finch paying a visit to the Cape Town club.

Subbuteo players in Virginia (USA)
The Netherlands sent us the results of the big league held in Gouda with 10 players taking part and some good players among the competitors. All ideas to revive the game in the Netherlands deserve support!

We are always pleased to see many clubs in Australia, Greece, Belgium, Singapore and in the UK supporting the WASPA circuit. These nations do a good job.

A good day of subbuteo in Vercelli, Italy
The 69ers club held their second tournament under WASPA banner in Vercelli, Italy and they had a great turnout of 18 players with 6 juniors among them.

Malta, the US, Ireland, Spain and Canada also had some WASPA events and we were glad to see the first tournament of the season in Helsinki, Finland with possible another event to be played on April 28.

Huge field of 20 players in Hamburg, Germany
As for the rankings, there are no many changes. Congratulations to Martinog Bradley for reaching the top 10.

We are sad that we lost Switzerland in the ranking of nations but hopefully they will be back soon.

The Flaming Flickers SC are still on top of the Top Clubs rankings and the Northern Falcons have the best juniors.

Justin Finch paid a visit to Cape Town players in South Africa
In case some results are missing, please don't hesitate to drop me a line!

If some juniors (born in 2002 or later) don't appear in the ranking, it means we don't have their birthdates so please send your feedback.

Well, that's all for now. Please remember you only need 3 players to register your tournament. Don't be scared to join. It's free and tournament requests can be sent by e-mail to

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Players of all ages in Bande, Belgium
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Ideas to develop the WASPA circuit, to get new clubs/nations involved or to make things more attractive are always welcome. We stay at your disposal for more info.

Yours sincerely,
Vincent Coppenolle,

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