Monday, 2 July 2018

Anas winner in Singapore

The Farrer Park Flickers club held its monthly WASPA tournament on Friday, 29 June 2018. In total, there were six flickers, four from the club (Anas Rahamat, Rizal Taib, Nic Tan, and Irwan Iskandar) and two guest players (Tan Kok Wee and Enzo Fornaro) from the SG Lions Table Football Club, fresh for action after last weekend’s National Championships organised by the Table Football Association of Singapore (“TFAS”). They played a round robin league with 20-minute games.

At end of the day, recently-crowned national champion, Anas Rahamat of the Farrer Park Flickers, stamped his dominance by claiming the title for the day by winning all his games. TFAS President, Tan Kok Wee of the SG Lions Table Football Club came in second, while Nic Tan (Farrer Park Flickers) was third.

It was also the first WASPA appearance of Italian, Enzo Fornaro who joined the SG Lions Table Football Club recently, and he credibly held Kok Wee to a 1-1 draw in his debut.


Round  1
Enzo 0 Rizal 2
Kok Wee 0 Anas 2
Nic 5 Irwan 0

Round 2
Kok Wee 2 Nic 1
Anas 2 Rizal 1
Enzo 0 Irwan 3

Round 3
Anas 3 Nic 0
Enzo 1 Kok Wee 1
Rizal 3 Irwan 2

Round 4
Nic 2 Rizal 0
Irwan 0 Kok Wee 3
Anas 3 Enzo 0

Round 5
Irwan 1 Anas 3
Rizal 0 Kok Wee 3
Nic 2 Enzo 0

1) Anas (15 points)
2) Kok Wee (10 points)
3) Nic (9 points)
4) Rizal (6 points)
5) Irwan (3 points)
6) Enzo (1 point)

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