Friday, 12 July 2013

Jani Mustonen wins the Sysmä tournament

First ever table football tournament in Sysmä, Finland, was organized by Finnish team champions TFC Lynx. Unfortunately only participants from organizing club were attending. 6 players played first 10 games in one group. Then 4 players proceeded to semifinals. This time Jani Mustonen was the tournament winner as he beat 2 time Finnish Champion Jarkko Lindholm in semifinal and 4 time Finnish Champion Marko Karhunen in the final with the scoreline 1-0.

TFC Lynx also organized their traditional 2 day Summer Games before WASPA tournament. After a mixture of different sports, the winner was Juha-Pekka “Purtsi” Hölttä by 99,9 % of the points.

(report by Marko Karhunen)

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